Going Home - Chapter 6

Going Home - Chapter 6

Rogue shuddered herself awake. It was still dark out and the only light she could see was the indigo glow from her alarm clock. She yawned as she saw it was only fifteen minutes before four.

Throwing the blankets off of her, she stretched fully. She heard mild snoring coming from the floor beside her bed. She looked down, trying to focus in the dark. Remy had completely ditched the old cot and found a comforter to sleep on.

She slid off the other side of the bed so as not to step on him and walked around to the window. From her window, she could only see the moonlight spill over Irene's house and into her backdoor neighbors'. Feeling ironically homesick for the mansion, she flew out the window and perched herself in the front of the house where she could see the moon. It's kinda funny, she thought. That's the same moon Ah look at when Ah'm at the mansion… but it seems so different. She peered at it curiously. How the hell did it look different? Ah think it's smaller… yah, that's it. Ah'm so much closer with the mansion. She smiled at her revelation. Then she yawned. "If Ah wasn't so tired, Ah would get a closer look," she said aloud.

She lay on her back on the angled roof, fixating her stocking covered heels in the gutter for support. An' Ah nevah did this on Irene's roof befoh. She smiled. "Too bad we're leavin' tamorrow."

"Y' wan' stay anot'er day, chere?"

Rogue jumped up and whipped around. "What're ya doin' up?"

"Y' really t'ink I could fall asleep at all? I was sleepin' on de floor. But I t'ink y' knew dat."

"You were fakin' it?"

He shrugged. "I got a li'l sleep in." He rubbed his neck. "Not too much dough."

"C'mon," she walked toward him and pulled on his arm. "Ah'll take the cot an' you can spend the rest of the night on mah bed." She hugged him and flew them both back down to the window. She helped him in before flying in herself. She felt her way towards the cot but Remy waited by the bed. "What?" Rogue asked when she didn't hear him climb onto the bed.

"Not'in'. Jus' gon' be lonely on dis big bed."

"Remy, ya have the bears."

"But dey not as warm as you." His eyes flicked brighter for a second.

"Don't even. Ah don't trust mahself…"

Remy reached for the light on her nightstand and turned it on. Then he found his dufflebag and searched around in it for a second before pulling out a long sleeved t-shirt. "Y' only toss an' turn if y' have a nightmare."
"An' how do ya know Ah'm not gonna have a nightmare?"

He shrugged. "I'll be okay. C'mon."

Rogue stepped closer to the double bed, careful not to trip over the comforter Remy had set up earlier. "The bears are stayin' between us, undahstand?"

Remy nodded. He watched as she got on uneasily and pulled the blankets up to her chin. He sat on the bed and then plopped down on the pillow. She pushed herself as far away from him as she could without falling off the bed. "What's de matter?"

"Ah don't wanna touch you."

"An' y' not. C'mere." He gently pulled her into a hug and relaxed her back against his chest. Between their heads lay the purple bear, keeping watch. "G'night, chere."

Rogue sighed. "Night, Remy." He let go of her for a second to flip over and turn off the light. Then he laid one arm over her blanket covered waist and closed his eyes.

She stared straight ahead into the darkness for a few moments. She felt so safe in his embrace but she couldn't help but worry. She glanced over her shoulder to see that he'd already fallen asleep. She smiled faintly and then yawned. Ya need the sleep. Go for it. She wiggled closer to Remy's warmth and he responded instinctively by strengthening his arm over her. Within seconds she fell asleep herself.

Remy woke again, but this time at a more reasonable hour from the morning before. His arm slid off of Rogue as he twisted around to check the time. It was a little past eleven. Yeah… dis is when Remy should wake up. He nimbly got out of bed, careful not to wake the still sleeping Rogue. She didn't stir at all when he pulled away, which was comforting to him. He was afraid he had pushed her too much earlier. Honestly, in his head, he needed the warmth of someone beside him. And knowing he had Rogue there chased his nightmares away.

