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Chapter 1

Naruto's POV

It was a rainy day. I looked out of the window of the dorm I shared with my friend Sasuke.Who isn't here right now. He told me where he went, but I don't remember a word he said. My hand runs across the window, it was getting harder and harder to see out of the glass because of the rain. But I keep staring out of the window, because in the middle of the courtyard my room oversees is a boy. He doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the rain soaking him.

Of course, he isn't bothered by much of anything. And it freaks a lot of people out. He's been going to this boarding school since eighth grade, him and his older brother. And in the two years that have passed, he's said nothing to anyone. Well ok, sometimes he says things, but they aren't very nice or important. He just wants to be left alone, and because of that a lot of people think he's strange.

Rumors about him are all around the school. And every boy from sixth to twelfth grade knows who he is. He's the blood tainted vampiric witch, of Konoha Greens, all boys boarding school. Reports of him having a séance, or dealing with the occult have been spread all over school. Others tell stories of seeing him drink blood and the weirdoes in this school say he's the embodiment of the devil. If that is said by the overly religious people or the devil worshipers it's still bull. To some he's evil and to others he's extremely cool. But no one ever speaks to him. Even those who've tried never get a word out of him. Other then, 'Leave me be', or 'I'll kill you'.

But, I can't help but wonder about him. Is he really that cold and heartless? I mean Sasuke was kinda like him, and he's an ok guy once you get to know him. So are all the rumor—

"Naruto, man! I got something for ya!" I jump from the surprise of having Kiba run into my room.

"Damn Kiba, knock next time!"

"Why? I know the door's open." Kiba walks toward me with a grin on his face.

"So what do you have for me?"

"Booze and boobs." With that said, Akamaru walks into my room. With a magazine in his mouth. The little dog gives it to his master, who pulls out two bottles of beer from his jacket. I swear he could sneak girls in under that jacket. Kiba takes the magazine from his pets mouth.

"Close the door will ya, Akamaru?" The dog obeys, as if he understood what Kiba just said. "So anyway, I though I'd drop by, since Sasuke isn't here to kill our buzz. Or not yet at least." Kiba explains, handing me one of the bottles of beer. Then he takes out two more bottles from his jacket and sets them down on the floor. "I know it ain't much, but that's all I could get." He explains.

"That's cool, we don't want to get too wasted anyway. We have class tomorrow." Kiba nods at the statement, and we both open our bottles.

"So I sneaked this magazine from the principals office." Kiba explains, showing me the cover of the dirty magazine. Most of the teachers here in this school are a bunch of pervs. And the principal is the most perverted of them all. Kiba opens the magazine to look at the pictures inside. When we get to the first full length picture, Kiba practically drools all over himself. We keep on flipping through pages, and taking sips of our beer; but somewhere in the middle of all this, my eyes drift away from the magazine. I look outside of the window, again. Just in times to make out the blurry figure in the rain get up and walk out of the courtyard.

"Hey what are you looking at?" Kiba asks shifting so he can look out the window. "Oh it's that Gaara dude." Kiba says with disgust and turns back to what he was doing. I soon lay my eyes on the pages of the magazine again, strangely not really that interested in the images before me.

Gaara's POV

I walk into the hall where my room is located. Drops of water drip from my cloths and hair. I enter the room I share with my brother. "Gaara, did you go outside in the rain?" Kankuro asks me, I say nothing. I just take a change of clothes from my dresser and other things I'll be needing.

"See, this is why people spread weird rumors about you."

"I could care less what little insignificant worms like them have to say about me." I mumble out, and leave the room to go into the shower room down the hall. I don't know why the school didn't just build bathrooms and showers into each separate room. But at least the bathroom and shower rooms are clean. I put my clothes on a bench in a stall that's connected to the shower I have picked to use. The showers are privet enough, unless some idiot just walks into your stall and pulls the curtain away, no one will see you.

I turn on the hot water and slip out of the wet clothes I am wearing. Once the water is hot enough I step into the connected stall of the shower and pull the curtain closed. So that the water from the shower won't splash out into the part were my clothes lie.

