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Trish was at the ski gear hire in the hotel looking for some gear that she could use when she was going skiing tomorrow

"Looking for anything in particular?" She heard and she turned around

"Yeah, but nothing you could offer" Trish said and she turned around

"Really?" Randy asked

"How is it that there is an entire hotel here but all we seem to do is run into each other?" Trish asked

"You know, I'm starting to ask that question myself" Randy said "So when are you going skiing?"

"Tomorrow" Trish said "I need to do something to get my mind off things"

"Maybe you should just sort it out" Randy said

"Says the boy who ran away from home" Trish said

"I didn't run away" Randy snapped "I came here to get away from things, like you did"

"What happened, that made you come here?" Trish asked "Away from work and your family"

"Nothing" Randy said "Er so have you found anything here?"

"Yeah" Trish said simply

"Well I've got some gear if you want to be saved some trouble" Randy said "Spare gear"

"I don't think I would fit into what you wear" Trish said

"No, I've got some ski gear, which" Randy began "It's Sam's"

"Where is Sam anyway?" Trish asked "I'm beginning to think that she doesn't really exist"

"Of course she does" Randy said "She is just at home, she er she couldn't make it here"

Trish nodded

"Well would she mind if I used it?" Trish asked

"No, I'm sure she'll be fine with it" Randy said nodding

"Well okay" Trish said "I'll come and meet you later or something"

"Do it soon because I think I want to go to bed early tonight" Randy said

"If it's too much trouble then I will just hire some out" Trish said

"No, other wise it will just sit there" Randy said honestly

"Okay, I'll come by soon" Trish said "I don't know why you are being so nice to me all of a sudden"

"Well our situations aren't so different" Randy said quietly "and now I'm up to 425 things to make up to you"

Trish felt a smile creep up on her face, Randy smiled back at her and she just looked at him for a few seconds but then she cleared her throat

"Yeah so I'll come by soon" Trish said "To get the ski gear, bye"

Trish just turned around and she quickly hurried off into the lobby where she saw people who were obviously checking out because they had their bags with them. Trish decided she would go back to her room and figure out what was going on with herJeff grabbed his bags and he walked down the hall to his best friends hotel room and he knocked on the door

"Ames" Jeff called out "We have to go"

"Yeah I'm coming" Lita said

"We have to move or we'll be late" Jeff replied

Lita walked out her door with her bags with her and she looked at Jeff

"You panic too much about the time for someone who isn't meant to care about many things" Lita said

"Well you don't panic enough" Jeff said as they began walking down the hall "And who ever said I don't care about many things, I care about my family, the fans, my pets, you"

Amy laughed

"I was being serious" Jeff said

"I know" Lita said nodding

"Then why did you laugh?" Jeff asked raising his eyebrow

"Well it was just cute how you said that" Lita said and she patted Jeff on the back

"Anyway" Jeff said giving her a weird look "Are you ready for tonight?"

"Of course" Lita said

"And will this make you stay if you win?" Jeff asked

Lita just looked at Jeff and he sighed

"Fine" Jeff said "I'll just have to try harder"

Lita just smiled as they walked to the elevator and went down to the lobby

"It seems quiet here" Lita said

"That's because everyone has already left" Jeff said jokingly

"Shut up" Lita replied and she laughed "So what's your match tonight?"

"I don't know" Jeff said "Because my Intercontinental Championship match has been changed to a triple threat so I have no idea what is going on"

"Who got added in?" Lita asked

"I don't even know yet" Jeff said

"Well it doesn't matter because you will win" Lita said

"Oh right" Jeff said sarcastically

"I'm serious!" Lita said "You have so much talent"

"Not enough to beat 2 other people" Jeff said

Lita pushed Jeff and he smirked

"Do you want me down in your corner when you have the match?" Lita asked "It wouldn't do much but..."

