Chapter 1

Author: Ok, so I wanted to make a sequel, because I know you guys wanted another story, so I hope I don't let you down on this one. Hope you guys enjoy what I've put together. If it starts getting boring then tell me and I will end it. Hahaha!! Enjoy!

Could it be? Could Chase really be alive? Kegan couldn't make her head lift up to look at the boy helping her with her stuff.

"Um...right." he replied standing up. "I usually don't get that response when I tell someone my name."

Kegan took in a deep breath before standing up and looking into the boys eyes. They were green, but it wasn't Chase. "Um…I'm Kegan." She replied sticking her hand out. "Sorry, kind of got dizzy there for a second." She lied.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, I just stood up too quickly."

He smiled at her. "Well here's your stuff." He handed her papers she had dropped.

"Thanks." Kegan smiled at him. "Well it was nice meeting you. I have to go meet some people." She smiled at him again before turning around. She cursed herself for being so stupid. She walked around the corner and saw Reid waiting for her at the door.

"You're late." He replied putting his arm around her waist and kissing her on the forehead.

"Yeah well I had a little run in with some girl and I had to kick her ass." Kegan smiled at her boyfriend.

"Did you win?" he asked as they started to the door.

"Yeah…" Kegan wasn't sure if she should tell him about the boy Chase that helped her. "But trust me it wasn't as eventful as your fight today."

"Ouch." Reid stopped in his tracks. "You aren't going to let me live that down are you?"

"Not a chance." Kegan smiled at him before opening the door. "So what did Caleb have to say?"

Reid started to laugh. "What doesn't Caleb have to say to me?"

"Was he pissed?"

"Did you not see that look he gave me before swim practice?"

Kegan laughed. "That bad huh?"


"Well what did he say?"

"What he always says…." Reid started. "What if you got caught? What if Aaron saw you? Blah blah blah. Oh yeah and my favorite. You are ascending in two weeks are you going to be able to control the urge?"

Kegan smiled, but deep down inside was asking the same question. "He acts like he is going to take the 'power' away from me because I use too much."

"He's just looking out for you."

"Well I wish he would stop."

"Let's just go meet up with them ok. They are probably waiting on us."

Reid looked at Kegan as she turned away from him. "Yeah Tyler is probably pacing around, looking at his watch every ten seconds." Reid laughed.

"Yeah." Kegan laughed looking up at her boyfriend who grabbed her hand. They continued to walk to the parking lot. They saw the boys waiting at Tyler's hummer and sure enough Tyler was pacing back and forth.

"Where the hell have you guys been? We have been waiting for thirty minutes." Tyler spat.

"Sorry, my fault." Kegan admitted.

"I'm starving." Tyler stated.

"Ok, well we are here now, lets go." Reid told him.

"Is everything ok?" Caleb asked.

"Yeah, just had a run in with this girl. Nothing too big, nothing like earlier." Kegan looked over at Reid, who just gave a fake laugh before getting into the hummer.

"Yeah, well…" Caleb started.

"Caleb, I was just playing." She interrupted. "See you at the pizza place." Kegan walked over to the hummer and got into the backseat. Reid turned around and just glared at her, but couldn't help but smile when he saw her face. She had a smile plastered on it. "What?" she asked innocently.

"You know what." He stated.

Kegan laughed. "Sure I do."

They soon arrived in town in front of the pizza place. They grabbed a booth and sat down to order. "Have you guys heard about the new guy?" Tyler asked sipping his drink.

Kegan's head shot up. "Yeah, I heard he transferred here from California." Pogue stated.

"So we have a little fairy on our hands." Reid replied smiling.

The boys couldn't help but laugh. "His name is Chase." Kegan finally responded. She thought maybe they should know now.

"Really?" Caleb asked.

"How do you know?" Tyler asked.

"When that girl ran into me today, he helped me with my papers." Kegan looked over at Reid.

"Well that was nice of him." Caleb stated to ease the tension.

"Yeah, well he kept me from beating the hell out of the girl." Kegan laughed.

"Provost Higgins called me into his office again today." Caleb stated.

"And?" Kegan asked relieved her changed the subject.

"He said that the new guy was from California and was recruited for the swim team."

"Do what?" Reid spat.

"Yeah, what?" Pogue asked.

"Evidently he's a swimmer. A good one so I've been told." Caleb replied.

"What does that mean?" Tyler asked.

"Nothing, we are still a team. That doesn't change anything." Caleb told them.

"You guys are the best swimmers on the team, you cant believe that someone would just come to take your place do you?" Kegan asked.

"No." Reid replied. "Its just weird that coach recruited someone without even talking to us first."

"We'll talk to coach tomorrow about it. Right now lets just eat and not think about it." Caleb told them. Reid grabbed Kegan's hand under the table and squeezed it. She turned to him and smiled, squeezing it back. Their food had arrived and Tyler was digging in when Chase walked up to the table.

"Hey Kegan." He replied with a smile.

"Oh hi." She replied wiping her mouth. "You guys this Chase, Chase this is Reid, Tyler, Pogue, and Caleb."

"Hey man." Caleb waved.

"Hi, its nice meeting you."

"Heard you were joining the swim team." Reid jumped right in. Kegan looked over at him.

"Yeah, recruited actually. I also heard that you guys are the best. It'll be great working with you guys. Maybe you can teach me some tricks." Chase smiled.

"Yeah sure." Reid looked at him. There was just something about him that he didn't really understand, or like for that matter. Kegan pinched his leg, making him hit the bottom of the table. Reid glared at Kegan who just smiled.

"When do you start?" Caleb asked.

"Tomorrow after classes." Chase replied.

"That's cool." Caleb replied.

"Well it was nice meeting you guys, but I am going to go." Chase replied. "I'll see you tomorrow at school." He smiled at Kegan before leaving. Kegan smiled back but not long enough for Reid to get mad at her.

"He's weird." Reid spat.

"Reid." Kegan replied.

"You would think that." Caleb stated.

Reid just glared at him.

Author: Ok, so I am going to stop here…just let me know what you think.

Ideas, let me know which one you like the best.

Chase be inside this boys body, but its Chase, like when he changed into Reid that one time in the woods.

This boy be one of Chase's relatives getting even, having Chase's spirit talking to him, wanting to get into a human body and get back at the covenant.

open for ideas, just let me know what you are think….