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Chapter 1: Unwelcome home for the holidays

I couldn't really concentrate on everything going on around me. I heard the conversation going on and noticed that people were moving, but it was all in a fog. All I could focus on was the ring on my left hand, the ring I only received about 15 minutes ago. It was breathtaking and everything I would have ever hoped for. How could he possibly afford this? I hope he didn't spend too much. I would be completely happy with a garbage bag twist tie.

My mother's voice brought me back to reality. I heard her babbling for about 5 minutes about something. No one else spoke though. George was pacing in the background. I only know this because I saw his shadow moving across the floor.

"I can't believe this is happening. How long has this been going on?" I heard the anger and shock in my mother's voice, but I couldn't bring my face up to look at her.

The couch to my right lifted as I heard a laugh. "How long? How long? It's been over three years!"

The next thing I heard was George's voice. "That's ridiculous, you hate each other. And Nora and I have been married for three and a half years now."

"Thanks for the math lesson. I knew you thought I was stupid, but Casey is a genius. I think she could have figured that one out and passed the knowledge on to me." I didn't have to look at him to know he was smirking.

"I won't allow this to happen. You two cannot get married." I really don't know who said this, but I knew that their voice meant that they were serious. It's really funny hearing them be serious about something, because both my mom and George are usually only serious about getting the family to get along. And I thought they might have been happy that we were finally getting along. I knew I deluded myself though, their definition of getting along was definitely not dating, let alone getting married.

I sensed Derek's anger before he even started speaking. "Well I already asked and Casey said yes, so I really don't think you have a choice in the matter."

Derek and I walked into our parent's house around 2:30pm today. We attend the same college and today began our winter break. We would be staying in the Venturi/MacDonald household for about a month.

No one was home yet from school and work, so we decided to enjoy the few hours without having to act like we hated each other and decided to watch a movie in the living room. Snuggling under a blanket, I leaned my head against his chest as his arm was wrapped around my waist. I was going to miss this during the month we would be staying here.

I don't know when I feel asleep, but when I woke up I was alone on the couch. I noticed a note on the table in front of me, telling me to join Derek outside in the back of the house. Getting up, I made my way through the kitchen and out the back door. There was Derek, sitting on the bench swing, with a single rose in his hands.

Motioning me to sit next to him, he kissed me softly and gave me the rose. Derek got up and I was confused, he was acting a lot stranger than normal. Fidgety even, which was definitely not him.

Suddenly, Derek got down on one knee and I saw the fear in his eyes. Darting his eyes from my right to my left, I felt myself tear up. Pulling the small box from his pocket, I didn't wait to see it before I jumped into his arms and told him yes. I kissed him as he slid the ring on my finger, not needing to ask the question that I had already answered.

The next thing I knew Derek was being pulled off of me by his father. We were both told to sit in the living room. That's when I tuned out my mom and focused on my engagement ring.

All I heard was yelling around me, the three people in the living room screaming at one another. Actually, it was more like my mom and George screaming at Derek, who we all know can't control his temper and was yelling at them back.

"What is everyone going to think?" my mom asked.

Everyone stopped what they were doing when I heard someone say "I don't care." It was very low and barely audible, but everyone still heard it.

No one said anything and I didn't hear any movement. Looking up, I saw that everyone's eyes were on me. Did I really just say that? When my mother asked what I had just said, I got my answer. Something in me snapped.

"I said 'I don't care!' I don't really care what people say, it doesn't matter anymore. I love Derek mom. I thought you would be happy for me." With each word, I heard myself get angrier and louder. I didn't realize how angry I would actually be. I knew we were going to eventually be caught and they weren't going to be happy, but they should be accepting of our choice. This was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.

"What do you think your siblings are going to say?"

I laughed. Was she serious? "Mom, they know. They have known the entire time. Edwin and Lizzie helped get us to admit our feelings. Didn't you even notice that Marti has given us a joint Christmas present for the past 2 years?"

I loved the shocked look on my mom's face. What I loved more was the look of realization that followed the shocked. George just stood behind her, his eyes bugging out of his head. I wish I had my camera right now.

George finally gained his voice. I think he only said one thing this entire time. "But Derek, you dated Kendra for about 2 years in high school."

This caused a laugh to come from both me and Derek. "Dad, Kendra is a lesbian. She only played my girlfriend so that we," Derek walked over to me and placed an arm around my waist, "could throw you off our trail."

"But . . . you . . . you had lipstick on your cheek and neck that time after you fought and made up." He was flustered and confused, it was really funny.

"And we thought we were going to be caught that time. What with my lipstick smeared and the shade on you being the exact same shade on me." I said to Derek, remembering how oblivious our parents were.

"What about what society will think?"

"Everyone else knows too, all of our friends, the people at school. People had a bet to see when we would get together. Hell, we were prom King and Queen."

"We won't stand by and let this happen. You cannot live under our roof and think that something like this is acceptable." My mother's threat was empty.

I would have normally started to cry and said I was sorry but I couldn't. I'm happy with Derek. I love him more than anything else and I am not giving him up for anything.

"Fine!" I screamed, grabbing Derek's hand and pulling him towards the front door. Boy was I glad that we hadn't brought our things to our rooms yet and they were still in the entrance way to the house. "We are going back to our home then, where we can be happy and not judged."

"What do you mean 'our home'? You do not live together. You have separate apartments." George thought he sounded firm, but you heard the uncertainty in his voice.

Derek glared at his father. "If either of you had bothered to visit us once this semester, you would have found out that we live together. We figured that you would have found out about us then, but nooo . . . Do you even care about either of us to visit?"

We made our way to the door and Derek grabbed our bags. I followed his gaze towards the stairs and saw Edwin, Lizzie and Marti sitting on the top step. Knowing them, they were listening the entire time. I motioned for them to come down and when they did I wrapped them all into a big hug. When I pulled away, Derek hugged them as well.

"Sorry guys, but we aren't welcome here. We will come by soon and drop off your gifts. You can call anytime and visit whenever you want. Love you." I turned and followed Derek to the front door, before leaving I turned to my mom and George. "Merry Christmas guys. It's nice to know family will always be there during the holidays." I slammed the door and got into Derek's car, not looking back once as we drove down the block.