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Okay... I went away for a long time, but now I'm back. I think I'm back on track on fanfic writing now. I think. So, here's some more of the deal. Ash Ketchum and his friends are heading off to Rockstar City. However, there's a new tournament that has replaced the former PokИmon Tournament they had before. Instead, the people competing will be entered in a very ultra violent citywide street fight tournament where anything goes!! And they do mean, ANYTHING GOES!!! That is the reason for the "M" rating for this fic. It's going to get VIOLENT later on.

Return To Rockstar City!
Chapter 1: Two Unknown Forces

"Hello? Hey, boss. Yeah? Is he on his way? Okay. He is still coming in tomorrow night, right? Got it. I will rally the others and meet up with him when he arrives. Understood, sir." A man in his early 30's said into his cell phone. He ended the call and placed his flip phone back into his business suit pocket and began to walk towards a group of men. All of them were young looking, in the 20-24 age range and almost all of them were sporting black jackets with big red "R"s on them, except for this one guy. He had the same big red "R" as the others, but his jacket was white colored, making him stand out among the others. He seemed to be the boss of the young group of guys, a street gang nonetheless. A street gang that is a part of Team Rocket's newly established Rocket Youth League, aimed at getting younger people into the Team Rocket ways of evil. Team Rocket slowly and quietly took over the city, influencing its young people in one of the former fancy parts of the city that went to Hell after what happened 3 years ago.

"So, he's still coming?" The young guy asked,

"The boss has just confirmed it. Ketchum will be here via the ferry tomorrow night." The older man answered,

"Good. I'll let the others know. We'll be ready and waiting your orders, Lord." The younger man replied, already looking forward to carrying out anything that involves Ash Ketchum. However, the older man wanted to let this brash young man know something important to boot.

"Remember one thing: Be ready and pull this off with much haste. Failure is NOT an option." The older man said in a very serious tone, which sort of scared the younger man a tad, but he showed his cool. He turned around and walked towards a very fancy and expensive German Supercar and the young guy quickly went toward the group of guys he arrived with.

"So, are we still on, boss?" One of the other Rocket Youths asked,

"Yeah. It's still on. Tomorrow night when the kid arrives, we go. So, I want all you guys ready. If we fail, The Lord will kill us." The leader of the gang answered,

"Got it. I'll get the guys back at the base ready." The young member said and he quickly rallied the other members to tell them what's going to happen tomorrow night. In all senses, it's going to be an ambush.


The news that Rockstar City was hosting a tournament was big news. After the PokИmon League went ape shit on the city for being near-sighted and inconsistent with their rules and took away their PokИmon Tournament, the people of the city weren't surprised to hear that this new tournament wasn't a PokИmon Tournament.

The people were surprised to hear that the tournament is going to be an all-city wide street fight where anything goes, all weapons legal and win by any means necessary!!! However, the city officials kept the old tournament format with the first half being a season like series where the top 32 fighters with the highest winning average based on their win-loss record, will move into the single elimination, 5 round tournament where it just might be a fight to the death! Anybody with the right mind would never put their own life on the line in this tournament, when nobody knows what the prize will be for the person who will most likely be the only survivor if they win. And with a tournament like that, there will be a lot of sick people competing and sick fans bringing unique homemade weapons for the fighters to use on themselves.

In fact, a lot of them are in the city right now. And they are in the process of being signed up to participate in what might become the most bloodiest tournament in the history of the world.


Inside one of the city's many cafes, a young man was sitting inside a very popular cafИ, enjoying a milkshake before he went off to enter in the tournament. While he didn't know it, a lot of girls in the cafИ were nearly ogling at the sight of the young man. He looked around 19 years of age, around 5'10", medium build but some can tell he's been working out a lot. A noticeable feature of this kid is his dark purple hair that had a spiky look in the front, but calmed down in the back where he had a long, slim ponytail that reached halfway down his back. He also wore a pair of the latest style of eyeglasses that cover brown eyes that always seemed to be totally focused on something, no matter what it was. When a certain man walked into the cafИ like he owned the place, the patrons suddenly were in pure fear. He walked towards the counter stools and approached the young man sitting at what looked like to be, the man's favorite seat in the place and everybody knew it.

"Excuse me, buddy. Maybe you're new here in town, but you've parked your butt in my favorite seat." The tough man said harshly,

"Really? I don't see your name on it." The young man answered back, causing everybody to turn around to face the defiant young man, who didn't even turn his head to face him. The older man scoffed at this kid's remark and decided that he'll give this kid a chance to back away before he gets hurt.

"You do know that I am a elite member of the Rocket Youths, the real rulers of this city." The older man added,

"Yeah, right, whatever. Where I come from, that'll only get you a cup of coffee and a donut." The young man replied, causing everyone inside to gasp in shock. Normally, ignoring an elite member of the team that controls Rockstar City with an iron fist was a death sentence. The guy kept his cool and laughed it off also, but he was getting mad.

