Written long ago as a birthday fic for strawberry'd. It'd been a long while since I'd wrote anything related with Shaman King, but it was fun. Maybe I'll get around updating the YohxAnna collection someday soon.

Title: Tribulations
Pairing: MantaxMorphine
Date: August 21st, 2006.

Standard disclaimer applies.

Manta's round eyes lock on the petite-sized fairy as she floats about Lyserg's arms. Her wings glitter in the sunlight and the shimmering fabric of her attire blinks every time she moves. He doesn't know why, but he can't help it when his gaze trails after her. From the way she delicately flaps her wings or moves her hands to circle her master's hand in a loose embrace, he watches it all attentively.

Morphine suddenly turns around, feeling observed. Manta almost chokes on his drink when he's found blatantly staring. And when her gaze meets his, magenta eyes set unwaveringly on dark brown ones, she giggles girlishly and turns away. A blush spreads over her cheeks, a shade of pink that goes well with her warm peach skin. It must be the heat because the color rises to his cheeks too and up to the very roots of his dirty blonde hair.

Or maybe… Maybe it's just that he misses her. Just a bit… really. She hadn't spent too long inside his beloved laptop, but he'd come to feel like he knew her all along. He really knew Morphine. True, she might have been Lyserg's companion from the very beginning, but those spare weeks or days she had spent with him were too much to forget. To him it doesn't matter how long it had been, it was enough. He had seen her when she felt worried and sad; he had reassured her that Lyserg would never leaver her countless times. He had also marveled at her brilliant smile when she looked back at him those times when he'd tried cheering her up.

Her smile is gorgeous; it lights her eyes up and makes them bright with emotion. It's almost ethereal, angelic. She's so pretty, so feminine, so fragile, so gentle, so… pink. Like a shortcake. And she's so small too. And she's cute. And God, why is her hair so shiny!? It almost makes him want to push the green-haired, teen Londoner out of his way and take her in his hands and stroke Morphine's beautiful, short hair. Her scent must be as intoxicating as her name.

What!? Can't one have his own fantasies…?

Lyserg, who's been attentive to Yoh's ranting for the last couple of minutes, at last looks down at the pixie girl gently tugging at his arm and his bemused smile changes into surprise when he finds her blushing. Then his serene green orbs move towards the Oyamada midget sitting across the table and the initial confusion becomes suspiciousness, brows furrowing slightly.

His short-heightened friend gulps down the knot in his throat and looks away, feeling the sweat cold. The red colors still flood his face, a prominent sign he hopes to hide with the heat. It doesn't help the fact that they are inside a restaurant with an air conditioner system on. Manta then sighs over-dramatically.

Oh, great, he thinks, Kororo is so going to be pissed if she finds out.