"That would be great" Jeff said interrupting her

They went to the car and loaded their bags in the car and began driving to the arena

"I wonder how Trish is going" Lita said

"She's probably fine" Jeff said "Except for the fact that Randy is in the same hotel as her"

They got to the arena and when they arrived they walked straight to their locker rooms

"It has to be down this way somewhere" Jeff said looking around

"Well we have different locker rooms Jeffery" Lita said "So maybe I should go looking for myself"

"Why do we even need separate locker rooms?" Jeff asked

"Because you're a guy and I'm a girl" Lita said obviously

"Yes but we've shared a locker room before" Jeff said

"We were team xtreme then" Lita said

"Well we are practically team xtreme now" Jeff said

"No we aren't" Lita said honestly

"Way to kill my happiness" Jeff mumbled

"Well it's true and I don't really think that it's going to happen again" Lita said "But that's just how I see it"

"As far as optimism goes" Jeff began "You really suck, your locker room's down there"

Jeff pointed down a hall and one of the first doors had "Amy Dumas"

"Oh, thanks" Lita said

"I'll come by before your match" Jeff said nodding "Well if I ever find my locker room"

Lita laughed

"If not, then I'm going to be changing in the halls" Jeff said jokingly

"Why don't you just ask?" Lita asked as she began walking to her locker room

"Because you know how stupid I would sound asking where my own locker room is?" Jeff asked

"About as stupid as you would look if you got changed in the halls" Lita said and she walked in her locker room

Jeff smiled to himself and then he continued walking

"Jeff!" He heard and he turned around to see Mickie James

"Oh hey Mickie" Jeff replied and he smiled

"So is Amy all ready for our match?" Mickie asked

"I think so" Jeff said nodding "But make sure you do the best you can, she needs to be pushed"

"Oh it's for a number one contender spot, of course i will" Mickie said
Jeff nodded

"You know, a lot of people don't give you enough credit for the strategies you use" Mickie said

"You're the first one to say that" Jeff said and he began to slowly walk away "And

probably the last, I've got to find my locker room but good luck"

"Thanks" Mickie said "But you've past your locker room"

"I have?" Jeff asked

"Yeah, it was a while back" Mickie said

Jeff turned around and he walked past Mickie

"Thanks" Jeff said and he continued on his way

Jeff soon found his locker room and as soon as he put his bags down there was a knock at his door

Jeff sighed and he went to the door and opened it

"I see you eventually found your way" Lita said

"You knew where my locker room was?" Jeff asked

Lita just nodded

"But that isn't why I'm here" Lita said "Do you know the match you're in tonight?"

"No, I still need to find that out" Jeff said

"You have a match against Johnny Nitro" Lita said

"Serious?" Jeff asked with a smirk

Lita just nodded

"Good" Jeff said nodding

"Except when you get Johnny Nitro, you get Joey Mercury and Melina as well" Lita said

Jeff just shrugged

"That isn't really a concern to me" Jeff said

"I appreciate your confidence and that's good that you have it, but have you seen what she has done?" Lita asked "She has cost Nitro's opponents the match plenty of times"

"Well what do you want me to do about that?" Jeff asked

"I want to come out to ringside" Lita said

"No" Jeff said simply

"Why not?" Lita asked with her hands on her hips

"You have a match later, you need to just be ready for that one" Jeff said

"I can handle going out there for you and having a match later" Lita said raising her eyebrow

"Alright" Jeff said nodding "You can come out, when's my match anyway?"

"Soon" Lita said "Actually second"

Jeff closed his door

"Thanks!" Lita said sarcastically

"I need to get ready!" Jeff called out

During his match
Jeff was in control of the match however Melina's constant screaming and distractions weren't doing any good for Jeff. Jeff irish whipped Nitro into the corner and Nitro fell to the floor holding his ribs.

Jeff pulled him up and quickly executed the twist of fate and he quickly went to the top rope but Melina got on the apron and distracted the ref while Mercury pushed Jeff off the top rope and he landed awkwardly on his shoulder.

