Authors Note: Ok, so I was going through my profile earlier this week, and I reread the first story in this set, "Prom Problems" and I remembered that I had thought about a sequel. So here is said sequel.

Summary: Sequel to "Prom Problems" Freshman Year of college, Julie is attending BC with Scooter and Banks, her relationship with Luis ended badly, so when he comes to see her she isn't too thrilled about it.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Mighty Ducks, Julie Gaffney, Luis Mendoza, Adam Banks, Charlie Conway or Scooter Vanderbilt. I also don't own the unnamed teen soap mentioned in the begining or any of its affiliated characters. With that, I give you, Lost Love!

Chapter 1: Surprise!

Julie Gaffney sat in her dorm room on a chilly Boston Wednesday evening. She was watching TV while she waited for her friend Adam Banks to come in and then go out partying.

"Pacy," the overtly attractive brunette on the screen mused, "I'm worried about what he'll say, not because he was my boyfriend for three months but because for fifteen years before that he was my best friend. And yours too."

"Yeah I hear you." She said to no one. She didn't even know why she watched this show. Her friends Connie and Heather had been into it in high school so she had watched it occasionally, but now that she was a student at Boston College she couldn't get enough of the hit teen soap. This current season had the female lead caught in a tricky situation with her two child hood best friends, both of whom she was attracted to. Julie related to the situation all too well.

"Hey Cat," Adam said, knocking on the door frame, "what you up to?"

"Joey's worried about Dawson finding out she likes Pacy." She pointed at the TV.

"Jesus, not this again." Adam said, "I thought we were going out, instead we have to listen to the whining."

"No we're going out." She said standing up. "Alright let's go."

"Hold on, who's that?" Adam said pointing at the TV.

"That's Pacy." She said confused, "Come on!"

"He looks really familiar." Adam said cocking his head to the side.

"Come on!" she said shutting off the TV and pulling him out the door. "I am getting trashed tonight!"

"No no, I am not taking care of drunk Cat. Once is enough thanks." Adam smiled. She hit him in the shoulder and they got moving.

Luis Mendoza rubbed his eyes. He was just waking up from a nap; he had a long night ahead of him. He was glad he had decided to take the semester off and play in a minor hockey league in Minnesota. He and Charlie Conway had gotten an apartment together, neither had the grades to get into college so after high school had opted for this. Aside from playing they also worked in the skate shop, which after Hans' death had been taken over by Gordon Bombay

"I still can't believe you're doing this man." Charlie Conway shook his head, as Luis walked to the kitchen to make some coffee. "Hopping a plane to Boston when you're not even sure she'll talk to you."

"I gotta try." Luis shrugged, "Man, she was the only girl I ever really loved. And I blew it, I gotta give it another shot."

"Dude, she's in Boston, and from what Adam has said, she's really happy." Charlie shook his head, "Apparently she's been hanging out with him."

"She won't get back with him" Luis said, "he never made her happy. I did."

"You broke her heart." Charlie reminded him, "He didn't. And don't rule Banks out. He's always had a crush on her."

"Eh, the cake eater's too timid to make a move." Luis shook his head and picked up his bag and walked over to the door. "Well, I'll either see you tomorrow or not."

"Good luck." Charlie shouted after him. "Man, he's gonna get eaten alive."

Julie and Adam walked into an off campus house where a few of the senior hockey players lived, including Julie's ex boyfriend Scooter Vanderbilt. Scooter was the one who had invited the two friends to this party. As she looked around Julie was relieved that she had decided to come.

"Banks! Jules!" Scooter shouted from across the room. "Hey!" the two freshmen hurried over. "Glad you could make it. Guys get over here! I would like to introduce you to two of the best freshmen we managed to wrangle in for this season's hockey team, Adam Banks and Julie Gaffney. Julie here will be replacing me after my imminent graduation!" Julie smiled, same old Scooter, she was always happy to see him especially since her first week at BC when he had sought her out to tell her that he wanted to be friends. He was such at great guy; it had practically killed her to break up with him. But he had understood, they didn't love each other and at that point had half a country between them. Also Luis Mendoza had fallen for her and she had chosen him, a decision she often found herself regretting. "So, Julie the Cat, you want a drink, or are you too afraid that you'll throw yourself at Banksie here?" Julie blushed Scooter was referencing the night she had drunkenly told Adam she loved him.

"I'll take one, but I expect you to keep an eye on me." She laughed taking a beer from his hand. "I need to stay in control."

"You got it! Banksie?" Scooter said holding up an empty cup in one hand and the tap of the keg in the other.

"Yeah, sure." Adam shrugged.

"Excellent, enjoy the party!" Scooter smiled. She liked his smile. The two walked off to find some of the other freshmen who had promised to be attending the festivities.

Around two in the morning as Julie and Adam stumbled giggling back to the dorm.

"That was a killer game of flip cup!" Adam smiled.

"We kicked Scooter and them's asses!" Julie laughed.

"That was horrible grammar!" Adam stopped, "aren't you an English major?"

"Shhh, no!" They continued the laugh until they reached the building when Julie stopped suddenly. "Luis?"

"Julie!" He said, "Thank God! I was afraid that I wouldn't find you."

"I'm not talking to you," she said quickly, "or don't you remember. Adam I'm going up. Remind him why I'm not talking to him." She stuck her key in the door and walked up the stairs indignantly.

"Come on man." Adam said, picking up Luis' bag. "You can stay in my room. Maybe she'll talk to you in the morning."

Luis sighed, there was going to be no living with Charlie after this.

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