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Life As a Kane

Chapter 1—Introductions

My name is Veronica Kane, and I live in Neptune California. Neptune has two social classes, the haves and the have-nots. I am lucky enough that both of my families' are have's. See I'm the 'love child' of Jake Kane and his high school sweetheart Lianne Mars. I have two older half siblings, Duncan and Lilly, whom will be explained later. In fact all the major characters in my life will be explained. I was raised with my mom, down the street from the Kane household. My step dad is the sheriff of Neptune, so while I have money on one side there is the law on the other, I am Neptune angel child.

First is Lilly Kane, aside from being my sister she is my best friend. Lilly is the reason my mom and dad split up, but I would never hold it against her, I am happy with the life I got. Lilly is about the craziest person I know, but in a good way. She is the queen of Neptune High as she puts it. She isn't lying either Every guy wants Lilly Kane and every girl wants to be her. I am the one exception to that, because as Lilly's little sister I grew up as Neptune's own princess.

Duncan Kane is two months older than me, because he was premature. He has been student hall president since we were freshman, and is probably going to be president some day, provided his type three epilepsy never gets into the public. Duncan is Celeste's favorite because he doesn't do much that goes against the rules. I think if he ever did do something wrong Celeste would just blame Lilly or me for it anyhow.

The three of us make up three quarters of what Neptune High likes to call the Fab Four. Our fourth member is Logan Echoll's; Me, Lilly, and, Duncan are loved because of who we are, and the fact that none of us can be truly mean. Logan on the other hand is an ass hole. His goal in life is to be the center of attention, and he is Lilly's boyfriend. They have been dating on and off since homecoming of Lilly's sophomore year, which was our freshman. Logan and Lilly will never stay together and anybody in the inner circle see's that. Logan and Lilly fight for the attention and right now it is working, but they get bored with each other and break up. I really think that it's a comfort thing. It's not like he needs Lilly to be in the inner circle, Duncan and I are his two best friends. Even when they aren't together, they are. It makes it hard to carry a relationship though when you spend most of your time with the same three people.

Duncan however makes it work. He has been dating Meg Manning since we were Junior high. We all know her, but he keeps her hidden from the 'protectiveness' of the group. She is probably the least corrupt 09er in Neptune, with me coming in second. Meg doesn't drink, believes in abstinence till marriage, is on the Cheerleading squad, and attends church every Sunday. While she will never fully be part of Neptune's ruling four she definitely is in the 09er's inner circle. She is usually compared to being like me. Duncan and I could be twins personality wise so it make's sense that he would date a girl like me, I would have to say the creepiest part how ever is that her hair I the same as mine. Last year somebody posted mine and Megs yearbook pictures on his locker with the word resemblance written over it.

My boyfriend is nothing like me, and our relationship is about who we are rather than caring for each other. Don't get me wrong I do love Dick Casablancas, but we only ever got together to appease our parents. Dick's father is the third wealthiest man in Neptune, my father being the first, and Logan's being the second. Logan's money however only counted in Neptune, in my family acting is considered a disgraceful way to make a living. Not that anybody would ever tell The Echoll's that. Any way's the fact that my sister had Logan forced Celeste to push me towards her best friends 'troubled' son. Dick's mom wanted him to straighten up, and I was the nice girl to do it. Celeste on the other hand just wanted me to stay away from the Kane fortune. So Dick and I keep our appearances up as one of Neptune's golden couples. Our only problem is that he acts like he's getting laid when we are not having sex. In fact the only non-virgin's in the elite upper circle of Neptune high are Logan and Lilly.

Dick has a younger brother who is in our grade due to how smart he is. Cassidy Casablancas, Beaver for those who have known him since he was younger. Cassidy is quiet, and nothing like Dick. While Dick finds his education in gym, and drinking, Cassidy is in the top ten of our class. I get to spend time with him during national honor society and we occasionally talk when I am with dick, mostly it's a hello and goodbye.

Cassidy Casablancas is the only core 09er to date a have-not, and his girlfriend is Cindy Mackenzie, Mac for short. By all rights she was born an 09er, she just doesn't know that. She was switched at birth with Madison Sinclair, a girl whom I usually want to smack. I had overheard Keith talking about the mix up one day, and decided that she deserved to be in our group rather she knew it or not. My thought was that nobody actually liked Madison; she was just there because of the amount of money her parents made, why shouldn't Mac have that same right. The only other person who knows about Mac being a Sinclair is Lilly, I might be the princess of Neptune High, but without Lilly's approval my plan would have never worked. Lilly had automatically liked Mac, with her blue streaks and black clothes; Mac was like a doll for Lilly to play with.

There is only one place in Neptune that the have's and have-nots peacefully co-exist, and that is here at Neptune High. Students come for six hours, five days a week, to sit and listen to teachers lecture about how they are preparing us for college, when in reality they are trying to justify their time spent in college. Lilly tells me that the skepticism comes from my years of watching Keith bring down the bad guys.