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As he rushed Elizabeth's body through the hospital on the gurney, his heart beat a million miles a minute. He was alone now, flying down the corridor. Jack had kindly taken out the guard, and was probably being arrested by now. David pushed with all of his power and might, pushing the gurney, pushing Elizabeth's physical half towards freedom and safety.

He skidded to a stop in the center of the third floor, where the corridor widened into a rotunda. He was surrounded, and realized in one horrible instant that whatever he could do couldn't save Elizabeth. The world seemed to move in slow motion. Elizabeth, standing on the other side of her bed, gasped as she realized that her physical half was missing the oxygen mask, and she was fading away quickly. "Elizabeth! No!" he yelled, realizing that the end had come. He bent over the bed, kissing Elizabeth and breathing his life into her body. She seemed to be waking, but at that moment he was seized from behind by two guards.

They pinned him to the ground as a doctor explained that he would just give David a small sedative. "No!" he screamed, fighting against the guards. He almost succeeded in squirming out of their grasp, but the doctor dropped the syringe containing the sedative into his lab coat pocket and helped restrain David.

The doctor then pulled the syringe out of his lab coat pocket. He was about to plunge the needle into David's side when Elizabeth woke, sat bolt upright, and shouted, "David! No!" The doctor, startled, yet unfazed, injected the needle into David's side.

As he drew the needle back out, a look of horror settled onto his face. It was a black plastic syringe, not a clear one, and the doctor realized that he had confiscated this syringe from a psych ward patient not ten minutes before. It had contained a deadly poison.

"Get this man to emergency!" he yelled. Confusion reigned as David was taken to emergency. Elizabeth, still lying in her bed, as if the energy she had possessed had gone with David, demanded that the doctor came to her bedside. He came over.

"I'm a doctor, in case you didn't know," she said, and he nodded. "I'm a doctor and you don't send people to emergency after administering a sedative unless something went seriously wrong. What went wrong?"

He paled, uttering, "I gave him the wrong syringe."

"What was in that syringe?" Elizabeth demanded.

"Uh...a poison that I confiscated from a pych patient earlier."

"What?" Elizabeth demanded. "Get me down to emergency right now! Now!" she ordered. He ran for a wheelchair. They zoomed through the hospital down to emergency, Elizabeth's sister Abby close behind them.

"What's the status of the poisoned man?" the doctor demanded.

"We did all that we could. We couldn't reverse the poison." the nurse said. "It's a slow working poison, though, so she" she gestured to Elizabeth, "can say goodbye. I'm sorry, Elizabeth. We couldn't do anything. He's in Exam Room 3." Elizabeth began to cry, and by the time the doctor had wheeled her into David's room, David was gasping for air. Elizabeth, sobbing, scooted David to one side of the bed and laid down next to him. "Leave!" she shouted at the doctor.

David's eyes were glazed over now, but she knew he could sense her there. "David! I love you!"

"I...love...you, Lizzie." he gasped out, gripping her hand tightly. Then he closed his eyes and his hand slacked over hers. "David!" she yelled, hugging his body tightly, wishing they could at least have one more hour, one more day, to end their relationship the way they had begun--in spirit.