I Promise To Come Back I Promise To Come Back


It was the crack of damn. Barley any light outside, and the air was cool and crisp filled with mist from the morning. The early morning silence was broken in the deep forest of the Eastern lands by the sounds of clashing of swords, and fist hitting soft flesh.

Sesshoumaru punched Kagome in the stomach knocking the wind out of her; she fell to the ground, "Umph!"

"And that is why you do not let your guard down." He remarked.

Kagome looked up slightly angry and then smirked. Sesshoumaru was raised an eyebrow and was about to say something until she kicked him in the shins cause him to fall also.

"Don't underestimate me." She said cockily.

Sesshoumaru was shocked "Impressive… you have speed as good as any demon."

She sat on top of him confidently as if she had won the fight "That's cause I'm privileged to be under your tutelage Sesshy Sensei."

"Oh flattery will get you no where in battle Kagome." He kicked her off and pinned her down "Don't be so confident… ningen."

Kagome struggled in his grip "Okay I'm stumped. How do I unpin myself?"

"There is no real way out that is why you don't allow yourself to get pinned." He said in a bored tone.

"C'mon there's got to be a way Sesshoumaru, teach me. I need to become stronger in a short amount of time."

"Push your butt out." He said.

"W-w-what?" she asked nervously.

"Just do it." He said annoyed and she obeyed.

"Now hook your foot around my thigh." He instructed and again she did as he said.

"Next, move my arm and grab the back of my neck." He said and she did just that.

"Push my elbow over you head and push your butt out more so you can get free and attack me from the back" he told her.

Kagome followed all his instructions and escaped his judo pin "Yay! I got out of it!"

"I said don't let your guard down Kagome!" Sesshoumaru growled and swung a katana at her.


Inuyasha had parried the Sesshoumaru's sword that was about to strike Kagome "What the hell is wrong with you!"

"Foolish brother." Sesshoumaru said pulling out another sword, Tokijin.

"Kagome run!" Inuyasha growled.

"Inuyasha stop it! You ruin everything! Sit boy!" she cried.

Inuyasha's face crashed to the ground and it was a pain that he had not felt in ten long years.

"Damn it wench!" he grumbled and stood up.

He briefly glared at her. Kagome remembered and never forgot those glaring golden eyes ten years ago when she first sat him. She could tell he had returned to normal and embraced him and ignored that wench comment.

"Kagome…" he breathed and smelled her sweet scent that he truly loved.

"Glad to see you back to your normal self." She said smiling faintly.

"I love you." He blurted out.

"I know… I'm the fool for even questioning your love, it was Kikyou to her old tricks again."

Inuyasha was about to kiss Kagome but was interrupted by a coughing sound. He looked at the cause of the disruption and remembered Sesshoumaru was there and he looked slightly annoyed.

Sesshoumaru ignored his half brother and looked towards Kagome "Shouldn't we get back to training?"

"Kagome doesn't need training!" yelled holding her defensively.

"Yasha you are mistaken. I need as much help as I can get." She said.


"Cause the day of your precious Kikyou's celebration ball we are going to attack." She informed him.


"It's true. Sango, Mirouku, and Kaede are recruiting members who will join in the revolt."

"Revolt! Are you guys crazy? We're in enemy territory."

"Shhhh! Inuyasha baka!" Kagome hissed.

One of Naraku's Saimyōshō flew off to report what Inuyasha's loud mouth had just exposed. Suddenly a strange purple glow came from Kagome while a bow and arrow materialized in her hands.

She aimed and shot a sacred arrow "Hit the mark!"

One of the insects was purified but the other escaped. Inuyasha was astonished. For some reason he could never really imagine Kagome in combat. But anybody, demon or human could easily tell just by standing near her that she was a powerful priestess.

"SHIT!" Kagome yelled through clenched teeth.

Sesshoumaru shook his head at his brother's stupidity.

She whipped around so fast her hair slapped the poor hanyou in the face like a whip "Inuyasha!"

He sweat dropped "W-What?"

"THE WHOLE OPERATION IS RUINED NOW!" Kagome cried out angrily.

"No… not exactly… we just have to call for some reinforcements." Sesshoumaru said.


"Inuyasha you will return to the western lands and lead an army of demons here."

"What? Why?"

"Cause you have been a nuisance the whole time." Sesshoumaru said calmly.

"Damn you-" Inuyasha growled.

"Inuyasha please just do as he says…"

Inuyasha stared at her not sure if he should be insulted.

"It'll be a real big help if you do…" she said softly.

"Fine Kagome, I'll do it… But only because you asked me to." He grumbled.

"Now off with you brother the miko and I shall continue training."

"Fine! I'm gone!" Inuyasha said stomping off in a huff.

"Please return safely Yasha…" Kagome whispered and his ears perked up.

-With Sango-

Kaede and Sango were in the maid's quarters trying to convince the girls to join in the fight while Mirouku talked to the men. It was very difficult to persuade them everybody but they tried their best at recruiting cause Kagome was counting on them.

"Are you insane?!" a voice cried out from the large crowd.

