Author's Note: I haven't written in awhile, I found it kind of depressing. So I sat down and just started writing. This story's kind of similar to strawberryfinn's Way Home, but I figured, she's my bestie and I helped her anyways, so I figured it would work. So yeah. I don't own High School Musical.

Warning: homosexual relationships

"Ah, Dr. Bolton, I presume?" Troy Bolton smiled easily as he shook hands with an aging man who peered at him through his thick glasses. "You'll be working here, right? I'm Dr. Graft."

"Well if I can," Troy told him, laughing softly. "I'd love to."

"So I'm assuming Dr. Finch already saw you," Dr. Graft said, grinning at the young man in front of him. Tall, broad-shouldered, blue eyes, brown hair, a clean-shaven, clean-cut individual. Dressed formally in a suit—he'd have to lose that but he'd make a great worker to help out with mentally ill individuals. Dr. Graft shuddered as he thought what the patients would do to him; perhaps make him as mentally ill as they were.

"Yes, I finished my interview with him and," Troy opened his arms up broadly, "I was accepted."

Dr. Graft left. "Here, follow me." He flipped out his white coat and Troy followed him in through metal doors framed by a hallway with white walls.

"You'll be in charge of one very unique individual," Dr. Graft said carefully. "His name is Ryan and he's a very special case." He paused outside a door numbered 203. "He…" Dr. Graft flicked his tongue nervously over his lips, "Ryan is twenty-five years old. Like you, I'm presuming. But he has a mind of a six-year-old boy."

"How did this happen?" Troy asked, his face now anxious.

"He was in a car accident at the age of seventeen," Dr. Graft said slowly. "His mother died—and well, the parents are—were divorced so he was under the care of his father. But something happened to him in the accident—we haven't yet discovered what, but his father put him under our care."

"Does he have any siblings?" Troy asked, wondering why this story sounded so familiar.

"A sister," Dr. Graft said shortly as he opened the door. "Remember, be careful with him."

Troy nodded and entered.

When he entered, he gasped in shock. The face in front of him was so familiar; everything came flooding back. "Ryan," he whispered.

"You know him?" Dr. Graft asked interestedly.

"I went to school with him," Troy said, looking sadly at Dr. Graft. "He was my friend."

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