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The Wages of Fans is Fiction: Chapter 36

Some Final Thoughts…

Well, I have to say that writing this story has been pretty fun, and it's also been something of a learning experience for me. For a fic that started out with no real plans about what I was going to write about (not something that I'd ever suggest doing) and was almost entirely written on the fly (again, not something that I'd suggest doing), I think that I did pretty well and survived the experience unscathed, though a little bit shaken. I am going to miss this fic as well as all the characters that have been present in it, not just my own, but also Kaio, Reno, and John. It was fun writing character's that weren't my own and weren't canon. It kind of gave the story a more lively feeling, as though it wasn't just me who was writing it, but also that others were helping.

So, to that end I would like to start extending thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed, and lent me characters. Ahem! (starts playing 'Dedicated' by Linkin Park for background music)

A very happy thanks goes to those who have reviewed and enspired me to write and continue this fic all the way to its end!


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And a special hurrah goes out to:

Gigawolf1: Thanks for providing me the character's John and Tapirmon, and for giving me permission to allow him to be Renamon's boyfriend for reasons of character development. In the words of William Shatner from Generations, "It was… fun."

Dag 417: My first and most constant reviewer, from whose stories "It's Real: The First Adventure" and "An Alternate Tale" spins the character's Reno and Dagmon. Thank you for your constant support, reading, reviewing, and for the characters Reno and Dagmon. I had a blast writing them. Thanks again.

Digital-Dragon-Master: Thanks for taking the time to read and review my fic, as well as for not only lending me the characters Kaio and Arbomon, but also yourself for the final showdown with the Lord of Fantasy. And thanks for putting up with my writing for so long and pointing out all the things that I did right and wrong, as it helped me out considerably when I prepared to write my next chapter. That was awesome!

There are still some things that I felt that I could have done better at. I would have liked to have done more to focus on the Digi-destined characters and have the Frontier kids play a much bigger role than I had initially written, and I feel that I focused a little too much on Ryan's feelings and emotions from when he had died. Sure, he is one of my characters, and I felt the need to add a little emotional edge to the story (besides what was done to the canon characters), but I think that I overdid it. If anyone has felt this way as well, I do apologize.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of in the mood for a sequel. I feel a little nervous about it because, in my mind, sequels don't come off as good as the original. Meh, let me know what you guys think. I have the story half-planned, but I'm not going to get to it right away. I still have my main stories to work on, plus another up and coming project (not to mention school work, grrrr…), and I need to do some research. My biggest weakness in "Wages" was that I had seen very little of Frontier; just the first seven episodes, plus some scatterings of random ones, and the final episode, but that was it. Not really enough to help me with characterization, which was why they played so small a role in this fic (for which I am dreadfully sorry. All you Frontier fans may burn me at the stake now). Next time, I'll do better. Hopefully. I intend to take a more serious approach to the sequel than I did with this one (I mean writing and characterization. It'll still count as something of a parody), and close up any loopholes that may be in this fic. I would also like to be able to keep the same cast (Ryan, Chris, Will, Reno, John, and Kaio) with maybe some new OC's as well, and maybe… Avatars? Let me know what you think.

Anyway, I promised you all a surprise, and here it is! The following are some spoilers for my sequel, titled "The Four Seasons".


The diamond shards hovered in the air briefly before they began their descent towards Richoemon. Ryan's mind was awhirl with a number of conflicting emotions, but as soon as Renamon pronounced her attack one became all encompassing, and at that moment he saw red.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" Ryan shouted, his voice trapped in the grip of a near murderous rage. "I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HIM FROM ME!"


Dracaramon ran for all he was worth, but in the end it didn't matter. Something snapped closed around his neck and forced him to stumble as an overwhelming force overrode all sense of self control and self consciousness that he had, flinging his partner off his back with a cry. With a groan, Chris rolled onto his back and took a look at his friend as he rose to his feet. His eyes were glowing a fierce crimson.

'That's not good…'


"You're trapped with no way out. You can't even risk digivolving here. What're you going to do?"

"The same thing that every would-be hero does when the odds are against them: improvise. Why? Was that a trick question?"


"So this is it, huh?" He asked, looking up at the starry night. "This is how it all ends? Strangers in our own home and all we can do is fade away…"

The boy's companion didn't answer him.


And there you have it folks! That's it for my spoilers! Good? Bad? Somewhere in between? Let me know. Until then, you are now exiting the world that is… Crazyeight! Later and thanks again!