"I know, I know!" Sango began.

"Going against the eastern lands! It sounds crazy; impossible!"

"So why bother?" asked Yura.

Sango frowned "I'm surprised to hear that coming from you Yura."

"And why is that?" she snapped.

"You're the only demon servant through out the whole eastern lands besides Shippo."

"So? What's your point?"

"Aren't you ashamed?"

"Ashamed?" asked Yura.

Sango spoke up with more courage "Yes! Ashamed! Ashamed that the people of the eastern lands have subdued the all powerful hair demon Yura. Think about it. Naraku's a demon, Hiten's a demon, Manten's a demon, and Souten's a demon… What makes them so special that they can treat you; a demon like crap when they are demon's themselves? They have no sympathy towards you! They wouldn't even care if you died because they think we all are so insignificant."

Everybody went quiet listening and taking in what Sango was preaching.

Tears were starting to roll down Sango's cheeks "Ever since the east started this war we have faced nothing but agony, sadness, and pain! Our closest family and friends have been injured or killed before our very eyes! Do you not want to avenge them? Do you not want to end this war? Do you want your children, and your children's children to go through the same horrible fates as us?"

Women and young girls in the room were nodding their head in agreement.

"We have all been affected by this war. If we don't end it who will? Nobody that's who because everybody is too fearful of the east! Well I am not fearful any longer, I will fight and die proudly for my freedom and so should all of you. Why should we defend the evil eastern lands? That is the question I ask… If you do not join this rebellion then you are defending the enemy! The very same people that have persecuted and tortured us all for so long!"

Yura and a few others remained frowning still not convinced. But people like Ayumi, Yuka, and Eri smiled and started cheering Sango on.

Ayumi stood up "I will join you guys in your rebellion… I love all demons; I'm a blood traitor and proud!"

More women and girls stood, applauded, and cheered. Soon almost the whole room was filled with maids all in favor of the rebellion.

Knocking sounds were coming from upstairs. Guards were coming downstairs to see what the whole commotion was about.

Sango said one last thing before they all had to get back to work "We will all meet again tomorrow, same time. We will discuss the skills that we can contribute and what must be done to end this horrible war."

"Ye didn't need my assistance after all. Sango child you're a revolutionary." Kaede said.

Sango gave a weak smile "It's in the taijiya blood… and Kohaku…"

-With Inuyasha-

The half demon spent his day packing up the necessities he would need for his journey back to the west. He would leave at night so he would not get caught.

'Knock Knock'

"Who is it?" he growled expecting Kikyou.

"It's me baka."

Inuyasha opened the door and saw Kagome.


"What's up Gome-Chan?" he asked concerned closing the door behind her.

She embraced him tightly and made him lose his balance.

"I'm sorry!"

He laughed "It's 'k."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry 'bout it."

"I'm sorry…"

"Why you so sorry for?"

"For everything."

"Huh? What are you talking about? I think your just tired and confused Kagome."

"No…" she said shaking her head "Everything's my fault."

"Oh don't be ridiculous! Nothing's your fault."

"Yes i-" she began.

"Shhh! Enough! If I say nothing's your fault then nothing's your fault okay."

Kagome sighed "Alright…"

"Now what's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. I just have a feeling something bad is going to happen." She mumbled.

"Bad things have already happened."

"That's true…" Kagome said putting her hand on her chest where the arrow had shot her.

Inuyasha noticed and took off his red haori and wrapped it around Kagome "I want you to keep this on at all times while I'm gone."

"Inuyasha." She breathed unsure what to say next.

"The fire rat fur will keep you safe." He added.

Kagome's eyes fell on the prayer beads around his neck. Her hands grabbed it "I'm sorry."

His hands grabbed hers "Stop saying sorry."

"You don't want me to take it off?" she asked.

"No… they've become important to me over the last ten years." He whispered.

"I see…" she said looking down.

He lifted her head up and kissed her softly and quickly pulled away before the kiss could become more passionate "I have to go."

"I know." She said looking away.

He grabbed his stuff and headed for the window "Kagome…"

She looked at him hopefully "Hmm?"

"… You can sleep in my room tonight. I'm sure you haven't slept on a comfortable bed in ages."

Kagome was disappointed that she did not hear the three special words she wanted to hear.

"And Kagome…"


"I love you." He said and looked deeply in her eyes.

Her heart fluttered "I love you too."

Inuyasha gave a weak smile and jumped out the window and started running towards the west.

"Be safe Yasha." She whispered and lay on his bed alone.

-Later That Night-

Kikyou sat down fidgeting in her seat. Naraku and Onigumo were both silent unsure what to say or how to even react.

"Hmm… so they want to revolt." Onigumo said calmly.

"If it's a fight they want then it is a fight they shall get." Naraku said menacingly.

"Yura we thank you for coming here to confirm this information for us."

She bowed at their feet "Of course my lady and lords. It is my duty."

"If only there were more slaves like you; so obedient." Onigumo said.

Yura smiled "Well… I might know a few who would also assist you my lord."