Lita quickly ran around the other side of the ring and she pulled Melina down by the legs and she hit her head on the apron. Mercury ran around the other side of the ring and Lita went back to where she was. Nitro was leaning over the ropes to see if Melina was alright and Jeff saw his opportunity and he rolled Nitro up

Jeff quickly rolled out of the ring as Mercury quickly got in the ring and tried to get to

Jeff before he got out and he kicked the ropes. Lita quickly kneeled next to him to make sure that he was okay, while still looking around and making sure MNM were at a


"Come on Jeff we have to go" Lita said "Now"

Jeff slowly stood with the help of his best friend and they walked as fast as they could out before Nitro or Mercury decided to go after them. Once they got backstage, Lita got him to sit down and she kneeled next to him

"That was a great move" Lita said nodding
"Well I don't suppose I could have done it without you" Jeff said "Thank you for having my back out there"

"Of course" Lita said nodding "Now, your shoulder"

"It's alright" Jeff said "I just landed awkwardly"

"yeah I saw that part but do you want someone to look at it?" Lita asked

"No" Jeff said simply "It's not even that bad"

"You sure?" Lita asked

Jeff just nodded and he stood

"I think I'm just going to go to my locker room" Jeff said "Do you want me out there for your match?"
"Not like that, I don't" Lita said "Take care of yourself first"

Jeff nodded

"Come by before your match" Jeff said

"I will" Lita said

Jeff nodded again and he helped Lita up with his good arm and he hugged her which caught her by surprise and she laughed softly

"I owe you" Jeff said

"Not really" Lita said

Jeff let go of Lita and he began to walk to his locker room, Lita smiled and she went to her locker room and as soon as she got in she heard her phone ringing
The person hung up before she could get the phone and she dug her phone out of her bag to see she had 4 missed calls, all from Trish so she dialed Trish's number

"Where have you been? I really need to talk to you" Trish said

"I was in Jeff's corner" Lita said

"Oh how did that go?" Trish asked

"He won" Lita said "He hurt his shoulder though"

"Is he alright?" Trish asked

"So he says" Lita said "Anyway so what's up?

"I'm really scared" Trish said

"About what Trish?" Lita asked

"Randy is being really nice to me" Trish said "And its so strange"

"Well he had to start being nice one day" Lita said "I mean he is such a jerk"

"No he isn't!" Trish said and she paused "Something is happening to me"

"Do you like him?" Lita asked

"No" Trish said quickly "At least i don't think so"

"Are you sure? LIta asked

"Amy, I just broke up with my husband" Trish said "I can't move on that quickly"

"Well Ron did" Lita said "Maybe you can"

"Yeah except Randy has Sam and I hate Randy" Trish said "I think it's just because he is actually being nice to me so my brain has no idea what's going on"

"Maybe" Lita said "What's he being nice about?"

"Well when Ron came he totally defended me and got rid of Ron" Trish said "And i was going to get some gear to ski in tomorrow and he offered to lend me Sam's gear"

"Wow, that really doesn't sound like Randy" Lita said "Are you sure it's him?"

"Yeah" Trish said and she laughed

"Well just hang in there because Jeff and I are on our way to Canada next week for Raw" Lita said "And we will just stay where you're staying"

"It's a while away from the arena" Trish said

"We don't mind" Lita said "I've got to go get ready for my match but I'll call you later, or I'll get Jeff to call"

"Alright" Trish said "Good luck"

"Thanks" Lita said nodding
Lita soon got ready and it was almost time for her match so she went to Jeff's locker room and she knocked on the door and soon came to the door and smiled

"You all ready?" Jeff asked

Lita nodded

"You look good too Jeff said

"Thank you" Lita said "I've got to go but I just had to stop by"

Jeff smiled again

"How's your shoulder?" Lita asked

"Oh it's alright" Jeff said lying

Lita moved her arm and she gently pushed his shoulder and he winced

"Really" Jeff said "It's fine"

"We are going to the medic after the match" Lita said

"Good luck" Jeff said trying to change the subject

Lita laughed because she knew exactly what he was doing

"Thanks Jeffy" Lita said softly and she hugged him gently, carefully avoiding his shoulder

Lita soon went down to the ring to have her match with Mickie, it was a fairly even match, that was until Lita got into a rhythm near the end of the match when she was completely dominating. Lita pulled off her swinging DDT and she pinned Mickie for the win.

Lita stood and the ref raised her hand and she couldn't help but smile, she was back in contention for the title. She made sure Mickie was okay and they hugged quickly to show that there were no hard feelings at all and Mickie left the ring as Lita acknowledged the


Then MNM's music hit and all three members of MNM stepped out from behind the curtain and they walked down the ramp, all just keeping their eyes on Lita. Lita went to quickly get out the ring but then Mercury quickly went to the other side of the ring and Lita had no other choice but to get back in the ring because Nitro was coming around the other side.

