x---------- I'll Never Tell.

There he goes.

There she goes.

Neat black hair, cute brown hair.

Black-brown eyes, brown-gold eyes.

Elegantly tall, prettily petite.

'Cold' and 'calculating', 'cheerful' and 'sweet'.

Why is it always like this?

He's just a blond.

Just an arrogant blond.

Just a stupid, arrogant blond with a habit of putting his foot in his mouth, with the expectations that everyone will love him, with the belief that he can make everyone happy, with the hopes and dreams and god-knows-whatever-else to keep him going.

These things make him him.

They aren't enough.

How come Kyoya got her, he often asks himself. "How come?"

What did he do wrong?

"Why can't she like me?"

Why not in the way he wants, at least?

"Why can't I make her like me?"

Because there are always issues.

He's not smart enough.

He's not cool enough.

He's not attractive enough (although that's a definite lie).

These are all things he's told himself.

He knows the reason, though.

Because he didn't tell her.

And now look what's happened.

She's gone.

To him.

She's gone to him.

And he can't do a thing about it, because he doesn't have the guts.

Why was that again?

It's not because he's going to lose all his dignity, or that he has already lost it.

It's not because he's not brave – you want bravery? He's got bucketloads to show, for free, too.

It's not because he's going to make a fool out of himself – Tamaki does not make a fool out of himself, no matter what others may say. (That's what he thinks, anyway.)

It's just because.

Because she's so happy the way it is now.

She's got that peaceful look, the one Haruhi will get when Haruhi tries rich, expensive food, the one Haruhi will get when Haruhi gets to laze in the sun for a little or clean by herself or cook something delicious.

That, that's just happiness.

And if telling her that little thing, little, unimportant, tiny, passing comment – if that changes it, well then.

He'd rather not say.

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