One Helluva Crush 2

By: Esa MaRie


Sequel to One Helluva Crush. Having a crush on Hotaru Imai is hell! Why? Ask Ruka...

Chapter 1

"Baka Polkadots! I told you that I'm going to wait for you at the canteen!"

"I thought you said library!"

"What the hell am I going to do in the library?"

"I don't know with you! But I waited for you there!"

"You're an idiot!"

"That's it! I'm really breaking up with you! I hate you Natsume!"

Ruka sighed as he watched the break up of Alice Academy's most famous couple (famous for the number of fights and breakups). He then winced as he saw Natsume kicked the trash can as he close the distance between them. For the 6 months those two became a couple, how many break ups had he heard Mikan threatened Natsume? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? They're always like that. It seems that they both enjoy getting into each other's nerves. Ruka sighed again. But despite the clash of their personalities, he knew that they both loved each other very much. Opposites attract, eh? At least they're together, unlike him... Damn! The image of a certain dark-haired and violet-eyed girl with a complicated personality came to his mind. A really pretty girl but too independent, too smart, and too cold. He really has a weird taste in girls.

He woke from his trance when he noticed that Natsume is already at his side.

"Hey, Natsume. Are we still going to Central Town?", Ruka asked.

"Yeah. I also need to buy something there.", Natsume grumbled.

"Another breakup with Mikan?", Ruka teased.

"Tch. That baka.", Natsume muttered.

"Wait here.", Natsume said as he went straight to a flower shop.

"As usual.", Ruka grinned which earned him an annoyed look from Natsume. How many roses will it take Natsume this time to reconcile with his girlfriend? He watched as Natsume paid the saleslady and gave instructions to where to deliver the flowers.

Just then his attention was caught by a girl with short dark hair who seemed to be coming his way. He began to feel warm inside, and his cheeks began to redden. 'Damn! Damn! Stop blushing!' he told himself.

He tried to glance away but came too late. His blue eyes met her violet orbs. Then suddenly he was blinded by a light and the next thing he noticed was that the girl was holding a camera and looking at a photo.

"Hmm... another income for me.", the girl said with her usually emotionless voice.

"Hotaru Imai!", Ruka yelled as he rushed forward to grab the picture. 'Oh great! This is really becoming a habit.'

But before he could get to her, she had already summoned her flying swan and flew out of his reach.

Ruka gripped his hair in frustration. 'Of all the girls, why did I have a crush on a cold, emotionless blackmailer?' He really wanted to bang his head on a tree.


Ruka looked up and saw Natsume in front of him.

"Trouble with Imai again?", he asked.

"What's new?", Ruka grumbled back.

"Tch. Stupid females.", Natsume muttered.

If Ruka doesn't feel frustrated right now, he might have laughed at their situation. Two male best friends having trouble with two female best friends. What a life!

Ruka pulled Koko out of the classroom.

"Koko, I need some help..."

"About Hotaru.", Koko grinned. "You want to find out if she likes you, right?"

Ruka blushed. "Well... yeah... Here's the plan. I..."

"You want to talk to her and I'll try to find out what she's thinking while talking with you.", Koko finished for him.

"Could you let me finish?", Ruka muttered, quite annoyed.

"Well, it's easier to read your mind. You seem to have a hard time trying to express it in words.", Koko answered back.

"Okay, okay.", Ruka sighed. "So, will you do it?"

"Hmmm...", Koko thought over. "Hotaru Imai... she's really interesting. Heheh. This would be a challenge."

Koko sat two seats from Hotaru's and opened a book. If Hotaru finds out that he's reading her mind, he's in deep trouble. He just doesn't know which gadget she'll use against him. That's why he would normally avoid reading Hotaru's mind or just keep quiet about what he read. Besides, he doesn't like reading Hotaru's mind. She's too complicated. He tried once and he almost had a headache. She was thinking of many things all at once. It seemed that during that time her brain was divided into different parts. One was absorbing the teacher's lesson, another contains the diagram of her latest invention, anoother one was computing her revenues from sale of Ruka's pictures (he laughed at that). Therefore trying to find out Hotaru's feeling towards Ruka would be a challenge for him. He grinned. This is exciting.

He saw Ruka approached Hotaru and tried to converse with her. He wanted to slap his hand over his head. 'That idiot. He's too obvious!' he thought as he saw Ruka's cheeks turning slight pink.

Koko then begun to concentrate and tried to penetrate into Hotaru's mind. Suddenly, Hotaru turned and looked straight at him.


Before he could react, he felt the impact of the balls from Hotaru's ever famous baka gun, and threw him off the wall.

"Hotaru, what was that for?!?" he cried, touching the huge bump on his head.

"That's for trying to read my mind," Hotaru said with a blank expression.

"Huh? How can you be sure that I'm reading your mind?" Koko asked.

"Invention number 6834 Mind-reading Detector." she said as she pointed at her barrette. "I made this especially against your alice."

Koko and Ruka sweatdropped.

Hotaru then turned to Ruka, "You were saying Ruka?"

"Ah...uh... ahm... nothing, nothing. Just forget it.", Ruka hastily said as he turned around to go back to his seat. 'Damn, it failed! Why does she have to be so smart?!'

Hiya!!! There were some reviewers who requested for a sequel on ONE HELLUVA CRUSH. So, in order not to disappoint you… here you go. But don't expect for a long one. This more of a Ruka x Hotaru pairing, with a little Natsume x Mikan.

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