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Lita sat in her locker room with her hands in her lap and she was slouched, she looked at the ground

Jeff smiled as he entered the backstage area with a bag over his shoulder, it was his third week back but he was just happy to be there

He walked to the halls and he ran into Victoria

"Hey" Victoria said

"Hey Vic, how are you?" Jeff asked politely

"Yeah I'm pretty good thanks" Victoria answered

Jeff nodded

"Have you seen Lita by any chance?" Jeff asked

"I saw her walking to her locker room before" Victoria said

"Okay thanks, I'll see you later" Jeff said

Victoria nodded and Jeff continued to walk down the hall, with a skip to his step

He smiled widely when he saw the locker room door with his name on it. He entered the room and put his bag down on a bench. He paused and then he exited his locker room and went looking for Lita's

He stopped when he saw the name on her door

There was a knock on the door and Lita looked up and she went to the door and opened it

She smiled when she saw Jeff grinning at her

Jeff looked down at the red head "It's been three years, don't I deserve a hug?"

Lita continued to smile as they tightly hugged

"I was looking for you the past few weeks but I guess you left early" Jeff said as they pulled away from the hug

"Yeah I couldn't really be around here anymore, with people calling me names and all that…I just had to get out" Lita said, her voice began to sadden

Jeff nodded

"Well you can stay the whole night because I am back now" Jeff said, trying to lighten the situation for Lita

"I wanted to apologize for everything I did to you…I deserved what you did and what you called me" Lita said

"No, I'm sorry for that. I was mad, Matt was mad and I needed to do something for him and I now know it was wrong of me to do that" Jeff said

Lita nodded in thanks

"I'm just glad Matt forgave me" Lita said

"Well we all make mistakes and you deserved a second chance" Jeff said "Besides it drove me crazy not being able to talk to you. Do you want to go for a walk around the arena since we have nothing else to do for a while?"

"I'll tell you what, I need to talk to Edge" Lita said

"Oh him" Jeff said, sort of coldly. He hadn't forgiven Edge yet

"Jeff" Lita said

"Right, sorry" Jeff apologized

"When I am finished, I will come and see you" Lita said

"Do you know where my locker room is?" Jeff asked

"I'll be able to find it" Lita said

Jeff nodded and smiled

"I'll only be a few minutes then we can walk and talk" Lita said

Jeff went to walk away but then the stopped and turned back to her

"I'm really happy I'm back here, and I know you are happy I'm back as well" Jeff said jokingly

Lita laughed and she pushed Jeff and he walked out of her sight

She went to her bag, grabbed her cell and she walked to Edge's locker room and knocked on the door

She opened the door and Edge waved to Lita as she walked inside and sat down

"How's everything with Emma going?" Lita asked

"I'm working on it" Edge said "What's with the smile?"

"What I'm not allowed to smile anymore?" Lita asked

"I don't mean it like that. You just haven't smiled like that in a while" Edge said

"I saw Jeff and we are going to catch up" Lita said

"Oh so he's finally ready to forgive you is he?" Edge said

"Adam" Lita said "Just leave him alone"


Jeff sat on one of the metal cases and he picked up an issue of WWE magazine that was on the case. He opened it up and there was a picture of Trish and he sighed

He really wanted to see Trish because they had such a good friendship and he hadn't seen her in months

Jeff looked up from the magazine to see Shelton Benjamin walk up to him

"Hi" Jeff said, trying to be polite

"So Jeff Hardy is back" Shelton said

"Yeah I am" Jeff said

"I'm looking forward to having a match with you. There was a lot of hype about your return and I want to see if you live up to it" Shelton said

"Well maybe one day we'll meet in the ring, but for your sake I hope it's not soon" Jeff said

Jeff smiled sarcastically and then looked back at the magazine

"So, you and Lita used to be best friends hey? What do you think of her now?" Shelton asked

"I think of her the same way as I always have, the one person who understands the whole me" Jeff said, furrowing his brows as he was clearly trying to concentrate on reading

"She cheated on Matt" Shelton said

Jeff sighed in frustration, knowing fully well that if he didn't get rid of Benjamin then he wouldn't be able to finish reading

Jeff looked up from the magazine and looked at Shelton

"Yeah she did but you can't constantly judge her on something she has done. You were managed by your mum a while back, and no one is still calling you a mummy's boy are they? So why should people still be going around calling Lita names. Why were they calling her names in the first place? I mean it involved four people and they were Matt, Emma, Edge and Lita" Jeff said, defending Lita

Jeff paused

"What happened to your mum anyway?" Jeff asked

"She uh went home" Shelton said

Jeff looked at him weirdly and Victoria walked up to them and Shelton walked away

Victoria laughed at the look on Jeff's face

"So did you find Lita?" Victoria asked

Lita walked over to them and Jeff smiled

"I sure did" Jeff said looking at Victoria

"Hey guys" Lita said

Jeff jumped down off the case and put the magazine down

Melina walked past them and she shot Lita a glare and Jeff saw exactly what was happening

Melina smirked and she mumbled something to herself, she then did 'the fake cough' and said "Slut"

Lita looked down at her feet and that hurt Jeff to see her like that

Jeff's P.O.V

What have they done to her? I have never seen Lita so intimidated by another woman so much and Lita could take her any day

Melina walked out of sight and Jeff looked back at Lita

He knew he had to do or say something

"Don't worry about them, she is just jealous that you actually have friends and that you are much more beautifuller then her" Jeff said

Lita looked back at Jeff

"Jeff beautifuller isn't even a word" Lita said

"Yeah…well it should be" Jeff replied

"Thanks, but I'm used to it by now" Lita said

"Well you shouldn't be, that is just wrong" Jeff said

"Well I am going to go but I will see you two later" Victoria said

"Bye" Jeff said, waving

"See ya Vic" Lita said

Victoria walked away and then Jeff slightly smiled at Lita

"So are you ready to take that walk?" Jeff asked, as he tampered with one of his dreadlocks

"Yeah, but are you sure you want to be seen with me?" Lita asked

"What are you talking about? Of course I do" Jeff said

"Do you want to lose it all?" Lita asked

"Maybe it's our age gap" Jeff said and he laughed but stopped when he saw her not even reacting "Well I thought it was funny, but I still don't get it"

"I mean, do you really want to lose your friends here and the respect you have from people because you are hanging out with me?" Lita asked

"Okay first of all, I have nothing to lose at all. Second, since when have I cared what anyone else thinks about me?" Jeff said, he then put a hand on her shoulder and looked her straight in the eyes "And third, You are one of the very few people here I call a friend"

Jeff pointed to people standing in the halls

"I don't care if I lose every single one of them" Jeff said and then he looked back at Lita "All that matters to me is you"

Lita could not help but to smile, she even felt herself blush

"So I really think we should walk because I kind of have to tell you something" Lita said

Jeff nodded and they began walking and they ran into Randy 'RKO' Orton

"Hey guys" Randy said

"Hey" Jeff replied

"Where are you headed?" Randy asked

"Just for a walk, that's all" Lita said

"Oh okay, well I'll see ya later" Randy said

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