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It had snowed.

In a completely wierd unexpected un-Seattle like day, the city had been hit by a snow storm.

On Christmas day.

It hadn't even been called for, just kind of hit. Sometime after the wrapping paper had been thrown away and before the breakfast dishes had all been washed the first flakes started to fall. We hadn't even noticed it at first, too caught up in our gifts to really take time to look out the window. It had been Meredith who first pointed it out, tugging on my sleeve and pointing out the window, a smile spread across her face. The snow hadn't stopped for the rest of the day. It still hadn't stopped.

When I had planned the perfect Christmas for my Meredith, I hadn't quite planned on snow.

Now we walked down the street, slippinng on the snow, our hands, wrapped together, holding eachother up. When I was younger Christmas had meant a day of a full house, with lots of arguing and noise and happiness. Now Christmas meant talking quiet walks along with Meredith in a strangely snow covered world.

"I can't believe it snowed," Meredith said to me, laughter in her voice.

"This is a real Christmas," I responded.

"It feels like Boston, when I was little...before life got messy," Meredith said in a quiet voice.

"Life isn't messy anymore," I reassured her, squeezing her hand.

"No, no it's not," she said smiling up at me.

She looked so happy, so beautiful.

I pulled her towards me, and her feet gently gave making it all that easier to pull her up against my chest. Smiling down at her for a second, I quickly leaned forward, capturing her cold lips against my own, feeling her heart thud against mine through our warm jackets. She moaned in pleasure as my hands found her ass, pulling her even closer, and I took the chance to slip my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues clashed as the snow fell gently around us.

Okay, walk. Bad idea.

Home. Good idea.

But before I had a chance to move she was out my arms, running towards the park across the street from us, giggling all the way.

This was not the Meredith I had fallen in love. The Meredith I had fallen in love with was dark and twisty most days, dull and lifeless on the best. She wasn't a girl that ran across streets giggling. I had seen her happy, but never this happy. It felt good to know that I had something to do with it.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, watching as she tilt her head back towards the sky and flung her arms out to the side.

"Catching snowflakes," she explained as if that was the most normal thing in the world.

"So I can see," I said, laughing gently at her.

And then she started spinning, like a little girl, looking up at the sky, her tongue thrust out catching snowflakes. She looked amazing.

When I became an adult Christmas had meant perfectly manicured time spent with Addison and Mark, and seeing my family the day after. Now Christmas meant watching the love of my life spin around in circles in the middle of a snow filled field.

"Come join me," she said laughing.

And I did. Me. Derek Shepherd. One of the top neurosurgeons in the country. Threw my head back and reached my tongue out, to catch snow flags like a five year old. I didn't care how stupid we looked. I didn't care how foolish we were being. She was happy. I was happy. That's all I wanted, all I needed.

Now Christmas meant spinning around myself, catching snow flakes on my tongue.

Until a snowball struck me square in the back.

I stopped spinning to find my girlfriend, laughing loudly and another snowball resting in one of her tiny hands.

"What are you, 5?" I asked her, in my best whiny voice.

"Oh, you too old to fight back?" she said, laughing and launching the other snowball my way. This time I had the chance to duck under it, grabbing a snowball of my own.

"You want to start this?" I asked, gesturing the snowball in my hand. She didn't respond, just bent over to grab another snow ball. She had given me the perfect opportunity, and launched the ball her way. It landed squarely on her hip. All the days spent outside with Mark were definitely going to pay off.

She laughed again. Today she had laughed more than I had ever heard before.

Christmas used to be winding down by now, us all gathered around, examining our gifts, loving everything we had gotten, while my mom was busy in the kitchen cooking the dinner. Now Christmas meant falling in love all over again with my Meredith, as she ran and giggled through the snow.

A snowball whizzed past my head and the game was on. Snowballs flew through the park, hers mainly missing me and mine mainly hitting her. I had forgotten how much fun this could be. Meredith was making me feel like a kid again. I bent over to pick up another snowball when a small object jumped against me, knocking me into the snow. Normally, Meredith would have been nothing, but unexpectedly, she knocked me on my butt.

I laughed gently, thinking of how much that sounded like our relationship. Unexpectedly she had knocked me on my butt.

"Why are you laughing, Derek Shepherd?" she asked, as she straddled me, pinning my back against the ground.

"At you, Meredith Grey," I said, trying to stifle back my laughter, but loving the pout spread across her lips.

"Why?" she said, sounding like the little kid she had been acting like.

"I'm just wondering where my dark and twisty girlfriend is," I said honestly.

She just shrugged. "It's Christmas, it's really Christmas."

"I like this Meredith," I said matching her smile. And then I pushed her over, and rolled on top, effectively changing our positions but with her legs wrapped around me.

"I don't think I've ever had a Christmas like this. Even when my dad was still around it just...it wasn't like this. My has never been like this," Meredith said, her eyes looking sad but ever so strong.

"Get used to it," I said giving her my best smile. I hated when she thought her her past before me, I hated the sadness it always brought her. I hated that there was nothing I could do to go back in time and fix things and make them right for her, so she'd never have a second of sadness in her eyes. I hated her parents for not giving her the perfect childhood she deserved. "Our children will only have this kind of Christmas."

She smiled at that, the sadness that had been there seconds before evaporating from her eyes. "I love you, Derek."

"I love you too, Meredith," I said.

"We should get home, laying down in snow can't be healthy," she concluded, moving to push me off her.

"I don't know, Mer. Sex in the snow would be new for us," I said smirking.

"There will be no sex. Not in snow. And not on Christmas," she said, trying to look stern.

"No sex on Christmas?" Usually I understood Meredith better than I understood myself, she was my Meredith. This no sex on Christmas thing had me stumped.

"This is my Christmas Derek. Mine. For me and my odd family. And for us. It is not sex time. It is family time," Meredith exclaimed.

"Family time? Since when has family trumped sex?" I liked bright and shiney Meredith, I did. But if bright and shiney Meredith put off sex for family time, than well I might have to reconsider. Meredith always chose sex. Since the night we met Meredith chose sex. And now family?

"Since we started talking about having our own," she said pouting.

"So no sex?"

"No sex. No sex on Christmas," she said trying hard to look stubborn. I gave her our look, our look always won. "No sex till we go to bed," she said changing her mind. So I kept looking. "Fine, no sex till at least after supper. So stop giving me that McDreamy look, I'm not that flexible."

"We'll see how flexible you are after supper," I said laughing.


I just smiled at her. "Merry Christmas, Mer."

"Merry Christmas, Der. Let's get home, Izzie's probably wanting some help by now."

With that I helped her up, grabbing her hand and we headed towards home.

Christmas used to be a perfectly manicured day, with a perfect schedule and all planned out, and full of traditions. Christmas now meant carrying my girlfriend out of bed, opening gifts with a bunch of interns, a snowball fight and a huge dinner with coworkers. Things sure had changed. She squeezed my hand, almost as if she sensed my thoughts, and I turned to look at her. She had a smile spread across her face, her cheeks red from the cold, she looked beautiful and I found myself falling in love all over again.

I could get used to this.

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