There weren't many other people at the showers at this time, maybe three others are here. I take the soap and clean myself, at this time two very loud people come in.

"Sasuke I'm not even drunk. So what do I need to take a cold shower for?"

"I'm not going to deal with the stench of alcohol in our room. You smell like beer." I shake my head. They are making a complete spectacle of themselves. "I don't know why you and Kiba always drink in our room. Can't you go to his and Shino's room?"

"No 'cause he's just as up tight and bitchy as you. But unlike you he never leaves the room."

"Get into a shower." One of the boys hisses out and pushes the other into a stall. Then it's quiet and I can enjoy my hot shower again. Once I'm all clean, I turn off the water and dry myself with one of the towels in the stall. I pick up the dry change of clothes next to my still moist ones. I pull on the plain black tank top, and then slip on my black sweatpants with red flames at the bottom. It's what I'll be sleeping in. I also put on some socks, before gathering all my things to leave.

I hang my wet clothes over the laundry bin that's in the room by the mirror. I then brush my teeth and run a comb quickly through my hair. I don't like being in the shower room, people always want to make conversations here. And most of the time they become loud and I can't stand noisy places.

I don't notice someone getting out of the showers and walking to the mirror where I am standing. I only notice him out of the corner of my eye. It's a blonde and he seems to be staring at me.

"You got a problem?" I ask annoyed, putting my comb and toothbrush away.

"Um no…" The blonde says. I leave and head back to my room. I hate it here, but I have no choice but to stay here. I walk into my empty room, Kankuro may have left to get a shower as well. Our room is filled with strange things. My brother's side of the room has many puppets, they have very strange faces, and would make it hard for most people to sleep. He also has a fake shrunken head, voodoo doll and book by his bed.

I, on the other hand, have many disturbing paintings that I did myself. Along with a small row of vampire books, a gourd (another one of my works of art) and a elaborate crystal bottle which contains sand. My gourd also contains sand, I collect sand from various places. Some may think it strange, but I don't care of others opinions. The sand has meaning to me.

Naruto's POV

I walk back to the room I share with Sasuke. Thinking back on what happened in the shower room. For some reason I couldn't help but stare at the redhead. There was a strange feeling in my stomach when I saw him at the mirror, and that feeling is still sorta there. I don't know what it means. I think I was just a little afraid of him…yeah that's probably it. All the rumors I've heard and this is the first time I've really seen him up close. I've seen him in the classroom and he's always outside in the courtyard every evening. But that close I've never been and it brought on that weird feeling…of fear I guess.

But still I wonder if any of the rumors are really true. I open the door to my room, Sasuke was sitting at his laptop. Sometimes he'll let me use it, but usually he's on it twenty-four-seven. Or at least that's what it seems like. Our room is pretty empty and plain. I have some hand held games over on my night stand, and a calendar on my wall, but nothing else really. Sasuke just has a small bookshelf that hangs on the wall. And then there's the dresser on the opposite side of the wall, the left side is for me and the right for Sasuke. Next to the dresses is the little desk that holds the laptop, where Sasuke is setting now.

I sigh and flop down on my bed, I look up at the ceiling. I feel my bed sink and look up to see who is sitting next to me. It was Kiba, and I notice Shino standing next to Sasuke at the desk.

"Hey, what are you all doing here?" I ask. Kiba's hair was wet and I could tell Shino had made him take a shower as well.

"I think they are having a meeting on how to take the fun out of everything." Kiba says.

"No, me and Shino are partners on a Biology project, I don't know why you're here dog breath." Sasuke explains.

"I'm here to see Naruto." Kiba retorts, he then looks at me. I went back to looking at the ceiling blankly. "Something wrong?" Kiba asks me. I shake my head no, but continue to look up at the ceiling. Until the thought of Gaara came up again. And once again I ask myself, are the rumors really true; is he that bad of a person? I look at Sasuke….

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