Nii doesn't know not to hide.

Behind inadequacy, behind inferiority, behind amiability he has concealed himself. So well that his own mind can no longer unravel truth from lie, madness from genius. Warped in his own deception, trapped in his own image, he spins webs and weaves plans of death and chaos. A suggestion here, an action there and everything falls just so. Use, abuse, discard, deceive. Even in success he will be lost in the shadows. His sun is collapsed, and seeks only darkness.

Soon, he whispers soothingly, trembling in anticipation.

Soon, when he can take everyone with him.

A/N: anyone get the pun in this drabble? By the way, the 'friends' thing in Kougaiji's drabble refers to his reluctant friendship with the Sanzo group, NOT to Yaone, Lirin and Doku. He'd die for them, no question about that. One thing about Kougaiji is the depth of his loyalty once he gives it. It is possible to say that he is the only one who gives loyalty without any debt in the entire cast. The bonds between Sanzo and his group formed initially, at least, because of some debt; not so with Kou. EoS, this drabble really is a huge coincidence. Really.

Well, this has been a nice ride. Thanks to Ashler, Eyes of Shinigami, kenihiko, NightlyPonder and thelastunicorn for their reviews, as well as 'Wonderland' and the 'random person from outer space', since I didn't get to thank you personally. I hope you're still reading this!