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Reid watched as the EMTs lifted Kegan's body in the ambulance. He couldn't believe he was involved in killing his own girlfriend. He turned away and walked back to the others.

"What do we do now?" Tyler asked leaning against Caleb's mustang.

"I don't know." Caleb whispered.

"What the hell happened to your windshield?" Reid asked walking up.

Caleb couldn't help but laugh. "Long story."

"I need you boys to come down to the station for a little while." A police officer replied walking up to them.

"What for?" Pogue asked.

"Two people are dead. We need some answers."

Reid looked over at Caleb. "Two people?" Reid asked.

"Yes, there was a second body recovered."

"What about the girl?" Tyler asked.

"She is going to be taken to the hospital."

"Why?" Pogue asked. "Did the boy not kill her?"

"Its procedure, all bodies go to the hospital before going to the morgue."

Pogue nodded his head. "Right."

"So if you could please follow me to the station, we can get this done and you can go to the hospital."

Caleb nodded his head.

After going to the police station to file a statement, the boys headed over to the hospital to see Kegan.

"Can I help you boys?" a nurse at the station asked as they walked in.

"Yes, my sister was just brought in here." Caleb replied softly.


"Kegan Danvers."

"Yes, she is in the back room all ready for you to say your goodbyes."

"Thank you." Caleb whispered. They all four began walking slowly to the back room.

"So she dies anyways." Reid replied.

"Reid…" Caleb started.

"Not now." Reid snapped. "I just want to get this over with."

Caleb nodded his head. "Alright."

They walked into the room where Kegan was laying on the bed with tubes in her mouth and IVs in her hands. "She looks peaceful." Tyler replied.

"We won." Caleb whispered softly in her ear. He rubbed the side of her head.

"I guess we don't always keep our promises." Reid replied softly.

"Reid…" Tyler had so much sympathy in his tone.

"I lost her twice." Reid punched the wall causing a hole to appear.

Kegan slowly opened her eyes. "I always keep my promises." She whispered.

Caleb laughed as he leaned down and embraced his sister. "I was wondering when you were going to come back." He replied with tears in his eyes.

"How?" Tyler asked.

"All you had to do was believe in me." She replied.

"What happened to you?" Pogue asked.

"My father." She sighed. "He gave me his power."

"We killed you Kegan." Tyler replied.

"My father has the power to heal. When I closed my eyes, I began healing myself. I felt a sharp pain meaning that he had finally given it all to me, so I just waited for Caleb to do what I told him."

"When?" Pogue asked.

"I knelt down beside him and told him to kill me in his ear. Everything would be ok." Kegan whispered. "You guys have to understand, my father was the one who understands what happened when he changed time the first time. He wasn't going to let us lose, because the Covenant would have been lost forever."

"So he willed you his power knowing it would kill Chase for good?" Pogue asked.

"All four of your threw forces at him, I threw one too, killing him. The barn exploding was me throwing the force. It went straight through him. I just had to focus on not getting myself killed this time." She smiled. "Its ok you guys, it's over."

Pogue smiled as he leaned down and embraced her.

"Reid…" she replied. Reid turned around from the wall and looked at her. "I would never leave you again. I promised."

He smiled at her. "You're better at keeping promises than I am."

"Bet your ass I am." She smiled. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Now what to tell the doctors, I am suppose to be dead." She laughed.

Six months later…

"The graduates of 2007!" Provost Higgins replied into the microphone.

All the graduates stood up and threw their tassels in the air.

"YES!" Kegan yelled jumping into Reid's arms as she hugged him. "We did it!"

"Harvard here we come!" Tyler yelled.

Reid, Pogue, and Tyler all turned eighteen and ascended in the time of four months. They all had graduated and we all accepted into Harvard. Caleb had aged a great deal after fighting Chase, but he accepts it, knowing he could have died if his sister didn't save his life. Caleb looked over at her as she was smiling, hugging all her friends. He was happy everything was over and their lives could go on, with Kegan with them the whole time. Kegan ran up to his, interrupting his thoughts and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I love you!" she whispered in his ear as he embraced her back.

He smiled before replying. "I love you too!"

Evelyn was standing near by with the camera in her hands. "Alright you five, picture time." Reid, Kegan, Caleb, Pogue, and Tyler stood together with their arms wrapped around each other for one last picture of their senior year with smiles on their faces because their lives were finally back to normal.

The End!

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