Tai's thoughts as he watches Sora and Matt's relationship develop. Sorato. (DUH!!!) I don't own Digimon.

My Two Best Friends-Taichi's POV

She and I grew up together,
Always hanging out,
Having fun,
Best friends forever.

We left to save the world,
And my feelings grew stronger.
'Is this love I feel?'
I would sit and ponder.

At first I thought of him as my rival,
He was such a jerk!
But he grew to be compassionate.
And the friendship started to work.

We saved the world,
We all went home.
But things weren't quite like they were before.

My two best friends were falling for each other.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this!
I love Sora too.
But she loves Matt and he loves her,
What am I supposed to do?