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You would think getting a boyfriend that was suposively perfect in every single way and winning his heart completely and fully and having the coolest friends in the world EVER would be nice...

Well. I guess on some level it is. But they're constantly on missions. Hurt. Finding out that they're actually is a demon...

...turning into perverted fox man...

..Yeah. The usual...

"STOP TOUCHING MEEEE!!!!!", I whined, slapping Youko's hand away fom my chest again.

"Why are you freaking out, woman?! You never complain when Shuiichi touch you...", the sullen 'kind of thief' mutter.


So in a nutshell.

The guys were on some WIERD mission..I can't get the details.

CAUSE APPARENTLY, I'm not cool enough to know all of the top secret hush hush stuff like Keiko and Botan and ...everyone else on the planet.

Ok. So they were in some sort of fight and Kurama got some funky voo doo stuff... now I'm living with Youko in my house until we know how to reverse the process...

NO. I'm not complaining about LIVING with Youko.

Because we all know how hardcore of a fangirl I was, even before actually meeting Kurama...

...I always thought that if I ever do meet Youko though, it'd be under a more...romantic situation?

What? You're confuse?

Ok. Guess I have to tell you about our first encounter though...this won't be pretty. Trust me.

So, I'm used to Kurama being on missions by now, seeing that we've known each other for about 3 years or so now...yeah. So, going to sleep by myself and waking up with someone hugging me isn't that wierd.

But like, waking up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT with someone molesting you under the cover who is like 2 FEET taller then your boyfriend should be, having EARS and TAILS on top of all of that was...


As Yusuke put it after "coming to my rescue" and crashing into a boneless heap of spazzing laughter.

So. Yes. I love Youko.

Or rather, I should?

I love Shuiichi. We all know this. I've sacrifised my old life for him. And he...have sacrifised his forever love life to be with boring blah bland me.

But why does it seem that Youko isn't exactly into this relationship as much as Shuiichi is?

He isn't exactly KNOWN for his "long term monogamous" relationship streak...

...yeah. That is why he is even here, LOCKED inside of the house, with ME. Because he tried to hit on both Yukina and Keiko and got the guys mad...

"Hey. Sakura. That is your name, right?", he drawled, open one lazy golden eye.

Ohhh Jesus. Try not to drool. YOU'RE MAD AT HIM RIGHT NOW. STOP.

"Yeah. What of it?"

"You can AT LEAST try to be nicer, you know. You are, after all, OUR girlfriend. Not HIS. OUR. After scaring me like that the first time, you could atleast be a little bit more apologetic..."



...yes. So here we are.

One...god know how old fox demon thief argueing with a 19 year old girl...

He started it!!

...and this all feeling like highschool all over again...

I wish that this was just a fanfic. So I can be stupid. And be like 'Yeah. I was your DEAD girlfriend from a gajillion years ago!! Lets sleep together now!!'

But this was real. And beside from the fact that Youko only knew me from being Shuiichi's girlfriend.

I was a stranger to him.

...maybe we can get to know each other.

Then it wouldn't be as awkward...or creepy...

To be sharing a bed at night...

...maybe I'll just crash at Hiei's room tonight...

"..I'm sorry. Its just that, I haven't seen Kurama in so long..and I miss him..and I'm not used to him being gone this long..."


And for some reason, after hearing my ultra lame heart felt confession, Youko was silent.





"I'm here too, you know..."



"I said"

Gold eyes flashing dangerously.

"I'm still"

Mischevious smile, fangs baring.

"Here too"

And then he closed the space between me and him.


I'm kissing Youko.


Incase you haven't notice it yet. I'M KISSING THE YOUKO KURAMA.


" cooperate here? You're sorta freezing up on me.."

Oooh. Good job, stupid. Yeah. Just stand there and let him do all of the work.

Jeez. I'm so good at killing romantic moments...I should get paid for this sorta stuff.

..."...sorry...I never kissed...umm...a demon before.." I leaned in. BRAVELY.

Cause we all know I have a heart of a lion...and all of that when suddenly...



Yusuke walked inside the room at look at Youko and then me and then back to Youko.

"...YUSUKE!! Hi! What are you doing here?!"

"Stupid human!! You just killed the moment!!"

"WHAT?! Kill what moment?!?!"

..ok. So obviously. Talking in exclamations is contagious...

"Why are we all yelling?!", Kuwabara asked loudly, looking adorably confused.

"Were...we interupting something?", Keiko asked politely, coming out from behind Yusuke, who is still gaping like a fish.


"'m going to go downstair now...", I mumbled.

GAWD. I hate myself sometime...

"...I'm coming with you", Youko grinned and followed promptly.

"...guys!! I'm serious. I'm really, really, REALLY confused...", Kuwabara whined.

And here I was thinking, WOW. Life is finally going to be normal...