"Just who the hell do you think you are, punk?!!" The older man screamed out in the young man's face,

"Oh, someone that'll take you out in less than 5 seconds." The younger guy answered in a jokingly manner. This was the last straw for the elite member. He grabbed the younger kid and tossed him off the stool and onto floor hard. The young man got up and dusted himself off. A fight was imminent.

"Well, big man. I'll let you have one shot at me to prove your point." The older man said as he stood back and was ready to let the kid take a free swing. All the young man did was just laugh at the proposition, but he looked like he was serious on taking up the man's offer.

"Okay. You're asking for it, dude." The young man answered. What took place next was too fast for human eyes. The kid reached for something behind his back and with lightning reflexes, a sudden flash of metal appeared out of nowhere, followed with a big spraying of blood. The older man screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt something very sharp dig into him and then cut itself out. It wasn't a punch. It was a slash! The now slashed up man quickly shot his eyes open and discovered the young man was suddenly wielding a 48" long sword that somehow mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. The blade had the guy's blood dripping down off of it and the young man looked like he was more than ready to go at it. With a look of pure fear on the guy's face, he placed his hand upon the wide, gaping cut and realized that this kid could kill him without a second thought. But, he was more in shock of actually being cut and bleeding by this kid.

"You... slashed me!!" The gang member said in shock, his voice trembling with fear. The young man grinned evilly and tightened his grip on the sword.

"Dude, you asked for it. And I always... DELIVER!!" The young man yelled out and with inhuman speed and skill, took his sword and raised it high over his head. And before anyone could blink, the young man chopped the man clean in half with a diagonal cut that leveled out horizontally before curving upward and away. The guy who was sliced looked to be perfectly fine until the young man pushed at his torso and sure enough, the top half of his body fell to the ground in a bloody heap.

"Sorry about the mess." The young man answered and handed the cafИ manager some money to pay for the cleanup and left, leaving everyone else in total shock and awe at what just happened. Already, one person make their mark.


At the same time, a red Ferrari 550 Maranello was spotted entering Rockstar City and was heading for the main tournament office in the center of the city. Usually, it's a really bad idea for anybody to be driving a fancy sports car in the city because there's a 95 chance of being carjacked with an even higher chance of getting hurt or worse if one tried to resist. Suddenly, a group of five guys jumped out from nowhere surrounding the Ferrari, all of them with guns drawn and pointed at the driver, who seemed totally unfazed with the beginning of the jacking. A sixth man, the leader of the group appeared from nowhere and approached the driver in the Ferrari.

"Get your skinny ass out of the car." The leader of the group yelled out, knocking on the window of the car. The small group are also members of the Rocket Youth League as they wore t-shirts with the same bid red "R"s on them.

"Che cosa?" The man asked in Italian as he lowered the window to see the man who then pushed a gun to his face,

"You heard me, get your skinny ass out of the car NOW!!" The leader yelled out as he roughly dragged the man out of the car with the help of the others,

"Approvazione, approvazione. GiЮ ho ottenuto l'idea." The man replied. He dusted off his stylish Italian business suit after being roughly handled. The man looked around 25-26 years old, freshly cut blue hair that shined in the sunlight and matched his blue eyes that showed no fear at all.

"Get the keys out of there and give them to me before this jacking turns into a homicide!!!" The leader said harshly as he pointed the barrel of the gun at the man's head,

"Le chiavi all'automobile? Attenda prego un momento." The man answered. He carefully got back into the car and removed the keys to the Ferrari and came back out with them in hand. Throughout the entire ordeal, the man seemed totally calm.

"Good. Now give it to me and we might let you go without anything else bad happening to you." The leader said snidely. Then without any warning, the man threw the keys into a group of bushes about 100 feet away.

"Ottengalo voi stessi." The man replied sternly in Italian,

"Buddy, you just signed your death..." The leader didn't finish as he was suddenly punched in the gut hard, knocking him down onto the pavement. After the initial shock, the gang turned their attention to the guy with their guns drawn, ready to shoot. However, the guy somehow disarmed the leader and was now holding his gun and started to fire at them. He held the gun sideways as he fired, using the muzzle jump to create a horizontal sweep, shooting every gang member with lethal accuracy. One shot, one kill type of deal. The leader tried to escape the scene, but he too suffered a bullet shot in his left leg and crumbled to the ground. The man nodded his head in amazement as the sight of his handiwork with a pistol. Then, let out a quiet chuckle as he emptied out the gun of its spent clip and took a new one from one of the guys he shot.

"They never learn." He said out loud and loaded the new clip into the gun and approached the leader of the group, who as trying to get away from him. The man stood over the fallen leader and pointed the gun at him and was about to shoot.

"Dude... who the fuck are you?" The leader asked, totally frightened that this Italian man from out of town just owned him and his group. They both heard the moans of pain from the other members as they tried to move around after being shot. This led the man to let out a grunt of annoyance seeing them still alive. He picked up the leader of the gang and looked into his eyes.

"Pathetic. Use more damaging bullets next time, buddy." The man answered and with quick reflexes, pistol-whipped the leader in the head and fell to the ground. After surveying the damage he done, the man retrieved the keys to the car and drove off into the heart of the city.

To be continued... (FINALLY!!)

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