After standing up, Remy went into the bathroom. He relieved himself and then looked at his appearance in the mirror. He laughed to himself. I t'ink I have longer hair den Rogue. He ran his hand through the coppery strands. Then he checked his eyes. The crimson glow was adjusting readily with the light. "All good." He grinned. Walking past Rogue's room, he took off the long sleeve shirt and threw it by the nightstand. Then he took off for downstairs.

He made his way to the kitchen for breakfast, figuring he would walk in on another Mystique/Irene conversation. As he passed through the arch, he was not expecting to see a blonde teenage boy to be sitting with Mystique in her Raven Darkholme form.

She turned to greet him. "Good morning, Remy."

"Mornin'," he responded blandly, still eyeing Cody. "What're you doin' here?"

This was the first time Cody had seen Remy's eyes, therefore answering his question if the guy Rogue was with last night was a fellow mutant too. He gulped noticeably. "Ah came ta talk ta Rogue."

"She's sleepin'." He said with the same flat tone. He finally tore his eyes away from Cody to glare at Mystique. "Raven," he spat through gritted teeth. He only called her that to save her appearance. Usually it was 'Mystique' when she was in any form. "Y' do know who dis is, right?"

"Yes, I do." She kept a placid look on her face.

"Jus' so y' know."

"The young Mr. Robbins and I were talking about the welfare of Rogue."

"An' how y' doin' dis peacefully? He practically had a mob growin' 'gainst her an' y' sit here actin' all nice an' polite."

"Remy, quiet down. Rogue needs her sleep. Please just take a seat and you can join our conversation."

He put his on the back of the chair between Raven and Cody. She nodded to it and he took a seat. "Where's Irene?"

"She's in her room. She's having one of her headaches."

"Sorry t' hear dat." Prob'ly havin' a vision. What is Mystique plannin'? She can' be playin' "Miss Nice Villain" t' da kid dat all but attacked her daughter.

"Now," she turned her attention back to Cody. "What were we talking about before?"

"Ah was tellin' ya what happened aftah Ah woke up." Raven nodded. "People all started comin' up ta me an' were askin' what it was like ta be attacked by a mutie just through touch." She cringed slightly at the slur. Remy noticed it fully, but Cody just continued. "In all honesty, ma'am, Ah didn't remember much a' anythin'. Like it was sucked from me."

"Rogue does dat sorta t'ing." Remy muttered.

A groan came from outside the kitchen. "What do Ah do, Swamp Rat?" She was rubbing her eyes with her still gloved hands, though she had changed into sweat pants and Remy's long sleeved T-shirt. "Oh, shit," she mumbled when she stopped rubbing her eyes.

"Hi." Cody said shyly.

"Someone explain. Now." She demanded calmly. "Preferably you, Mystique." She glared at her mother.

"Cody came to apologize, dear. I thought I would teach him a thing or two about mutants." She stood up, her eyes clouded over with pure white. Cody shrank back even more in his chair if it was humanely possibly. "You see, Cody. Rogue here is my daughter. So by genetics, well… 50% probability if I'm going to be technical, that makes me…" She shifted back to her blue form. "…A mutant as well." She stepped away from her seat and ran her hand across the back of Cody's slowly. "You're very lucky I'm in a good mood today, because I work for someone who doesn't think we should be driven down by bigots like yourself."

"Mystique, stop." Rogue warned.

She huffed. "You apologize to her face or I'm going to make you regret everything about your whole life in this back water town."

He looked at Rogue, fear present in his crystal blue eyes. "Ah… Ah'm sorry."

"See?" She shifted into Raven again and pushed her glasses back on her nose. "That wasn't so hard."

"Ah'm gonna go…" Cody all but jetted out of his chair and made special note to be as far away from Rogue when he exited the kitchen form the front door.

"Dammit, Momm – Mystique! Ya didn't hafta scare him shitless!"

Raven noticed Rogue's slip. Good, I'm getting through to her. "Rogue, I can't let him stay a bigot forever. And you couldn't be the only mutant he ever came in contact with."

