This is a story about what would happen if Keith and Allura met when they were kids. I
don't own Voltron. The only reason 8 year old Keith mentions Sven and no one else is
because I think Sven and Keith grew up together and they didn't meet Lance, Hunk and
Pidge until the acadamy.
Six Going on Seven

The Voltron Force sat around the rec room telling stories about past times. Lance had
just finished telling about a certain party he, Keith and Sven had attended at the academy,
and they were all laughing their heads off. It was a good thing Nanny wasn't there! She'd
have a fit over the happanings of that party! Suddenly Keith got a funny look on his face.
"Allura, what was the first thing you ever said to me?" he asked.
Allura opened her mouth to reply, but a long forgotten memory slowly rose to the
surface. The corner of her mouth twitched upward, and she answered, "Six going on

Zarcon had attacked Terrin in force and there were many casualties. Now Princess
Allura and her parents, King Alfor and Queen Arus, were visiting to help the people
rebuild and recover. But Allura was bored, she just wanted to play!
From behind a ruined building a scruffy boy appeared. His face was framed by dark hair
and his red jumpsuit was dirty. Allura smiled and ran over.
"How old are you?" he asked.
"Six going on seven!" she answered proudly.
"I'm eight. My name is Keith." the boy answered.
"I'm Princess Allura of Arus. Do you want to be friends?"
"OK, I never met a real princess before."
"You have now. Let's go explore the village. Do you live here?"
Keith shook his head. "My parents were in the Galaxy Garrison, they got killed in the
"Oh. I can't imagine not having my Momma or Daddy around to tuck me in at night.
My Nanny I could do without!" she giggled. "She's so bossy, I can't stand her."
Keith laughed and they ran off toward a hill over looking town. Dispite the ruined state
of the village, the hill was still covered with wild flowers. Keith weaved a handful into a
crown and called to Allura. She came running over.
"Yah Keith?"
"Kneel down."
She gave him a puzzled look but did as she was told.
"I crown you Queen of the Universe!" He put the wreath of flowers in her hair.
Allura giggled. "Silly! I have to marry a prince before I can be Queen!"
Keith pouted. "But I want you to be Queen of the Universe! Will you marry me?"
"Well, you're not a prince, but OK!" She reached down and picked a clover. Quickly
she tied it into a loop. "Here, you can use this for a ring."
Keith crouched on one knee and slid the "ring" onto her finger. "Will you marry me?"
"I already said I would!" Allura smiled.
"Oh yah. You may kiss the bride!"
Allura shrieked. "EEEW!"
Keith grinned and began to chase her. She shrieked again and ran away. As they ran
back into the village Allura saw two figures in the distance. "That's my Daddy! And
Momma too! Do you want to meet them?" Allura asked.
Keith shook his head. "No. I'd better get back to the orphanage, my friend Sven will be
worried. I'll write to you though."
"So will I! When I learn how." Allura said. They waved good-bye and ran in opposite

By now the team was laughing again.
"You asked Allura to marry you!?!" Lance howled.
"Sh!!!! Keep it down! I never told Corran and Nanny about this particular encounter."
Allura said.
"Our lips are sealed you guys." Hunk said.
Keith and Allura smiled. "Thanks."