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First, don't worry, So Far Away is being updated later tonight, quite possibly with two chapters. However, today I was in a Christmasy mood. And bored in class. And wanted to write one fanfic that was pure fluff. And I'm a little bitter that we didn't get a Grey's Anatomy Christmas, because I think we all want to see Derek spend Christmas with the person he loves. So yeah, I wrote this. In my notebook during class. It's not a one shot exactly, it's probably going to be two parts. First part is Meredith and the beginning of the day. Second part will be Derek and the end of the day.

As for when this takes place . . .it's Mer and Der's first Christmas together. So if the show right now is July, it would be the December after that. I left all the ships as are, Mer/Der, Burktina, Lexzie, Callie/George and Maddison. And although everyone is there, it's Mer/Der. But you knew that.




Growing up Christmas had meant waking up to find a tree surrounded by gifts, and a scribbled note about an emergency surgery beside an empty coffee mug. Christmas had meant opening the gifts by myself and eating meals alone. Christmas had meant another lonely day in my rather lonely life. It had never been something to look forward to. Christmas, if anything had meant, a worse day than usual. Christmas had meant that I was alone, on the one day that no one ever wanted to be alone.

Now Christmas meant the ruffled man standing in front of my bed, two full coffeemugs in his hands, and a Santa inexplicably on his shirt.

"Why is Santa on your shirt?" I grumbled as I pulled the blankets over my head.

I heard him place the two mugs on my bedside table and felt the bed shift as he sat down beside me. "It's Christmas, Mer." he reasoned with me, as he pulled the blankets down from above my head. The tone of his voice and the look on his face were more that of a little boy than the famous neurosurgeon he was.

"Oh you're one of them," I said, grimacing at him.

"One of who?" he asked, looking adorably confused.

"One of those happy Christmas people," I said, trying to roll over but he wouldn't let me.

"I am. And you will be too once you get a real Christmas," he said, smiling at me. In that moment I started regretting telling him about my pathetic childhood Christmases. But he had given me those eyes. I had to find out a way to stay strong against those eyes or else he'd get away with everything forever. And that could not happen.

"Can't my real Christmas start later?" I whined.

"No. Burke and Cristina are on their way over and Izzie wants us all downstairs opening gifts as soon as they get here," I pouted at him. "I brought you coffee," he added, reaching over to grab one of the mugs.

I squirmed up to a sitting position and took the mug out of his hands, as he grabbed his own. "Can't we spend the day in bed?" I asked him, giving him my cutest pout.

"No, Mer. A real Christmas doesn't involve staying in bed all day," he laughed.

"But it would be a happy Christmas," I argued with a sly smile.

"Which we will partake in later tonight," he said giving me a quick kiss. "You're not going to be this difficult next Christmas, are you?"

"Next Christmas?" I asked, sipping on my coffee that he had had made just the way I liked.

"Yeah, I was thinking I'd take you home next year for Christmas," he said simply, as if he was telling me the weather.

I choked on my coffee. "Home?" I croaked, after I had stopped coffee.

He was laughing at me. And looking far too smug while doing it. I hated him, I hated my boyfriend. He was having far too much fun with freaking me out. Stupid boyfriend.

"Home. You have to meet the rest of my family eventually," he tried to reason with me.

"I was thinking the wedding would be a good time," I said.

"Before we get married," Derek said smiling. I loved the way that Derek smiled when I mentioned us getting married. It was never something that we talked about often, never something we spent time even thinking about. But every now and then one and us mentioned it in passing, and Derek always lit up. He opened his mouth to say something else, but the doorbell interrupted him. "Time to go."

"I don't want to go," I pouted. Poutting was seemingly my thing today.

Derek didn't respond, just smiled at me and reached down to take the now empty coffee mug out of her hands. Laughingly, he bent over and pulled me out of bed, only letting my feet touch the ground for only a second before he swooped me into his arms, over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I wanted to protest. I wanted to stop him. I really did. But I was laughing to hard.

As we left the room my eyes caught my empty coffee mug sitting on the bedside table, reminding me in an instant of all those horrible Christmases from my childhood. And then my eyes focus on Derek's matching mug beside mine, and I let myself enjoy the feeling of his arm around my waist. Now Christmas meant being dragged downstairs by my over eager boyfriend to go open gifts with my dysfunctional intern family. Now Christmas meant laughing as my friends greeted Derek and my ass. Now Christmas meant being gently place on the couch, amongst all my friends as the over eager boyfriend crawled under the tree to play Santa. I could get used to this real Christmas stuff.

"Meredith, McDreamy has Santa on his shirt," Cristina said, sounding less than impressed.

"He's on of those people," I answered with a laugh, not really caring anymore that Derek was a big dork when it came to Christmas.

I looked over at him, only to find him rifling through the presents, with a huge smile on his face.

Definite dork.

"You might as well start, Derek," Izzie said from her spot in Derek's arms.

And soon Christmas began to mean a living room full of wrapping paper and smiling people. Now Christmas meant being surrounded by my friends as they opened the gifts that Derek and I had picked out for them. Now Christmas meant watching my adorable boyfriend take a pause between each gift, so he could watch the person as they opened the gift. Now Christmas meant a pile of gifts that meant more to me than anything my mother had ever given me. Now Christmas meant Derek handing me a tiny wrapped box, with his eyes shinning happily.

"Oh god, Derek, it's gorgeous," I said, attempting to blink away tears as I gently lifted the diamond circle pendant from the jewlery box.

"Turn it around," he said, in a shaky voice.

And there on the back, written just where the chain attached to the pendant, was enscribed the word Always.

I looked up at him, and met his tear filled eyes with my own. I silently mouthed I love you, and he mouthed it back. And I just looked. At my boyfriend. At my McDreamy. At the man that had changed my life without ever really trying. He was my everything. I looked at him, and just sitting there I could feel myself falling even more in love with him. I just looked.

He looked back.

We got lost in our own little world.

And were rudely dragged out of by Cristina's rude comment about getting a room before she McVomits.

With that everyone was on the move. Burke and Izzie headed towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast, George started cleaning, and Derek crawled toward me to put the necklace around my neck. It probaby looked ridiculous with my old Dartmouth shirt, but I didn't care. Neither did he. He sat down beside me, and I crawled over to sit on his lap, loving the feel of his arms as they wrapped around me.

"You're on of us now, aren't you?" he whispered in my ear.

"One of who?" I asked, pretending to be confused.

"One of us happy Christmas people," he responded. I wasn't looking at him but I could feel his smile spread across his face.

"Shut up," was all I said in response as I settled into his arms to listen to the conversation swirling aroud me, a content smile on my face, and Derek's heart beating gently against my back.

Maybe I loved this Christmas stuff afterall.

Yay! Christmas fluff!!!

Don't even ask where that came from, I really don't know. But as far as I'm concerned Meredith has never had a real Christmas. At least not since she was 5 and that doesn't really count as she wouldn't remember it. And Derek is all about spending Christmas with people he loves. So he gives Meredith the Christmas she deserves. And it's all happy and fluffy. Oh and the necklace Derek gave her is what I asked my boyfriend for, lol.

I don't know when the next part will be up. Probably tomorrow night, or Friday. Sunday at the latest.

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