Chapter 11— I'll prove it tomorrow

"You kissed him!!" Lilly says as we drive back. I am pretty sober by now and that little fact has yet to elude me, especially since Lilly has felt the need to reiterate it with every bottle of water she has given me tonight. I'm not sure rather she is more impressed with the kiss or with the fact that I actually drank. "Did you see the look on his face?"

"Yeah, and then I puked on his shoe's"

"I doubt he even noticed."

"Right." I can't help but smile at her. So I kissed Logan and then puked on his shoe's, that has to be about my most embarrassing moment ever, but it wasn't all bad. We ended up talking as I sobered up, and both decided to try out a relationship. I bet Celeste will love that one, daddy dearest sure will. Luckily Lilly is silent the rest of the ride.

"I still can't believe that my little sister took a chance." Lilly says as we walk towards the house. "Who knows, maybe you will even take my crown on Saturday. You know your boyfriend will be king."

"We are actually going this year?"

"Yeah, donut is being a party pooper."

"Darnn." I laugh as Lilly pouts in hopes that Duncan will change his mind about the dance, last year they had both gotten the cell phones taken away, while I was punished in both houses, getting grounded for a month at my mothers. Logan had replied by saying he was glad his parents didn't care what he did. You could tell he wished they at least reacted, but the only way Logan got a reaction out of his family was to make headlines in a negative way, which is the only way he ever made them.

When I finally get to my room, after a ten minute with Lilly about Logan's kissing expertise, and a statement that she wonders how his father would kiss. I lay down and replay the nights events in my head.

"Princess, how you feeling?" Logan asks as he takes a seat next to me. "I'm not going to get a lap full of puke am I, because if you want to see me naked you could just ask, it would save Mrs. Navarro so much time with my laundry." I smile at his sad attempt at a joke.

"I'm sorry…about everything." I say as I fidget, I don't know what caused me to kiss him, but I do know that this right now is awkward.

"Oh" A silence falls over us and it is anything but comforting.

"You're not too bad a kisser though." He gets a stupid arrogant smirk, so I continue. "I mean Dick is like ten times better, but you were decent."

"Oh I could out kiss Dick any day."

"And how would you know?" I know that he has never kissed Dick but if he wants to be cocky.

"Just a guess, we can test it if you want, maybe when you brush your teeth, and in my defense I was trying to keep us from falling when you attacked me."

"I so did NOT attack you!" I reply in faux anger.

"Well, maybe I'll prove it tomorrow."

"And why would I let you do that?" Okay so I really wouldn't mind that, but I'm not going to let him have the satisfaction of knowing this. One thing you learn being Lilly's sister is how to play the game.

"Well you obviously want me Ronnie."

"In your dreams Echolls!"

"Oh you want more than a kiss in my dreams Princess!"

"Is that so?"


"Why am I not surprised?" Logan shrugs and the awkward silence once again takes over our conversation.

"So…What is going on here Ronnie?" Logan asks as he motions between him and me.

"I don't know." My answer is honest I don't know what is going on. "I don't want to ruin our friendship."

"But if we don't see where this…whatever it is…goes we could end up ruining it anyways."

"What do we do then?"

"Try it." The smirk is gone from his face and I can see how nervous he is. I know that he will try to make whatever is happening to us work.

"Okay" Logan sighs. "We have to take things slow though, I'm not ready to be like Lilly."

"I would never want you to be your sister Ronnie." I smile as he pulls me into a hug before Lilly comes up to us.

I lie in bed wide awake and waiting for Lilly to run in. Today is her favorite day in homecoming season, the day that candidates for King and Queen are announced. She likes hearing her name called over the announcements. Sure enough she is in my room at seven on the dot and our day begins.

I slowly crawl out of bed, and walk to my closet, trying to find something decent to wear. Looking at my clothes I realize that everything I own is something to appease somebody in my family, and today the last thing I want to do is appease my father. Well I'm not gonna dress like Lilly either. That leaves me with one option, because everyone I know enjoys innocent veronica in pastels, and well Logan would have me looking like a hooker. I pick up the phone and call Mac. "Hey, I heard Dick asked you to homecoming, congratulations." I say when she answers.

"I heard you kissed Logan, I guess I owe you one to." I laugh at her comment as she continues. "To what do I owe this early morning call Veronica?"

"Well I thought maybe you would want to skip and go shopping after the homeroom announcements."

