This is what boredom gets you. Just a small idea that I like to play with in my head. I love Fred/George and Hermione pairings.

Disclaimer: Same as always. I own very little.

I'm definitely going to change much of the book, seeing as I don't have them in front of me, and I'm keeping George in school and so on and so forth. My story, her characters.


I sigh rather loudly, earning me glares from those who actually try and care what Binns is saying, and turn my head slowly to the right, noticing that Fred is yet again sleeping…Stupid git, sleep coming so easily to him.

I look back down at the bit of parchment in front of me that I have been trying to work new joke ideas out on, and notice its utter blankness. Annoyed, I ruffle my hair with both hands before slamming my forehead against the cool wood of the desk. It's been hard for me to concentrate lately, and I'm not sure why.

I'm sure if I talked to anyone about this, even Fred-twin or not, I'd be laughed at. It's really starting to get to me those. All these years I have chosen not to try or do work. Always getting the bear minimum done to achieve whatever grade I want. Playing off teachers thinking that I'm just the stupid trouble-maker that I make myself out to be.

And now…well now I can't get her out of my head, however much I try.

I'll never have her though, I know. She disapproves of me too much. I've done too many stupid things for that bloody good girl know-it-all to ever fall for me, George Weasley.

And she's always around! Her face buried in some book in front of the fire. The glow of the embers radiating her already gorgeous mahogany hair. Tip of her quill between her pursed lips as she concentrates on what she is about to write. Her name alone is enough to bring a smile to my face.

And it flows so nicely on the once blank parchment in front of me, now covered by loops letters and hearts, all spelling out…,

"Hermione?" Fred, very awake now, asks. "Class is over bro, and you can not be serious…"

I glare down at the paper before me, and shove it in my bag and stand, leading Fred out of the classroom towards the Great Hall. "I wish I wasn't Fred. Honestly."

"It certainly explains a lot," he says with a smirk. "I knew something was bothering you, I just never put two and two together…man though, Hermione? Isn't she against every thing that you stand for?"

I pause at the entrance of the hall, so take in her laughing form, and breathe in deep. "Not every thing," I say softly.

Fred erupts in laughter and playfully smacks me in the head as we walk over to the table. "You've got it bad," is all he says.

I nod in silent agreement, and I take a sharp intake of breath as Hermione moves her bag off the bench so I can sit beside her.

"Hey George," she says with that adorable smile of hers. "And Fred," she adds, ignoring his more visible smirk. "How was your day?" She asks me as Fred begins to fill his plate with food.

I stare at her for a second, and then shake myself back to reality. "Umm…pretty good I guess, it's only the beginning of December, plenty of work left to go."

Her eyes go wide and I can't help but suppress a grin. "I know! These two idiots," She says gesturing at Harry and Ron, "won't put effort into any assignments using that excuse. And it's OWL year!"

A smile spreads to my lips and I roll my eyes at her. "Hermione, you can't be serious all the time. And we're right. There is plenty of time left in the year to get studies down. You don't see me freaking out about NEWTs do you? I care about my grades, if that isn't apparent, but we all need breaks. Why do you think Dumbledore has Hogsmeade trips and dances? You enjoy those don't you?"

Hermione looked down. "Well sure, I suppose so, but I don't see how small attempts at less stress can really help in the long run. What is a dance going to matter a month from now?"

This girl just doesn't give up. I shake my head at her, and she continues.

"I suppose I understand what you're getting at though. I assume you're going to the dance then?"

Not quite sure what to say, I just look at her for a second. "Well, I'm not sure yet."

She smiles that smile. "Going to ask Angelina?"

I nearly choke on the water I had picked up. "Lina? Oh no, that's Fred's area. I don't like her like that."

Hermione laughs softly. "Got someone else in mind then, huh George?" she asks as she nudges my arm, playing around with me, laughing.

I look down at my hand resting on the table. I'm fully aware that she has no idea what she's doing to me inside. These internal battles are kicking the crap out of me.

"You okay?" She asks when I don't respond, and places her hand on my arm in a mark of friendly concern.

Too engrossed in my thoughts, I jump back at her touch and find myself fallen backwards on the hard cold floor.

The table erupts in laughter, thinking it was just me doing another stupid prank. Hermione knows better however and looks at me with concern, and kneels down beside me. "What is wrong with you, George?"

I pushed myself up and stood to the applause of my table. I shake my head, and look at Hermione. "It's not important, I'm going back to the common room."

I walk out of the hall at a decent pace, feeling bad for leaving her confused like that, but right now I really just need some time to my self.

"Squib," I say, and the portrait swings open. The common room deserted from everyone being at lunch, I collapse face down on the couch.