She sighed angrily. "He's not gonna be much of a born again if he's scared of us. Ah'll be raht back." She flew from the house and into the air. He couldn't have gone far… there! She spotted him a block away from Irene's. It looked like he'd ran the whole way and had finally slowed down, taking glimpses back to see if he was being followed. Rogue flew ahead of him in order to intercept him at the next corner. She descended quickly, hoping she wasn't too noticeable. The corner had a house with a white fence around it, so she could hide easier behind it while she waited for Cody.

Only half a minute later she saw him pass by. "Cody!"

He turned, and his eyes widened. "Doncha talk ta me!"

"Cody, please. Ya know Ah'm not like her."

"Oh, really now? Ah don't know much about ya ta tell ya the truth."

"Was Ah like that last night?" He looked thoughtful for a second. "No, Ah wasn't, wasn't Ah?" He shook his head. "Could we please talk? Ah don't want things ta end like this."

"Look, Ah said Ah was sorry. What else do ya want from me?"

"Ah don't wanna leave knowing that ya hate me… an' what Ah am. Mystique… is different from me."

"Why do ya call her that?"

"Mystique? 'Cuz callin' her Raven is weird."

"Ah meant ya don't call her 'mom' or anythin'."

"Oh. Ya really wanna know?" He nodded. "Then can we settle what's between us if Ah do?"

"Yah, definitely."

Rogue eyed him suspiciously, still unaware of his intention. But she could take him if things turned out bad. She moved to the curb and sat down. Cody followed suit and sat down, almost arm's length away. 'Least he's still afraid o' me. "Ah ain't gonna hurt ya. Not unless ya give me reason to."

He looked into her eyes to check for her sincerity but the edged closer to her. He still had enough room to get away if he felt it was needed. "All raht. Why Mystique isn't called 'momma'… cain't believe Ah'm about ta tell ya this, but Ah know all o' yoah dirty secrets."


She laughed. "Just kiddin'." Oops, guess he doesn't know too much on mah powers. "Okay, so last night Ah told ya that aftah Ah moved away from here it was with mah momma."


"Yah, well, that was Mystique, o' course, but Ah didn't know that then."

"Why not?"

"Beats me. Ah lived with her an' four othah guys foh awhile…"

"Who were the guys? One of 'em Remy?"

"You ask a lotta questions, Cody." She raised an eyebrow.

He shrugged smiling, showing off his boyish dimples. "Just think. Ah wanted ta have this conversation with ya six months ago."

"Ah'm sure it's more interestin' now."

"Prob'ly. Keep goin'."

"Fine," she smirked lightly. "Ta answer yoah question, Remy an' me didn't meet up till later. But the guys Ah lived with were the best. Even though Todd smelled… an' Fred ate too much… an' Pietro was just too damn fast ta keep up with. Lance was the only one who Ah could stand all of the time. He looked out foh me." She smiled at the though. Then it faded. "They prob'ly hate me foh leavin'."

"Why did ya leave?" By this time, Cody had given Rogue his undivided attention and had his elbows propped on his knees. His head rested on one open palm. He had also moved another inch closer.

"Ah met some new kids… who wanted me ta live with them instead. One of 'em… Scott." She stopped.

"Ya liked him?"

"Ah guess Ah did. Don't know why. But we got in some trouble on a trip an' Ah moved in with his people. Ah still didn't feel at home with them… even if Ah do trust 'em. Mah boys with Mystique… they were bad-asses like me. At the institute, Ah was a freak among freaks." She sighed. Maybe that's a li'l different now, but seriously… Ah'm surrounded by preps all the time there! "Okay. About two weeks aftah Ah moved in, Ah met Remy."


"Ah'm still gettin' ta the Mystique thing. If Ah come down ta Caldecott again, Ah'll tell ya."

"Fair 'nuff."

"Thank ya. So, Ah meet Remy an' Ah'm not alone anymore. He was a loner just like me. There was this older guy, too. Logan. Me an' him connected foh a li'l bit, but he's not important in this story.

"So, trouble immediately comes lookin' foh me an' Remy like snap. Long story short, Ah get captured by Mystique… get some new powers," she put up her hand to silence Cody when he opened his mouth. "Deal with that. Then Remy gets captured, Ah find out Mystique is mah momma. By this time, Ah pretty much hate the woman foh puttin' me through so much. So Ah don't accept it at all an' fly mah ass outta there."


