Last night- I read the lyrics from Beethoven's last night by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, there was one song that stuck out in my head, go a head and flame away if you wish but be sure you read this carefully before being judgmental. It sort of mirrored John, Sam, and dean all at once I hope you enjoy. If not oh well bully for you!

I have no links to Supernatural or Trans-Siberian Orchestra

What is Eternal-Trans-Siberian

And here in the night as I feel the inferno

I stare in the dark thinking what is Eternal

The man or the moment

The act or the reason, those thoughts fill my head

As I contemplated treason

Of dreams I have had, and dream I have pondered

When late in the night my mind it would wander

To the things that I have done and then quickly regretted

While denying vices my life had selected

And I think what I've done or yet to begin

And the man I've become

And the man that I've been

Now caught in waltz

With the Eternal dancer

I'm courted by Death

But Death isn't the answer

I say.

All I was, meant to be, could suddenly just decide

Not a thought would survive

Could it be?

My life's worth ended there with my birth

If I could see someone

Who's been there before me?

And traded his soul for a moment of glory

His penance or Mercy

By spirits debated

While judged on a scale

That's been heavily weighted

And what have I done

Could there be such a sin

In this man I've become

In this man that I've been

Now calling to God

From the pit's very bottom

I pray he forgive

Every sin I've forgotten

This day

And who would of thought

That my fate it would conjure

This twist in the road

On which I have wandered

Each vision and dream now completely dismembered

To give one's whole life

And find nothing's remembered

And what good is a life

That leaves nothing behind

Not a thought or a dream

That might echo in time

The years and the hours

The seconds and minutes

And everything that

My life has placed in it




The things I have done

The places I've been

The cost of my dreams the weight of my sins

And everything that

I've gathered in life

Could it be lost?

Could it be lost in this?

Could it be lost in this?