Passion in the Pages 4

The Firelight Festival was more beautiful then Meggie had remembered. She walked into the market square with Dustfinger and was bedazzled by the sights and smells. The lights were glowing in all colors and shades, whites and blues, to the more exotic pinks and neon.

The smells intoxicated her scenes, the aromas of meats roasting on spits and fresh spices and incense wafting from the stalls. As they walked through the street, Meggie found her mind drifting to things other then the stalls and smells that entranced her. She found her mind being filled with the same thoughts and all of them about one person: Dustfinger. She found her blue eyes drifting carefully over to him and then back to one of the stalls. Meggie didn't know why she was feeling this way and she wasn't sure she liked it.

Then as if someone else had heard her thoughts Star-Speaker appeared out of the crowd and came up to them. He gave Dustfinger a glaze and pulled Meggie's hand away from him. He then stopped glaring and smiled and big toothed grin at Meggie and proceed to pull her along the street. Meggie followed him somewhat glad and a little reluctantly, to a few of the stalls. He was beaming like a mad man, that she was here with him and he held his head high just incase any of the passers by, thought of trying to take Meggie from him.

Meggie was content to walk with Star-Speaker, she was beginning to remember some of her signs and it was allowing her to understand him more. Dustfinger trailed behind the two looking like a wounded bird. But with his altitude he did not want people to think him soft so he wore a cheesy grin upon his face, which was beginning to show signs of a five o'clock shadow of ginger colored hair. Meggie was oblivious to Dustfinger's feeling, she just wanted to enjoy the Firelight Festival and not think about anything else especially the boy who first took her to see one.

Star-Speaker finally stopped the square in the center of the streets. He dropped Meggie's hand and began signing wildly.

"Slow down." Meggie said to him. He did and she still only caught about every few words. "You want me to stay here?" she said assuming that was what he said, when she had only caught the words, 'stay' and 'you' because he had pointed to her. Star-Speaker started signing again but his gestured were still too crazy for her to understand.

"Would you stop for two seconds you crazy little fool!" Dustfinger yelled and Star-Speaker stopped signing long enough for Dustfinger to explain to Meggie what the boy said and to have Star-Speaker make a very rude gesture.

"Now, Meggie, my dear the boy would like you to stay here, so you can watch his show. He and Cloud-Walker will be going on soon and he doesn't want you to miss him perform." Dustfinger said.

"Alright then," Meggie said to Star-Speaker. "I'll stay right here and watch you." As Meggie finished Star-Speaker smiled and did some short quick signals and again, Meggie only caught 'me'. But Dustfinger got every word and began laughing again.

"Cheeky, cat." He said to Star-Speaker who just continued to beam at Meggie.

"What?" Meggie asked the sniggering Dustfinger.

"He asked you for 'a kiss for good luck'. He's got some never this boy I can tell you that. You best be careful Meggie, you might end up marrying him after all." Dustfinger said laughing again. Meggie made a face at him and then turned and gave Star-Speaker a quick peck on the cheek. This caused the boy blush red and his smile to widen, and caused Dustfinger to frown. Meggie enjoyed seeing that look on his face it made her feel like he cared about something other them himself and it was even better that that thing happened to be her.

After his kiss Star-Speaker rushed off to find his mentor and prepare for the show, leaving Meggie and the cross Dustfinger alone.

"Why did you do that?" Dustfinger asked Meggie when the boy was out of sight.

"What?" Meggie said. "It was just a kiss. Besides he's only ten or so, it's not like I'd really marry him and besides he so adorable and it's nice to know that someone likes me." She said stressing the word 'someone' just enough to make him think.

"But you should build up the boy's hopes like that." Dustfinger said.

"Oy, Dustfinger it was just a peck on the cheek, you'd think I'd tongue kissed him for the way your acting, your so immature and don't say it's because your younger now." Meggie snapped at him.

"Immature? Your call me that missy, when you're the one who's building up the hopes of a lad half her age just to make someone jealous. That's real mature alright." Dustfinger said.

"That's what you think this is about?!" Meggie screeched back. "It's always about you, isn't it? That's all you seem to think about, you don't even know what I'm going though right now." Meggie turned and crossly stalked off.

"Meggie, Wait!!!" Dustfinger yelled running after her. "Meggie!" he called again but it was useless because she was lost in the crowd. "Meggie." He said quietly looking into the crowd and then down at the ground what was he going to do now.

Meggie walked briskly from end to end of the crowd, breathing heavily as she pushed through the many people on the street. She was fighting to keep tears out of her pale blue eyes. She raised one hand to her face and wiped at the clear liquid streaming down her face, she stopped and looked up at the stars. Suddenly she was reminded of Star-Speaker, she promised the young boy that she'd watch him and right now she wasn't there.

'Who cares what that stupid, Fire-Eater said, he's my friend and a promise is a promise.' Meggie thought. She turned and attempted to see which direction the Square were the show was going to be but she wasn't sure which way she had come. Meggie had pushed through the crowd so fast and uncontrollably that she didn't remember which way led back to the Square.

'Just perfect' she thought, as she headed back from were she though she had come.

Pushing her way through the crowd again, Meggie stopped 'What am I going to do?' she though. 'How am I getting home?' she wondered. 'I'd read myself out but that callous jerk has it.' Meggie let out a sigh and continued on. About half way down the street she heard a ruckus behind her and she turned. There standing in the street was three young men dressed in black and red outfits and they where headed towards her. Each was outfitted with a pair of black trousers, black shirts with two red stripes crisscrossing over their shoulder and waists. Also each had a set of daggers strapped into their belts.

'O' god.' Meggie thought. 'This is so not good.' She turned and began to walk away faster; as she quickened her pace she heard theirs speed up as well. Meggie knew not to look behind her but she did anyway, the three men were upon her in an instant after that.

"Where ya goin' pretty?" one of the young men said grabbing her arm. Meggie tugged o get free and another one caught her.

"Ya, sweetheart, what ya doing here, all alone?" said the other, as she pushed her up against the wall.

"Let me go!" Meggie yelled as she kicked at the young man holding her. The three of them snickered and the one holding her just pushed her hard against the wall. Meggie let out a small shriek of terror. She didn't like were this was going. The man holding her used one arm to pin her to the wall and used the other to try to pull up her dress. Meggie shrunk back and tried to kick at the young man again but he was to strong for her.

Then suddenly a voice yelled through the night air,

"Hey you, what do you think your doing?" came the voice, it was deep and thick. The men must have known the voice because at the sound of it the two other ones ran and the one holding Meggie let go and then he ran as well. Meggie turned to see the face of her rescuer, The Black Prince.

"Oh thank god, Black Prince, you saved me." Meggie said running up to him and hugging him tight. He smiled his bright white teeth gleaming.

"Come on now, Miss Meggie lets get you back to the Square." He said taking her by the arm and leading her away from the mess she was just in and back to a whole other mess: Dustfinger.