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Prologue: The Early Years

She was only six years old when it happened.

The day had been cold and somber; the clouds were hidden by the frigid fog that seemed to envelope the sun.

Until there was only darkness. Unrelenting darkness.

It permeated every crook and cranny of the atmosphere, and left her suffocated. She was unable to breathe.

She didn't remember her parents-

Only their screams as they whimpered in pain.

Only the blood that dripped down unto the pristine white-capped ground.

Droplets of red that hung suspended in the snow ethereally.

And then their wails died-stolen by Zephyrs, and the horrid creature that came with darkness turned to her. His eyes were red with bloodlust and his fangs were disengaged horrifically and smeared red with blood.

Their blood.

I remember falling unto the soft giving snow, my hands grabbing fistfuls of ice. I remember the full moon as it shone innocently against the darkness, and I remember cowering in fear as my rapid breaths puffed out into the cold, glacial air.

And so I waited for death. My heart beating in torment, for the inevitable end of my young life. I remember thinking of Kami, and I wondered if I was good enough to have better fortune in my next life. I'll never know for at that moment he appeared.

Still…I waited not knowing what was transpiring, but I'll never forget his name.

Kaname Kuran.

He looked like some medieval Arthurian knight as he came striding in amidst the flurries of snow. His face was pale, like a sublime crème au vanille. His skin looked so pale, and yet it was a beautiful alabaster that seemed purer even than the very snowflakes that fell ornamentally down in top of my nose. My heart beat thunderously within my frail chest as my eyes locked with his gentle sun kissed honey ones.

I hoped against hope that he came to rescue me, and like in the fairy tales that my mother had read to me, he had.

He looked majestic standing there in the dawning light, glittering black hair in contrast to his fair skin. At that moment he became her protector.

Present Time

That was ten years ago, in a time where she was nothing more than a child…now though he was being a tad bit irritating with the way he was carrying on about her belonging to him and that she owed him. Sure she was thankful-she made sure to fix his room, gave him donations of her blood, and to made sure all was in order-but did he have to take things this far?!

I mean I like him and all, like an older brother who watches out for me and vice versa, but he had NO RIGHT to decide whom she saw. The very nerve of him! Of course he said it was for her own safety, Zero was an undetermined variable, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

You would think he was her father, ne?

Although she had no recollection of her parents apart from mere filaments of memories, in her mind Headmaster Cross would always be her father. Kaname was entitled to the rights of an older sibling…which means nil. I mean come on! Why would she, and adolescent no less, want a man to have power over her for no reason at all? It doesn't make sense I tell you.

And that's why when Kaname told me not see Zero anymore and I disobeyed him he got mad. Okay, maybe I also denied him a teensy bit of my blood.

More like a couple of pints, but that point was irrelevant! The point was that Kaname was currently really, really angry, and she was in the danger zone. Did he have to be so irate for no viable reason? Why must she always be his food source when the other vampires seemed content enough in custom-made tablets? I mean it's not like it matters after all. He was just like a big baby that baka.

Also, it was getting a mite bit uncomfortable with the way he would accidentally fondle her while he was in the throes of rapturous pleasure drinking her blood.

If she didn't know any better she would think her blood was an aphrodisiac to him and that he was a hentai! But Kaname had plenty of girls rooting for him so it would make no sense to sexually molest the one that he had cared for like a sister since the beginning. No, she was sure that it was during the trance-like state he went into when he drank her blood that made him act that way.

It still made her uncomfortable.

Last time one of his hands has slipped underneath her voluminous skirts and he tried to slip his fingers inside her panties, sure she knew it was an unconscious gesture but it was extremely disturbing to her. She had become weaker and weaker as he drained her slowly of her blood, and when she rose to consciousness again she discovered that she was naked. He had laid her on his bed. His reason had been that she was sweating too much so he took the initiative to wash her.

Did she ask him to? No!

And that did not explain why she had bites marks all over her breasts, and in her innermost thighs. Surely he could have simply waited a while so that the diminished blood from her neck could have a time to circulate back? This was the true reason why she rebelled in giving him any more blood.

His actions seemed much too amorous for her inner peace of mind and as much as she would like to deny it, her consciousness would not allow it. Kaname had begun to act weird. Every time to he looked at her so intently with those smoldering amber eyes she would feel a shiver run up her spine. It seemed as if he was disrobing her in front of his very eyes. This made her pulse race in reaction. And it wasn't like the ones Zero gave her either. This one made her queasy.

Kaname would never hurt her, would he?

No, I don't think that he would do so on purpose. Although what if he can't control himself? When she woke up naked on his bed his eyes were a brilliant garnet that seemed to shine with wicked brilliance, and his usually ivory fangs dripped red with blood.

He too was naked.

It was just wrong! She had to get away from him and think about the situation more thoroughly. Away from him. Away from the memory of her spilled blood. The blood of her lost innocence.

Yuki was passing hurriedly through the hallways of the Moon dormitories when someone stopped her suddenly.

"What are you doing hereYuki?" Aido asked as he grabbed her from behind and pressed her against his hard chiseled chest.

"Is it perhaps that you came to see me? Do you wish to offer me your blood?" he said as he stared at her trough deceptively somnambulant beryl eyes.

Yuki turned to see who her attacker was and immediately tried to pull away from him. But he would not let her.

"Tsh, tsh. Is the kitten trying to get away?" Aido whispered as his breath caressed her neck.

"I think it's time we played a little game…"

Why did she suddenly have the apprehension that she was in trouble?

Thought Yuki as she tried to sidle away from him but only managed to be pressed more tightly against his unrelenting frame.

That was when she noticed.

His eyes were red.

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