A Fan Fic by TheDramaticMonarch

First things first, the following is a primary cast list to help you remember who is playing who in the story. Yes, I am aware that some roles are a bit of a stretch for some characters in terms of age, gender (ie. Squee as Madame Giry and Tess as Piangi). I am equally aware that some of the characters in this story are actually dead in a majority of the comic (ie. Edgar and Dillon).


Johnny C. as The Phantom

Devi D. as Christine

Todd "Squee" Casil as Madame Giry

Tenna as Meg Giry

Damned Elize as Andre/Firmin

Mr. Casil as Lefevre


A Darkwave Quintet

Anne Gwish as Carlotta (Lead Vocals)

Dillon as Buquet (Lead Guitar)

Edgar Vargas as Raoul (Bass Guitar)

Jimmy as The Drummer (Drums)

Tess R. as Piangi (Keyboards)


Psycho Doughboy as The Voice of Torment

Mr. Eff as The Voice of Manipulation

Nailbunny as The Voice of Reason

Shmee as The Voice of "Guidance"

DISCLAIMER: "JTHM" belongs to Jhonen Vasquez and Slave Labor Graphics and "The Phantom of the Opera" belong to (respectively) Gaston Leroux (the novel), Andrew Lloyd Webber (the musical) and Joel Schumacher (the film). I do not intend to make any profits off of this story.

Now on with the story!


A brisk chill sailed through the humid burnt orange sky overlooking Los Angeles. The smoggy grey clouds of pollution blocked out most of what could have been a dazzling sunset. Tall steel streetlamps illuminated the downtown district tucked away from the shiny plastic kingdom of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. This district was adorned with tattoo parlors, cafes and alternative boutiques.

A teenaged boy in a baggy black Nine Inch Heels sweater was accompanied with a snow white, jade haired girl around his age as they walked down the cracked and littered sidewalk. They stopped at a demolished brick building. The paint was peeling on a sign that was barely clinging onto the thin black pole.

"Hey Liz, isn't this that old Macabre Cabaret place that's, like, haunted or some shit like that?" asked the boy as he tossed away his burnt out cigarette.

"Of course it's the Macabre Cabaret. It says so on the sign. God, Kyle, you're such a retard," snorted Liz.

"Yeah, well I heard some guy committed suicide onstage and his ghost started killing everyone or some shit like that."

"No, I've heard stories about a metal band going on a killing spree and then, like, torched the building to destroy the evidence or something. I think they died in the fire too…or something. Whatever."

"Well, do you wanna see for yourself?"

Liz paused and fiddled with her ankh pendant. "Um, isn't the door locked and stuff?" She pointed at the heavily chained and padlocked door.

"No shit, Sherlock. I meant through the windows. Here."

Kyle motioned Liz to the window covered by planks of splintered wood. The teenagers peeked through the small slits through the wood covered window. From what they could make out, they saw singed black drapes, cracked stone gargoyles and a shattered chandelier in the center of the dark sea of ashes, dust and cobwebs.

"Ha! I was right! There must have been some fire. So much for your theory, Kyle," gloated Liz.

"Don't be so sure about that," a deep male voice chimed in which made Kyle and Liz flinch and let out a small scream. They turned around and saw a tall, slender young twenty-something in a black trench coat and black leather combat boots.

"Holy shit, you, like, scared the crap out of us," stuttered Liz who turned to see Kyle chuckling under his breath. She nudged her elbow into his rib.

"Hey!" snapped Kyle.

"Anyway, I was sitting on the bench by the bus stop over there and I couldn't help but overhear your discussion about the Macabre Cabaret. Needless to say, I've heard all of those rumors over the years but none of them are true," said the young man, blowing the long jet black bangs out of his face. "I know what happened that night…"

"No way! You're bullshitting us, man. You're probably gonna tell us some huge ass rambling lie. C'mon Liz, let's go get baked," said Kyle.

The man crossed his arms and let out a frustrated sigh. "Look, do you wanna kill more brain cells or do you want to know the truth about the Macabre Cabaret and brag to your little friends that you know the real story about what happened that night?"

Liz nodded her head. After watching Liz for a few seconds, Kyle finally nodded his head in agreement.

"Okay. We might need to find a bench to sit on and get comfortable because you're in for one hell of a tale. Come with me…"

The young man began to walk towards a nearby bench as Kyle and Liz followed the man's coat tails flying in the wind, curious and intrigued about the story this young man had to offer…