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Summary: Adam deals with being at home and Julie deals with her real feelings, with the help from an old friend...Luis kinda loses it.

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Chapter 8: And so it goes...

"My flight gets in at 4 on the 27th!" Julie said over the phone. "Which is still a week away which totally sucks."

"I agree it does suck." Adam laughed on the other end. They hadn't seen each other in nearly two weeks, the longest separation they'd had since they got together.

"I miss you!" She sighed and plopped in a chair.

"I miss you too babe, but we have to deal for another week, and don't ruin Christmas for yourself." Adam smiled. "And don't call me tonight!"

"Why not?" Julie said, hurt that he didn't want to talk to her.

"Relax Cat!" He laughed, he could picture her pouting on the other end. "The new Ducks are playing the Hawks tonight. Charlie asked me to go."

"Ohh!" Julie sighed. "I want to watch new Ducks play!" Suddenly she came to a realization. "Will this be the first time that…"

"Yeah," Adam said knowing exactly what she was going to say. "I mean, I've seen the others, well, a few of the others, but this'll be the first time I see him."

"Do you know what will happen?" Julie said, not that she really feared for Adam's safety, but she hated the idea of the guys fighting.

"Well, Charlie said he's still pretty pissed off about it." Adam said. "But that he probably won't say or do anything. He mostly keeps to himself, I mean we've all gone out a bunch of times, but he never comes. Fulton said its normal that he never comes."

"I hate that." Julie said. "I hate that he isn't friends with them any more."

"I know, but it has nothing to do with you." Adam reassured her.

"No it has everything to do with me." Julie sighed. "When we broke up he stopped talking to them and now…"

"It was the other way around." Adam said quietly.

"What?" Julie asked.

"When you two broke up, we stopped talking to him." Adam said. "Look, I have to go, Jesse and I are meeting up before the game."

"Right, tell everyone I said hi." Julie said, she knew he was mad, he didn't like it when she talked about Luis, but some times she just couldn't help it.

"Right, bye."

"Bye." She hung up the phone. "Why am I such an idiot?" She said walking into the living room where Heather was sitting with a bowl of popcorn, watching TV. Heather was from Massachusetts, but her parents had opted to spend the Holidays in Europe. Heather's need to work and make more money had forced her to spend Christmas with the Gaffneys.

"You're not an idiot, you're just still in love with you ex boyfriend." Heather said matter of factly. "Something that sort of miffs your current one."

"I am not still in love with Luis." Julie said sitting down next to her friend.

"Oh OK, right." Heather laughed, "Look, if you're over Luis, then I was actually a virgin the first time I slept with Dean."

"Ew!" Julie said, "TMI!"

"Yeah, cause you're so pure." Heather laughed. "It's fine that you still love him, Julie, Adam doesn't care, he loves you anyway, just be sensitive to him."

"I hate this situation." Julie sighed.

"Yeah, yeah," Heather said. "Now shut up! I think Pacey might punch Dawson!"

Adam sat in the stands with Jesse, Fulton and Guy watching the new Ducks play. The kids were good, there was no question of that, he knew Luis knew they were there, because Charlie had waved to them and they had been quacking rather obnoxiously the whole night. After the game they all headed back to Charlie and Luis' apartment. The team had won, by one goal in a shoot out, Charlie's protégé Jim had scored the winning goal. It was classic Duck action. On the whole bus ride Luis wouldn't even look at Adam. Once they got back to the apartment Luis just walked into his room and slammed the door.

"God this whole situation sucks." Adam said, sitting down on the couch.

"Chill out Cake eater." Jesse said. "He's just mad. He'll get over it."

"Right." Adam said taking a beer from the middle of the table where Charlie had placed them. Suddenly, Luis burst out of his room.

"Have you slept with her?" He said walking over. Adam stood up.

"What?" He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You heard me." Luis said, his face full of rage.

"Come on Luis, man stop it." Charlie said. "This isn't going to end well."

"Shut up Charlie!" Luis said. "Stay out of it, this is between me and Banks."

"What do you want me to say Luis?" Adam sighed. "What?" Luis stepped at him and threw a punch. Adam dodged it. Charlie stood up and pulled him back to his room and then shut the door.

"Are you out of your mind!" Charlie said. "What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinking, I just," Luis said trying to find the words. "I starting thinking about them together, and I got mad. I came out and then, well, you know what happened next."

"Yeah, well, control yourself." Charlie said. "Look I know you fly down to Miami tomorrow, but I swear to God man, if when you get back you're still like this…"

"What Charlie?" Luis said, "You'll kick me out? Of the apartment that we pay equal rent for?"

"No," Charlie shook his head, "look man, its weird for all of us, OK. But we have to deal, you have to deal. If she knew about this it would kill her."

"She doesn't care what I think." Luis said.

"Don't kid yourself man." Charlie said. "She cares way more than she should."

"Shit." Adam said, his head in his hands on the couch. "Shit shit shit!"

"Adam, don't worry about it." Guy said sitting down. "It's good, it's out there now."

"This isn't good." Adam shook his head. "Guy, come on, you and Connie have split up right."

"Yeah," Guy said sheepishly, looking at his feet. "I don't like to dwell on it."

"What if the next guy she was with was Jesse, or Portman, or well, any one of us." Adam tried to explain.

"I'd want to kill which ever one of you I guess." Guy said, "Yeah, now I get it."

"Look, Charlie'll calm him down." Fulton said. "And we'll all have a great time on New Years."

"Yeah," Jesse agreed.

A week later, Adam waited outside of the airport standing by his car. He had told Julie about the night of the game and ever since then she had sort of kept verbal distance in their phone conversations. But she always ended them in her standard, "I love you so much." As she walked out of the airport with her luggage she ran to him and gave him a huge hug and a kiss. Adam was surprised at the warmth of her greeting.

"Hey." He smiled as she finally pulled away.

"Hey." She said.

"Let's get your bags." He said, picking up her suit case and putting it in the trunk. As they drove towards Adam's house they were both quiet as the radio softly played in the background. Julie finally broke the silence.

"I've been thinking a lot for the past week." Julie sighed. "About that night. I've been keeping something from you."

"Yeah," Adam said quietly, "I sensed that."

"He called me that night." She said. "He was crying. We talked all night. About everything. About me and him, and me and you, and the whole thing. There were a lot of tears."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Adam asked, he was a little angry but hardly enraged.

"Because I was confused." She said. "I'm not now. I want to be with you, Adam, heart and soul, just you. He doesn't matter any more, at all, I don't care what he thinks."

"You don't have to…" Adam started.

"I'm not just saying it this time," Julie smiled. "I'm over him. It was a great thing in my life, what Luis and I had, but it wasn't the defining thing, that's what we're going to be."

"You feel that way?" Adam said, smiling.

"I do." She whispered. As they pulled up to the house, she saw all of the Ducks sitting outside, including Luis.

"I know you hate being the last to get here," Adam laughed as she gasped. "But everyone else got in by yesterday."

"Oh my God!" Julie smiled wide. "Adam, it's everyone!" They got out of the car and held hands as they walked up to their friends. She looked up and saw a smile across Luis's face.

"Hey Cat." He said looking at her.

"Hey." She said back and they hugged.

"Welcome back to the team." He whispered in her ear.

"You too." She smiled and pulled away.

"Come on Ducks, let's get the lady unpacked!" Charlie shouted and they all ran towards the car. In the rush she and Adam shared a quick kiss. Finally the Ducks were back, and finally things were the way they were supposed to be.

"It's a good team." Luis said walking over and nudging her.

"Yeah," She smiled at him. "It is isn't it?"

The End

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