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They believed they held in there hands the candle that would light the world. – Act One from The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Riku was violent. He found himself circled by rumors from the schoolfor his strength and lightning reflexes. He carried an angry unpredictable air around his body, which also made him mysterious. He fought with everyone about anything for no reason at all. He was unsettling, unsafe, and uncontrollable.

Axel was dangerous. He often lit fires in random places watching as his monster consumed everything. Helike Riku, stumbled into a pool of rumors for his unpredictability and aloofness throughout the entire high school. He knew everyone called himcold, ruthless and that they said he would win at any cost. One might think that he would go hand in hand with Riku, but he didn't.

They were enemies. If the two were in the same hallway, people scattered, circled, and readied their cell phones to call the ambulance, seeing as one of them would need it. If they even looked at each other they would pick, pick until they hit, hit until one of them was unconscious.

But they both had one trait that they shared, and they both knew it, respected it. They knew never to bring it up or touch on it.

Both of them were lying.

No one knew this, except the other, and no one ever would if they had a hand in matters.

But they never had a hand in matters like they thought they did. In fact, they had very little control over anything when Sora and Roxas were around.

Sora and Roxas were what most people regarded as soul mates; to make matters worse, they were bored people by nature. Unfortunately with their boredom, came their ideas; from their boredom, came their games. It was usually never anything serious; they settled with card games, memorization games, new sparing techniques, and anything else that came to their mind at the spur of the moment.

However, the longer they went without seeing each other the more drastic their games became.

Roxas being Axel's best friend, and Sora being Riku's best friend, they did not often see each other because they were always trying to sooth their friend's sensitive nerves. In turn, their games were becoming risky.

But never as risky as the game they started during their senior year.

North Hall

"Excuse us. Pardon me. I'm sorry, Selphie. I didn't mean to step on your brand new shoes. Yes, hello Wakka. We need through. Excuse me. Don't mind him. Yes, hi. Move, please, we need to see the blood shed. Ah, here we are! Front row seats."

Sora managed to pull his friend through the crowd, settling them both on the inside ring of the match. "Oh, well, my dear, we haven't missed much." He said, studying the scene in front of them.

"Of course not. School's only been in session for a few minutes. It takes a while for them to get under the other's skin." Roxas smiled resting his arm on Sora's shoulder.

"'Tis true." Sora said, leaning his head towards Roxas.

They watched in abject fascination as the two glared at each other, spitting nasty comments, the crowd practically memorized, at each other.

"Hell, Riku, if I had known you were so touchy about your appearance, I would have told you, you looked gay a long time ago."

"Of very clever, Axel. Did you come up with that yourself, or did you have to ask your mommy for help with that?"

"Leave my mother out of this, you dumb shit."

"I'm not the one who has to repeat the year over."

"Yeah, but I don't have uncle for the principal!"

"Fuck you, I earned those grades."

"You earn a lot of things, don't you, Hollywood?"

"What are you implying, Axel?"


"I am not a whore like your fucking sister. If that's what you're saying."

"My sister is not a whore."

"What? She doesn't take money?"


"So, she's a slut?"

"You don't know anything about her."

"I know enough. I know you're no better."

"I will light your pretty, fucking hair on fire."

Axel had invaded Riku's happy space by then, which was not a good move because it was just perfect for Riku to get an upper cut in sending the redhead stumbling back a few feet. Then Riku pounced. Sora mildly noted he heard several 'beeps' as people entered '911' into their cells, ready to press the 'send' button at any moment.

Axel recovered quickly, using his unnatural speed to attack Riku lifting him off the ground with one hand while he grabbed his lighter with the other. Riku growled and kneed the other hard in the gut. He hit the ground hard as Axel grasped his stomach. They both stood quicklyglaring daggers at one another.

However Mr. Vexen and Saix cut the entertainment short, having rounded the corner right as Riku threw the first punch. Vexen grabbed Riku, Saix grabbed Axel, and they dragged them towards opposite sides of the "ring" as it were, making way towards the principal's office in opposite routes.

"You won't touch my hair. Ever." Riku shouted, before Vexen covered his mouth. The crowd dispersed immediately after, going on as if nothing had happened between the two most famous rivals in King Mickey High. Sora stayed behind along with Roxas, staring at the imaginary ring.

Roxas left Sora's side only to pick up Axel's precious lighter, pocketing it.

"That was repetitive." Sora said mildly as Roxas returned to his side.

"Yes, I think we saw that same episode last Wednesday." Roxas said, just as mildly as Sora had, taking the initiative to begin towards their first class of the day. Sora followed without thought.

"They're getting better though."

Roxas snorted, "How do you figure?"

"Well, they've finally noticed they're attraction for one another."

"Sora you are way to much of a romanticist."

"You heard it too," Sora said. "'I will light your pretty hair on fire."

"There was more profanity in that sentence."

"It doesn't matter. The message is the same," Sora said waving his hand.

"The message is that Riku's a pretty boy."

"Is that how you interpret it?"

"That's how I interpret everything Axel says."

Sora stopped, having been thinking about the argument since they had began walking aimlessly around the school. Roxas stopped not too long after, looking back at his companion to figure out his problem.

"What's the matter?"

"What if the message really was how I said it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Roxas, I'm bored."


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