Please be kind this is my first fic. And I promise you next chapter will be better since this was so dull. And if you need help with what some of these words mean just ask. I will gladly tell you.

I Promise To Come Back

-The Very Beginning-

"Inuyasha!" yelled a woman.

A little hanyou around the age of three came running "Yesh mama?" he asked.

She smiled at him, "Hey Inuyasha we have some great news for you?"

Inuyasha jumped up and down he loved surprises, "Really? What? What is it?"

Inuyasha's older half brother Sesshoumaru just rolled his eyes.

"Well its kind of a long story sweetie." She told the little hanyou. Inuyasha sat down, "No worry mama, me listen." Sesshoumaru sighed and said, "Just tell him." And walked out the room. "Alright… Lets go Inuyasha." She grabbed his hand and led him out the room.

She took him outside the palace to one of the royal gardens. She took him to her favorite one, the one where his father proposed to her. It was a beautiful sight. Sakura trees surrounded them. They sat down on a marble bench where there were a bunch of rose bushes. And with the look of the sun setting just made it look even better.

"Ok okkasan tell me the good news." He said with smiles.

She smile back and said, "Well… you know I'm human right and that I'm not actually from this village."

Inuyasha nodded his head, "Of course 'cause this is a demon village. But, you're here now 'cause you and daddy love each other."

His mother nodded in response, "Exactly, I'm from a human village… But, recently our number one enemies have attacked the village. Onigumo and Naraku."

Inuyasha stared into his mother's eyes, it looked like she wanted to cry. "And everybody I knew and loved in that village was killed, except for one. My child hood best friend Kaori survived with her daughter Kagome. But, her husband was killed in the process." She told Inuyasha.

"Okkasan I don't see how this is good news…" he mumbled.

His mother had a small smile. "I know it doesn't sound that good. But, I invited Kaori and Kagome to live with us. So that means I will reunite with my old friend, and you will make a new friend."

Inuyasha's little doggy ears perked up at that, "Really how?" he asked.

"Kagome will become your new friend and you'll have to help watch over her since she's a year younger than you." She told him.

"Oh, ok." He smiled.

"I see your telling him the news Izayoi!" said a big powerful demon.

She turned around to see the strong dog demon she fell in love with. Her eyes softened even more when she looked into his deep golden eyes. She had a sweet smile that graced her lips.

"Yes, I am." She looked at Inuyasha, "And we both just can't wait."

Inuyasha interrupted, "But, mama how do you know it really is Kaori, how did you find out?"

His father sat next to him, "She knows 'cause women know everything."

Izayoi giggled, "No we don't. Now stop lying to the boy Inunotaisho"

"But its true." he repeated.

"No. The reason why we know is because Kaori wrote it down on a scroll and had it sent by a demon slayer. And her scent was all over it. At least that's what your father said." She told Inuyasha.

"D-De-Demon Slayers!" Inuyasha stuttered.

Izayoi smiled warmly, " Don't worry these taijiya wont hurt our village. We made a treaty with them so we can both have our vengeance against Onigumo and Naraku."

"But, Kaori is with them. We should pick her up tomorrow." Inunotaisho said aloud.

"Right you are. And I should have their rooms prepared for them." Izayoi stood up. "Come on Inuyasha its bed-time." Inuyasha bowed to his father, "Alright okkasan! Ayasuminasai otousan."

Izayoi took Inuyasha up to his room. "Good Night." She said and tucked him in. Inuyasha layed in his bed thinking of tomorrow until he finally drifted off to sleep.