One Helluva Crush 2

By: Esa MaRie

Chapter 3


Natsume turned his head, his crimson eyes slightly narrowed in confusion as he stared at his bestfriend's face. It was not every day you see Ruka Nogi in such a haggard state.

"What?" his usual curt reply came.

Ruka began to fidget as he tried to come up with the right words to say. "A-ano… Natsume-kun, a-ahm… w-well… I… a-ah…"

Natsume grunted as he continued to walk forward.


"I'll listen when you finally know what you actually wanted to say Ruka," Natsume said to him, his voice devoid of any expression. "The idiot girl is already waiting for me," he added, obviously referring to his girlfriend.

"Wait, I'll say it," Ruka called out, which earned him Natsume's attention. Natsume lifted his brows as he watched Ruka took a deep breath; then opened his mouth…


Natsume just stared at him, as he was unable to comprehend what Ruka had just said. Annoyance began to creep within him, and he felt a tick formed on his forehead. "Ruka…!"

Ruka sweatdropped as he noticed his friend's irritation. "Alright, alright, I'll say it clearly…" Clearing his throat, he mouthed the words slowly…

"H-how did you make M-mikan f-fall in l-love with you?"

Natsume blinked in surprise, trying to comprehend that his bestfriend was actually asking his advice… on love?

"Are you trying to humor me?" Natsume asked in an annoyed tone.

"No, no! I'm serious!" Ruka defended. "Koko said that you might know how to help me."

"That bastard, involving me in something like this!" Natsume gritted out. "Who's the girl?"

"W-well, it's… ahm…"

Suddenly, Natsume's eyes widened in realization. If there was a girl who can talk freely with Ruka, well not really freely… (more for the purpose of blackmailing), it was no other than Hotaru Imai!

"Don't tell me it's Imai?" Natsume lifted his brows as he made his guess.

Ruka's cheeks immediately reddened and he began to fidget again. "W-well…"

A long silence followed, then a choked sound was suddenly heard which caused Ruka to lift his head just in time to see Natsume cover his mouth and turned his head away, but not before Ruka caught his expression.

"Natsume, stop laughing!" Ruka's face couldn't have been more crimson as he yelled at his bestfriend.

Natsume cleared his throat before facing back his friend, his expression back to his usual blank and cold look. "I don't know if you're plain stupid or just insane. Of all the girls… why Imai?"

"That's why I wanted to ask your help!" Ruka persisted.

"Ask my help? On what?" Natsume asked, more confused than ever.

"Mikan hates you a lot but you were able to make her fall in love with you. So I just want to know how you did it," Ruka explained

"What I did?" Natsume wondered, keeping silent for the moment as he tried to recall what happened months ago. "I just kissed her."

Ruka's month dropped open. "EHH???!!"

Natsume just shrugged. "Yeah, I kissed her. That's it."

"T-that's it?" Ruka repeated stupidly.

"Yeah," came the curt affirmation from Natsume.

"THAT'S IT?!" Ruka yelled in disbelief, standing there rooted on the ground. "K-kiss Hotaru? B-but t-that's just the same as committing suicide!"

"Well, you should have thought about that before falling in love with her," Natsume snorted in reply, obviously amused at his bestfriend's predicament.


They both turned and saw Mikan waving at her boyfriend.

"Polkadot's here," Natsume remarked. He then tapped Ruka's shoulder and whispered, "Well, goodluck with kissing Imai. Though I'm not sure you'll make it alive if you pursue that plan… unless she likes you back."

He gave him a reassuring smile, which is so unlike his usual image, then walked towards his girlfriend. Mikan was smiling cheerfully at him but that smile suddenly turned into a frown when Natsume leaned forward and whispered something into her ear.

But considering the crazy type of relationship they had, it was no surprise for anyone within the perimeter to hear Mikan's sudden outburst. "Natsume hentai!"

Ruka settled himself under a huge tree while his animal friends surrounded him. Normally, he would consider this as his haven, but his problem with Hotaru continued to bother him. His pet rabbit continued to rub his nose against his cheek as if trying to comfort him while the other animals snuggled beside him, but he just continued to sigh as he pondered on his next move.

A slight sound of a twig breaking caused the animals to look up and scampered away as a shadow befell on the disturbed boy.

"So, the next plan is to kiss Imai, huh?"

Ruka jumped in surprise and saw Koko grinning knowingly at him. Annoyance crept on Ruka's face as he stared back at the nosy mind-reader.

"Really Koko. Do you really have to get involve with everyone's business?" Ruka asked, slight irritation evident in his tone.

"Well, I can't help it," Koko responded with a cheeky grin. "I was gifted with an alice that makes me snoop into everyone's business whether I like it or not. Besides, it's my way of being of help to anyone."

Ruka's brows rose at that statement. 'Really? If I didn't know better, you're just enjoying this,' he thought.

"Well, that's an added bonus," Koko replied with a laugh, reading into Ruka's mind again.

Ruka sighed. It was impossible to keep anything from Koko anyway. He was not like Natsume who could threaten Koko whenever he tried to involve himself into his problems.

"Okay, so what do you have in mind?" Ruka asked him.

"Simple. First, don't kiss Imai," Koko said. "Else, you'll never get to see the next sunshine."

"I know that," Ruka sighed at him. That was quite obvious. Even Natsume had warned him about it.

"Second, Imai plays dirty," Koko raised his brow at him. "You know very well what I mean."

"No, I don't," Ruka turned him a confused look.

A huge smile crossed Koko's face. "Imai likes to blackmail you, right? So, why not return the favor?"

"Blackmail her to what?" Ruka asked, still not getting into the whole plan.

"Blackmail her to become your girlfriend," Koko grinned evilly.

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