Melina was waiting in the ring and she smirked and punched Lita. Lita tackled Melina and began to beat her down when Nitro came in the ring and grabbed her by the hair and slammed her against the mat. He helped Melina up and she began to kick Lita and Mercury kicked Lita a few times. The crowd was in shock when they saw someone come out from behind the curtain

It was Edge

He came down to the ring and he tackled Joey Mercury but Nitro grabbed Edge and he punched him and Mercury got up and they started double teaming Edge, while Melina was slamming Lita's head into the mat.

The crowd cheered as and obviously injured Jeff came to the ring and he slid in and rushed to Melina and pulled her off Lita and from the corner of his eye he saw Nitro coming for him so he simply stepped aside and Nitro with a full head of steam went right over the top rope.

Melina screamed and quickly got out of the ring and Jeff went to Mercury and he kicked him in the mid section and hit the twist of fate and kicked Joey until he rolled out the ring. Jeff was yelling as he leaned over the ropes for Mercury to get up and then he went over to the other side to yell the same things at Nitro.

Jeff turned to Lita who was holding the back of her head and he quickly kneeled next to her and helped her sit up and he looked around to see Edge helping himself up in the corner

"Are you okay?" Jeff asked as he helped her stay sitting by holding her around the waist

"Yeah, my head just hurts" Lita said quietly

"I'm going to beat the crap out of them next week for this" Jeff said "Can you stand?"

Lita nodded and he helped her stood but kept a hold of her waist for support

"What the hell man!" Edge exclaimed and he put a hand on Jeff's shoulder and spun him around so he let go of Lita "I had it under control!"

"Yeah it looked like it" Jeff said sarcastically

"Why did you even help me?" Edge asked

"I didn't help you" Jeff said "I helped Amy and that's all I came here for, if they would have stayed beating on you rather than coming over to me, then I would have just left you"

Edge stepped up and he got in Jeff's face and Jeff slowly backed up and he got down and rolled out the ring and held his shoulder and he looked at Lita who just stood there looking at him.

Jeff turned around and he walked out of the arena and walked backstage when he heard is name being called

"Jeff!" Todd Grishim called

Jeff turned around to see Todd and a camera crew and he sighed clearly frustrated, could things get any worse?

"Jeff why did you go out there and help Edge?" Todd asked

"I didn't" Jeff said "I went out there for Lita and only for Lita"

"Well Jonathan Coachman has just made a match for the main event next week" Todd said "MNM against Edge, Jeff and Lita"

Okay, so things could get worse, and that news just confirmed that

"He made that match?" Jeff asked

"Just then" Todd replied "What's your reaction to that?"

"Well what do you think it is?" Jeff asked "I'm going to beat the crap out of Mercury and Nitro and if Edge gets in the way then I'll just do the same to him"

Jeff stormed off to his locker room as Lita came backstage, soon after Edge did, and they hadn't been told about the match yet

Trish turned off the T.V and she was slightly shocked, she was happy for a moment she wasn't back in the WWE, too much drama for her right now. She sighed and decided she should probably go see Randy about the ski gear. She went out of her room and she went

and knocked on the door

Randy opened the door and he stepped aside so she could come in

"Your room is a mess" Trish said looking around "So you still trash rooms then"

"I never trashed that room" Randy said "I wanted to go home from that tour of europe because I missed Sam and we had a few problems"

Trish nodded, not knowing whether to believe him

"Did you watch what happened on Raw?" Trish asked

"Yeah" Randy said and he smirked "your best friends are in a bit of trouble"

"What next week?" Trish asked

Randy just nodded

"They will be fine" Trish said

"To be honest, after Hardy's match, I didn't think he would come out" Randy said "He looks like he's hurt his shoulder a little"

"He'll be fine and why were you surprised?" Trish asked "I mean besides the shoulder thing?"

"Because Edge was out there" Randy said "He hates Adam and everyone knows it"

"Yeah but he loves Amy to death" Trish said "And that's why he went out"

Randy nodded again

"Now do you want to see the ear or did you just come here to talk?" Randy asked with a smirk

"The gear Orton" Trish said

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