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"Fuck," I mutter when the door latches shut behind me.

"Didn't go so well?" Ginny asks from the other side of the hall, sitting down with her back against the wall.

"No," I reply with a glare. "Like I could have thought it would go well. Could you hear everything?"

"Yeah," she says standing. "But it's not like Ron hadn't told me all that when I had started school… and apparently Snape and Sirius almost got into a duel in the kitchen, Harry just told me."

"Lovely," I reply, leaving Ginny and heading down the stairs towards the parlor. Walking in, I see Bill, Charlie and Fred off in a corner talking and Ron and Lupin playing a game of chess in another corner.

Fred's eyes narrow when I walk in, and whatever conversation he was involved it stops with my entrance into the room. Ignoring him, I walk over to Ron where Lupin sends me a large smile.

"Your brother is kicking my butt in a chess game. I seem to have lost my touch."

"How unfortunate," I state, and Ron looks to me quickly, noticing who Lupin had been talking to, and stands from his chair, making to take off from the room.

I'm too quick from him, however, and grasp the front of his shirt in my left hand and push him up against the closest wall, using my right hand to draw my wand and point it beneath my hand at his chest.

"George!" Lupin yells, standing up from the chess game as well. "He's defenseless, put him down."

"I will when I'm done," I say through clenched teeth.

"I think that the wolf has a point," I hear Snape's voice sound from behind me. "The least you can do is let him use his wand as well. Being underage doesn't matter in this house. "

"That is not what I was going for," Lupin says in aggravation, looking towards Snape. "Why would you encourage this?"

"I assure you that he doesn't need encouragement," Snape replies as I lower Ron, letting go of him with a final shove.

I don't turn as he runs out of the room, staring at the spot where he had just run from. I should really learn to keep my temper in check.

"Professor," I say with a nod as I turn around, putting my wand back in my pocket.

"Quite a show you tend to put on."

"From what I hear, you don't do so poorly yourself. I'd have thought after twenty plus years that you and Sirius would have gotten over each other, Sir."

There's a sharp intake of breath around the room, but to our surprise, Snape smirks. "You had better hope that your potions are perfect," he says, and turns on his heel out of the room. The house door closing shut behind him.

"What the bloody hell was that all about?" Charlie asks, walking over to me.

"Every day," I state, sending a glare towards the open door. "Ron gets more and more like Percy."

"That's no reason to curse him."

"Sorry, Professor." I reply, honestly only sorry that I didn't get the chance to curse him.


"What?" I ask, turning back towards him.

"I'm not your professor, and haven't been for two years. Call me Remus."

"Okay," I reply. "Remus."

"What do you say we get some drinks?" he asks me, walking towards the door. "We could use one more person to help."

Fred walks over from the corner and he and I follow Remus out of the room and into the kitchen, where Sirius was sitting at the table with his head in his hands.

"All right, Siri?" Remus asks, walking over to the cupboard, grabbing some glasses.

"Fine, Moony."

"Bollocks," I mutter, and they both turn to me as a smile forms on my lips. From the look of confusion in Fred's face, he had missed Sirius' statement. "I know two of them personally…" I mutter under my breath.

"What are you talking about?" Fred asks me.

"Did you hear what Sirius just called him?" I ask Fred excitedly, gesturing towards Remus.

"I'm assuming Remus," he says slowly. "What are you on about?"

I shake my head at him, with a large grin. "No, you dolt, he called him Moony."

Fred still looks at me in confusion. Sometimes I swear he's thicker than Ron. "Buy why would he call him Moo-"

I start laughing as it hits Fred. "Oh!" He exclaims, looking back and forth between Remus and Sirius. "Oh!...Shit!"

He stares at Sirius for a moment, who has a small smile on his face. "Padfoot?" he asks, looking to me for a confirmation.

"So you've heard of us?" Sirius asks with a grin.

"Are you kidding?" Fred exclaims. "Do you have any clue how many times that map of yours saved the two of us from expulsion?"

"You had the map?" Remus asks, placing a bottle of Fire Whiskey down on the counter. "I thought Harry had it."

"We gave it to him," I explain. "We had nicked it from Filch when we were in his office, but gave it to Harry during his third year so he could get to Hogsmeade."

Remus frowns. "I had reprimanded him severely for having that, how did you ever figure out how to use it?"

"We're in your dorm," Fred states. "All around our beds are carvings in the wall and there was a secret compartment in my desk draw with a list of possible passwords…we decided to try them on the map."

"You have James' bed, then," Sirius states. "There's a secret compartment under whoever has my bed as well."

"Harry's dad?" I ask. "I'm assuming that's where he got the cloak, then?"

"Yeah," Sirius replies as Fred asks, "What cloak?"

"Harry and I snuck off to Hogsmeade when you weren't talking to me. He has an invisibility cloak."

"That prat," he mutters. "We gave him the map and he never told us?"

"I'm pretty sure the money makes up for it."


Fred and I both turn to Sirius, looking quickly to each other and then back to him. With a quick sigh, I sit down across from Sirius at the table.

"Harry gave us his winnings from the tournament last year for our joke shop. He said he didn't want them because of Diggory and that everyone will need a reason to laugh soon. He threatened to curse us if we didn't take it."

"That certainly makes sense," Sirius states. "He refuses to talk about what happened at all."

"I don't blame him," I reply, as the door opens and Hermione walks in.

"Oh," she states, looking around at the room, where Me, Fred, Remus and Sirius all have serious looks on our faces. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

"No," Remus says, using his wand to levitate the glasses that Fred and I were going to help him with. "You didn't walk in on anything that you don't already know, these two just found out who the Mauraders were."

Hermione smiles. "I thought you were smarter than that, George," she states, taking the bottle of orange juice out of the fridge. "It seriously took you two years since meeting Remus?"

I look at Hermione curiously as she pours herself a glass of juice, trying to figure out where she stands on what I told her. As I stand from the table, Fred watches me approach her.

"You don't look as if you're upset at me," I say softly, standing in front of her.

She shrugs at me, placing her glass down on the counter. "I don't believe I have a reason to be upset at you over what you've done in the past."

I smile at her, putting my arms around her waist and pulling her tightly against me. "You're pretty awesome, you know that?"

"I've been told." She says smiling back at me. I lean down and I pull her into a kiss, just as the door opens and my mother, Bill and Charlie walk in.

"And what's going on here?" Bill asks with a smile. Hermione's face turns bright red as I keep my hands at her waist, refusing to let go.

"What's it look like?" I respond with a smirk as Hermione pulls out of my arms, Fred and Charlie erupting in laughter.

With a last look at me, Hermione quickly exits the kitchen. Charlie raises his eyebrows at me and I follow her out.

"So did you come to your decision?" I ask Hermione, who is just turning on the stairs.

"Possibly," she replies, biting on her lower lip.

"Care to enlighten me?" I ask, joining her on the first landing.

She shrugs, a small smile playing on her lips.

"You said that you're not mad at me," I state, taking her hands in my own. "So does that mean that you'll be my girlfriend?"

"Absolutely," she replies, and I once more take her into my arms, resting my forehead against her own.


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