"Don't you have followers for that?"

"I'm not Lilly and I want a new look."

"Well, I guess I wouldn't be missing much, so why not? I will meet you by your locker."

"Okay see you there…"


The drive to school made me nervous, but when we arrive I'm not surprised to see Logan leaning against his X-terra waiting for me. Logan and I have been the only topic out of Lilly's mouth this morning so it is nice to finally get to see him.

"Hey." He says when I reach him. He places a chaste kiss on my forehead and wraps his arm protectively around my waist. I could get used to this. "Can I walk my girlfriend to class?"

"Yes but only to homeroom, I'm going shopping with Mac, after the court announcements."

"Think you made it?"

"Don't care, that's Lilly's thing not mine." Logan smiles as he tickles my waist.

"Well I voted for you princess." I smile at his comment and offer him a kiss on the cheek. I would prefer a first kiss where I'm not drunk, or rushed. He smiles and releases my waist from his grasp. I enter class taking a seat between Lilly and Meg.

"And candidates for Homecoming King are Casey Gant, Logan Echoll's, and Duncan Kane."

"Look Veronica Logan was nominated!" Meg says with excitement.

"And he better win because Casey has a tournament tomorrow and I will not dance with a gross sticky boy or my brother." Lilly looks at me. "Unless I get beat for the crown by my sister."

"You don't even know that I have been nominated."

"You're a Kane and a junior, you WILL be nominated." Lilly states as if it is a known fact, and I guess it kind of is. Lilly would have paid the school off to make sure we were on the court together. It has been her dream since she became the youngest Homecoming Queen in Neptune High history. "I mean your mom was Queen, you will at least be on Court this year. Plus your boyfriend was nominated."

"Nobody knows we are together, Lil."

"And the nominees for queen are Lilly Kane, followed by Veronica Kane, and Madison Sinclair."

"Well unless Casey Gant wins one of you better be Queen because I personally don't want Madison near Duncan and I doubt you want her near Logan, Veronica."

"She has a good point Veronica; do we want our brother or Logan dancing with the wench?" Lilly interjects.

"Lilly!" I know what she means but still she doesn't need the scandal of bad mouthing her friends. Then again Lilly does live for scandal.

"Whatever, so what do you want for lunch? I was thinking Italian." Oh yeah I forgot to tell her I was leaving…oops.

"I'm going shopping with Mac today, did you know that Dick asked her to the dance?"

"I thought I heard something about it."

"Aren't they just cute together?" I swear the word cute comes out of Meg's mouth more than her adventures in youth group and babysitting, which is a lot. "He is so sweet with her."

"Yeah I'm happy for them, how is Cass taking it."

"He's taking Madison." Lilly must be on crack or something because Madison would never be caught dead even acknowledging Cassidy's existence.


"yeah, she had her sights set on Dick after you two broke up and Caitlyn and troy hooked back up. When Dick asked Mac, She through herself at Cassidy, like that was a fair trade off."

"You're telling me that Madison was desperate enough to ask Cassidy to homecoming?" Wow, my life has become crazy.

"That's the word going around."

"Crazy, Well I have to go meet Mac, I'll catch you tonight?"

"Bye" Meg and Lilly say in unison.


"You know I feel like a stalker waiting at your Locker for you for ten minutes."

"Sorry we got into a discussion about Cassidy and Madison." Mac leads the way to her car.

"Yeah, get this she invited me and Dick to dinner when she asked Cassidy."

"Okay, what has this world come to?" I sit down in Mac's Junker car, and immediately buckle my seat belt. "What did you say?"

"Do I have a choice, though I'm sure she has some evil plan for me once I get there, but she is Dicks friend and Cassidy is his brother, we have to be supportive."

"How is he taking the hook up by the way?"

"Better than expected, and it's not exactly a hook up, it's just homecoming."

"An event that Dick hates with a passion."

"So, why exactly are we going shopping during school?" I know she is trying to change the subject and I won't fight her on it. I doubt dating your ex's sibling is any less weird than dating you siblings ex, maybe I should ask Logan about it later.

"Well I want a new look and you need a dress." Mac rolls her eyes at me. "Plus I know what most of the 09ers dresses look like, so you will have a unique dress."

"Right, where should we start with this knew look?"

"I was thinking about a haircut. I just want something so bland. I want something that sets me apart from Lilly."

"That's simple enough we can go to the salon before I become your Ginny pig."

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