"New power." She answered simply. "So othah shit happens with Remy… skip ahead… Then Ah find out one of the boys Ah'm livin' with now is actually mah brother. That was interestin' ta find out."

"What's yoah brother's name?"

"Kurt. Sweet guy but he's the protector Ah nevah wanted. Anyway, Remy talks ta me the othah day an' gets outta me that Ah wanna come back here. So that brings us here. Any questions?"

"Plenty, but they can wait. They ain't really mah business."

"Really?" Rogue was astonished. Foh a boy who interrupted me at every moment possible like a six-year-old, he knows when ta shut up. "Ah have a question of mah own."


"Why the sudden change of heart? Ah mean, last night ya looked like ya wanted ta host a witch trial."

He looked away from her and took a couple seconds to answer. "Ah don't know much of mutants… Just from what Ah hear of ya, an' none of it is good."

"It ain't good anywhere, Cody."

"But, Ah figured… befoh ya knew ya were a mutant, you were normal, like me or Ty or anyone. There was a reason Ah liked ya."

"Heh, almost fohgot that this whole thing started 'cuz ya liked me. That's why ya know where Ah lived?"

He nodded shyly. "But… Ah was thinkin', ya cain't be all bad, just 'cuz ya got tainted blood."

"Gee, thanks," she muttered.

"Ah'm sorry. Ah didn't mean it that way."

"It's okay. Keep goin'."

"Ah don't even know what Ah'm sayin' anymore. Ah just know that Ah had ta find out more about ya then what was spread around."

"Ah undahstand." She sighed. "Ah hate foh this ta end, but Ah think it's time Ah went home."

"Ah'll walk ya."

"Ah meant mah real home. Up in New York."

He nodded, disappointed. "Ah didn't think you would be stayin'. Ah'm prob'ly the only person here that undahstands what you've been through."

"Ya know what though? Ah think Ah'll come back. Maybe in another six months." She stood up and he did the same. "Just when the home sickness starts up again." She smiled weakly.

Cody smiled, too. "Ah'll look fohward to it. Meet ya at the club?"

"Sure, why not? An' maybe we can get a whole dance done."

"That would be nice." There was a moment of silence. All of a sudden, Cody moved closer and pulled Rogue into a hug. She stood stiff for a moment and then realized that he had initiated this. He wasn't afraid. She hugged him back gently.

"Thank ya, Cody. This is exactly what Ah came back foh." She pulled away and stepped back.

"You're welcome. Ah'll see ya around." She nodded, fully content with her visit. She had faced her past demons. She had reconciled with her mother and Cody understood her for a person and not for what she did to him.

"Bye, Cody." She smiled truthfully and turned to walk back to Irene's. After walking about ten steps, she turned back. He was still standing there. Foh a jock, he's a pretty good guy. If these powers nevah came then, Ah couldn't think of where'd we'd be now. Then again, we prob'ly wouldn't know all we know about each othah. She waved shyly. He waved back, giving her one more dimple-filled smile and turned away to head home. Rogue started heading in her own direction once again. After walking a little farther, she heard a small chuckle behind her.

She turned around and wrinkled her nose in a half pout, half smirk. "How much did ya see, Swamp Rat?"

He sat up from the fence he was leaning against. "Sittin' on de curb an' on. Y' happy now?"


"Bien. Y' ready t' go home?"

"Definitely. Ah did what needed ta be done."

"Den y' right. Time t' go home." He walked up and linked his hand with hers. They started walking back to Irene's. "Should I be jealous?"

"Of what?"

"Dat hug y' gave him… looked a li'l too comfy if y' ask me." He grinned and poked her side with their joined hands.

"Oh, shuttup!" She laughed, shoving him away.

"I don' hafta worry 'bout him stealin' y' heart from me, do I?"

She snuggled against his arm. "Now, you're a good li'l theif. Ah think ya know how ta keep yoah most treasured items safe."

"Dat I do, chere." He kissed the top of her head. "Dat I do."

The End!!

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