Going Home

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Going Home


"Oui, chere?"

"Ya evah think of New Orleans?"

He was silent for a moment. "Ev'ryday."

She pulled her blanket tighter around her shoulder and edged herself closer to Remy on the rock. The sun had just set and the pink and orange hues were dissipating over the ocean's horizon.

The X-Men had continued their vacation after a weekend of rest and going over unanswered questions. Rogue and Remy desperately needed a long break after their encounter with a piece of Remy's past. Sinister.

He felt her closer to him and instinctively wrapped an arm around her covered shoulders. At first she tensed up, thinking she only had on her bathing suit, but then sank into his touch feeling his warmth through her thin fuzzy blanket.

"Do ya evah wish ya could go back?"

Another thought-filled pause. "Most of de time, non."

"Oh." She wasn't expecting that as an answer. "Ah thought ya loved it there."

"I do. An' sometimes I wish I could go back. But den de t'ought of what's waintin' f'me dere if I ev'r go back gets t' me." She nodded, absorbing his every word. "What's wit de sudden questionin', chere?"

"Nothin', sugah. Ah'm just curious."

He took his attention away from the water and looked down at her. She was obviously concentrating hard on the already set sun to avoid his penetrating stare. "Rogue…" he pried. "What's goin' on?"

She gulped mutely. "Remy, when Ah say 'nothin', it means 'nothin', y'hear?" Her gaze was cold and still fixated on the horizon.

Remy slid off the rock and kneeled down in front of her. His eyes met hers and he immediately saw her eyes soften. Then she shut them, suddenly too afraid to let him see into her soul. "C'mon, chere. Tell Remy what's wrong." He rested his hands on her lap, the thin blanket tucked between her bare legs to keep him protected.

Hey eyes fluttered open and met his gaze once again. "Ah miss home a lot too," she finally said.

"Y' do?" He asked with a hint of surprise. He had heard from the others about what had happened when her power had manifested. A boy named Cody had touched her mistakenly and she almost when crazy from meeting up with the X-Men. He had never asked her about it, figuring it was another one of those sensitive topics.

"Like you, Ah know what's waitin' foh me there. Seems like both of us were driven outta the places we grew up."

"Den what y' miss?" He had a feeling the answer she would give him would be familiar to what he thinks of everyday.

She took a deep breath. "What Ah miss most is the atmosphere. Ya know?" He nodded, understanding completely. "Ah loved the sense of peace Ah had. An' Irene was the closest thing Ah had to a mom, though she was kinda strict sometimes."

"Irene?" He remembered the name from before, but this was one of those rare chances where Rogue was willing to answer all his questions.

"She watched ovah me foh who knows how long. Ah always knew she wasn't mah real momma, but Ah was happy. Ah miss mah special place though."

"Where was dat?"

"Raht by this cemetery where the X-Men followed me to an' where Mystique recruited me." She grimaced slightly. "There's this river. Ah think it was the Mississippi, but raht now it doesn't mattah ta me. But Ah would just climb up in one of the trees till nighttime an' the sun would set, an', gawd, it was just great." A small smile appeared on her face as her eyes drifted off into space as she reminisced.

Remy smiled to himself, glad that she could still find happiness in what was otherwise a miserable life. "Rogue?"

She looked back at him and grinned. "Yah, Remy?"

"Y' wanna go back?"

The smile instantly faded. "Oh, no. Ah couldn't. There's too much shit circulatin' about me prob'ly. Too many people saw what happened ta Cody."

"Quick question… since when d'ya care what people t'ink 'bout y'?"

The sad and dismal expression on her face was replaced with a blank one, her mind doing some major pondering. "Ya know," she started. "Ya're raht. Ah should go back. When though?"

"Whenev'r y' ready."

Her smile returned and she stood up. Remy tugged gently on the blanket to help support him up. "Ah'll ask the Professor. Ah'm sure he would have no problems with it!"

"Let's head back, den. De sooner y' ask him, de better, eh?"

"Ah could fly back Ah'm so happy!" To prove her point, she levitated off the ground a couple feet. She threw the blanket off her and stretched out her limbs, feeling very refreshed. Remy did his best to keep his eyes off her forest green camouflage bikini and on her smiling features. "Hey, Remy?"

He completely focused on her face then. "Oui?"

"Ya wanna know a secret?" A spark glinted in her eyes.

"Sure, chere."

She flew over to him and kissed him on top of his head through his copper auburn hair. "You're the only person whose opinion about me that mattahs."

He looked up and met her warm gaze. "'Love you too, Rogue."

She smirked slyly and flew ahead of him towards the beach house Xavier had rented. Remy bent down and picked up her blanket. After shaking out the sand, he chased after her, stumbling a bit in the loose white sands.


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