His hand was pressed up against the cold glass of the ice covered window pane. He could feel his delicate finger joints getting stiff with the cold, but he didn't care. He let them seep in frigid air.

It is our choices that make us who we are...

His mentor had said that to him once, not so long ago. It seemed like a millenium to his feeble psyche.

Now his forehead was pressed against the glass, almost desperately, as he wished for the chill to soothe the everlasting ache present there. His infamous scar, the sign of lightning and the power of the gods contained within one small brand on otherwise flawless skin. The brand that would mard him as one to be both trodden into the mud and then shoved onto a pedestal.

Everything happens for a reason, Harry.

A girl had told him that years before, her chocolate eyes pleading for understanding.

He crushed his face to the window now. This was nothing but a hopeless wish, for emptiness and the solace of oblivion. 'Would you say that now?' he wondered.

There is no good or evil, only power.

Remembered red eyes glared at him from the dark, even as they were struck down by green light.

Hands scraped at the iced window, uselessly. He wouldn't be able to see through it anyway. Unresisted tears streamed from cloudy dead eyes. No light had entered them for three years.

Dark and difficult times are ahead...

And difficult they had been. Everyone had said, up until they very end, this is worth it, please, keep fighting for us.

But it wasn't. Harry didn't try to stop the unbridled sobs.

'Because now you're all gone. Swept away...'

Ashes, ashes,

we all fall down.

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