You guys weren't expecting the whole "oh, hey, that was a dream?" thing were, ya? yeah, i know you weren't. hahaha! i'm evil. nah, its just a concept i was toying with for a while and i thought it would be nice to put into words. plus, no one's done it before. i like doing things no ones done.


This is the original epilogue that I wrote at the beginning of the story. I was totally going to use it, but then I realized that it was just way too out there for Bella's entire life to be a dream. The whole vampire part seemed more believable. The beginning was supposed to go at the end of chapter 10, but since I didn't use this epilogue I couldn't use that ending, so I put it here.

By the way, this isn't finished and I'm not intending to finish it. I just thought it would be nice little extra to add to the end of my story. Its funny, I actually want to make my daughter Tally.

The moment was perfect. But it was cut too short by the distant calls of a child.

I turned around and stared Edward in the face. "Do you hear that?" The child called again.

Edward just smiled at me warmly. "Go home, Bella," he said.

"What?" I was confused. "I am home."

"Go home, Bella. It's time for you to leave," he repeated.

"We're making fiction of our lives, burning pages as we write. We read the lies between the lines; these dead letters won't survive…" - Fiction, Kids in the Way.

I woke up to the sound of my son yelling in my ear and the sun shining through the window. It was way too bright.

"Mommy!!" Tristan yelled and jumped up and down on my stomach. His sister, Tally soon joined in. I was suddenly glad it was seven in the morning on a Saturday because if my kids had been coming home from school, they'd be jumping on me with shoes. I didn't want to start thinking about how much pain that would cause me.

"Oh! Ow!" I cringed. "Honey, get the kids off of me," I begged. Edward reached across the bed and carefully detained our two year old twins.

"Go wait for us in the kitchen," Edward pushed the children off the bed and they went racing out the door.

"I had the strangest dream last night," I lifted myself into a sitting position.

Edward leaned over, smiling, and placed a kiss on my lips. "What about?"

"We were vampires," I shook my head. "And not just us, everyone, even Kate and Carmen. And we lived in Montana."

"Sweetie, we have two kids and mortgage, no vampires here," my husband so kindly pointed out.

"But it felt so real," I whined.

"Honey, do you remember the time you had the dream about Jacob and he was a werewolf?"

"Yes," I grumbled darkly. I thought we weren't going to mention that one again.

"You thought that one was real too, and you avoided Jacob for three weeks. He still doesn't know why," he laughed. "Don't worry, this one's not real, either."