The G-Virus War

"Barely a year ago, the world damn near ended. People we knew and loved died and weird and horrible things happened. Those few of us that were infected with viruses were given anti-viruses, courtesy of Rose and Pearl Zepher. Their blood was like Auron, the German Shepards, and it saved us from life as mindless monsters. Though we were still smart enough to live human lives, we were still outcasts. But we survived. Oh, and my name is Sherry Birkin. I used to be a superhuman, but not anymore. None of us are…. Thank God…"

She turned off the tape recorder and joined John, her boyfriend. He still had white hair, but his eyes were back to a chocolate brown. She smirked up at him and they walked to the base.

Many of the war veterans moved to Alaska, the emptiest state. It was a lot better than living down in the lower stated where everything was burnt and still smelled of burnt flesh. And Hawaii just hadn't been big enough for all of them.

She stopped at the giant base and looked up into the windows. She smirked before shouting at Billy, who was talking to Ashley Graham and Luis Sera.

"Sup Sherry?" Billy asked.

"What, you two friends now?" Sherry teased as Ashley and Billy stood side by side. Billy pulled a face and stepped away from Ashley.

"In her dreams," Billy growled.

Sherry grinned before hearing Pearl, Rose and Lucy talking to Nemesis. The older girl was explaining how jets worked and the two listened intently. Even as normal humans, they were still baby geniuses.

She then heard the S.T.A.R.S. and Tilden getting into fights again, before Laura, Rebecca and Billy left and talked about things that seemed more important than the battle between Tilden and the cops.

Leon and Ada sat nearby, with Auron, Krauser, and Regan. They were all sitting on the edge of the giant lake that was near the base.

Sherry smiled, and thought, Things finally worked out for us.

Shiver called to her and she joined him, laughing all the time.


Ada lay her head on Leon's shoulder as Regan and Krauser fought over a stone. She smiled at their child like behavior before looking out at the lake.

Everyone, even the S.T.A.R.S. and Claire Redfield was happy. Luis Sera and Steve Burnside had been saved, brought back to the side of the living thanks to Rose and Pearl. Steve and Claire almost instantly got married but Ashley and Luis were taking things slow.

She closed her eyes and snuggled against Leon, listening to his steady heartbeat and wondering if things could, or would, get better.

Not likely.

"It's mine," Regan shouted, grabbing the rock. Krauser sighed, when Sherry tackled them, causing Regan to drop her stone.

"There, now it's the lake's," Sherry laughed.

Regan looked at her, before getting up and chasing her.

Okay, I take that back, they just got better, she thought and laughed as Regan and Sherry tripped and fell.

Mankind could finally take a break.

Well, here is the end. Everyone is living happily even after. Until the next story. But those ones aren't going to be based on Leon and Ada and the group. It'll be about the children. Hope you enjoyed my finale! And thanks for reading!