The G-Virus War

Yay, my finale! Ok, so not really a finale, I mean, I have stories that go to this series, but they're about different people. Anyway, the title does not mean G-Virus as in the RE2 G-virus, it means something else. Thanks for reading! (coughzombiedog001andbasicallynooneelsecough.)

It had been three days since the mass of people had grouped together on the White House's lawn. Many people set to doing things like setting up phones and TVs.

Someone had managed to find a news camera and was now watching the group with interest. Sherry had ordered that they broadcast in a hope to catch the world's attention. Sherry, being the most outspoken person of the group, was the one that would be speaking and she stood on a platform. She felt her nerves pick up and saw Shiver looking over the mass of humans. Auron barked softly and Sherry sighed.

Here goes nothing, she thought bitterly.

"We're on in 3, 2, 1, go!"

Sherry stepped forward and the crowd became deadly silent. She gave the camera a thin smile, and said, "Okay, I know that none of you human beings know me, but that matters not. As I'm certain you've noticed, Umbrella has released bio-weapons upon America, and supposedly the rest of the world. As I'm also certain you realize, if we do nothing and let Umbrella walk all over us, you might as well kiss you ass goodbye!"

She paused and then Shiver said, "Why aren't you being yourself?"

She sighed, before grinning suddenly, saying, "Okay, so here's our plan. All Americans that are capable need to come to D.C. If all of us can join together then we actually have a fighting chance! Not to mention, if the rest of the world would join us, Umbrella would crumble! If mankind would just realize that in mass we are great, and alone we're not all that great! Now please, I, an eighteen year old girl, am asking you for help. Not to mention all of us! America is begging the world for help!"

She stepped from the platform and said, "I know many of you won't pay attention, but I will personally thank every person who comes to our aid. Thank you."

The camera man nodded and Shiver sighed, saying, "You reminded me of the President."

"That's low man," she teased, ignoring the looks she was getting from Ashley.

"Um, who is the leader?" asked a teenage boy as he ran up about thirty minutes after Sherry's speech. They all looked at Leon who frowned but stepped to him.


"Um, well… You guys are already getting calls… And one of them is from Queen Elizabeth…"

Leon stared at the boy but followed him to the phones they'd managed to set up. He was directed to a specific one and the boy said it was on speaker.

"Queen Elizabeth?"

"Ah, I'm guessing you are the leader of the group that was just on tele," a thick British voice said. She sounded tired and Leon wondered how bad it was over there.

"Yes ma'am, I'm Leon Kennedy."

"Well, I have to admit, I didn't exactly expect America to ask for help, so I must admit I'm proud of you and your group. Please except my armies as I too wish to destroy Umbrella."

Leon's heart stopped, literally and nearly shouted, "We'd be honored to have your army over her my Queen."

He heard her chuckle over the other end and she calmly said, "Then you have them Mr. Kennedy. They should be in America in two days. I wish you and my soldiers the best of luck."

"You too Queen Elizabeth."

The phone clicked showing that she had hung up, before he near ran to the others with the good news.


Claire Redfield-Jakerson walked into the living room and turned on the TV. What she saw was enough to make her scream; people! Alive and at D.C.

"Michael! Come here! There are living people!"

Michael Jakerson walked into the living room and nearly fainted at the giant mass of people. He turned to Claire and said, "I think we need to have a road trip to Washington D.C."


Carlos Oliveira had been relocated to D.C. like all the other soldiers. He know watched the girl speak before he turned around, only to face Jill Valentine.


Sherry actually squealed and jumped up and down clapping her hands. Shiver grinned happily and Ashley jumped with Sherry. Regan explained to her daughter, who looked extremely happy as well and even Auron jumped up and down, though he probably didn't know why.

Krauser just shrugged and Ada relaxed at the fact that there would be more friends. Leon smirked at the groups' enthusiasm.

"Two days and we can take those assholes at Umbrella down!" Sherry laughed, before she and all Ashley started talking about plans of action.

"two days, and World War 3 starts…" Leon muttered.