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Just Enough



She started to straigten the books on the coffee table for the second time that evening, and she stopped herself. This was ridiculous. He wasn't coming to ensure that her books were neat and tidy, to assess the cleanliness of her flat. They were a long way past that, had been for awhile now. He came for one reason and one reason only. It started innocently enough, a friend coming around for dinner, he used to come with George as well. Then he started coming by himself, and it wasn't long before it became much more than dinner.

She had tried to remain aloof and casual about it all, but she just wasn't that kind of woman. Some people would be able to handle a relationship like this one, even if you could call it that. It had started as mostly physical and had slowly wormed its way to what it was now. They had become more open with each other about any and everything. When this first started they would just lay there after, now they talked, they would talk till the sun came up some mornings. That's when it was became too hard.

When it was just a physical connection between the two of them she could handle it, now she had put to much of herself into it. Fred knew too much now about her, and her of him. She had an investment in it now, she wanted more. If it ended tonight it would to soon. Hermione didn't want it to end, she didn't think he did. But that was fine by her. She would take what she could get, and if this was all she got then this was all she would have.


It happened the same way it always did. They would sit down, he always bought a bottle of some kind with him, and they would drink and talk. Hermione liked this time before, it made it seem like maybe there was more to it on his side. That he wanted her for who she was, not just for some fleeting physical release.

Before too long she could feel the tension seep into her, she found herself watching his hands as he held his glass, and as he flung them this way and that as he talked. Then she would focus on his lips, watching the way that moved as he spoke. It was almost as if he was hypnotising her, and she was powerless to stop herself from falling under it's charm. Just when it was becoming too much, when she couldn't take anymore of it, he seemed to sense just when she was ready. The glass would be taken out of her hand, and placed with his on the table.

Wordlessly they moved to the bedroom, various pieces of clothing falling as they went. Till it was just them, skin to skin, and closer than together than she had ever been with anyone. She had been with others in the past, but they didn't come close to what she had found here. It may have started as just two people coming together, it was much more than that now.

There was no doubt that she enjoyed being with Fred, enjoyed didn't quite do it justice. It was the time after that Hermione savoured most of all. Laying beside Fred, his arm wrapped around her, holding her close to him. His hand playing with her hair. Sometimes they talked, or just laid there.

There were days when she wanted to give it away, she deserved more. She wanted him all the time, not just for random nights, but she wouldn't push him. Hermione would wait for Fred to give her more, and if he didn't she would just take her lot and be happy with it. She wanted Fred, and only Fred. This is what she had, and it would be enough for now.



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