Never say I love you

It was cold; so very cold. Hermione didn't think she could remember a time when it had been so cold. There was no wind; no rain; no clouds, just the pitch black of the night sky that hung over her like a bad omen.

She stumbled blindly through the battle. All around her people were falling… maybe she knew them… maybe she didn't… She couldn't bring herself to look at their faces, to see the emptiness in their lifeless eyes, to see their frozen, helpless expressions. To look at them would mean to break down, to sob and scream and plead and to… to give up and that was something she couldn't, wouldn't allow herself to do.

A man lay on the floor, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, his eyes wide and searching, his hand out-stretched toward her. He was gurgling, trying to speak to her. Hermione backed away in horror, unable to tear her eyes away from the horrifying sight. A loud scream echoed around the forest and Hermione ran. She ran, picking up speed as each second flew by, ignoring the searing pain that was raking through her body. She couldn't look back. She mustn't.

Everything passed by in a blur. Screams pierced through her already despairing mind, unfamiliar faces of people she didn't know, would never know, swam in front of her brown eyes. Her mind was becoming more focused but still she could not find the face that she searched for with such desperation.

She could not find him! Where was he? He had to be somewhere! Please, no, Hermione thought, stumbling to a halt, as she shook with fear. He wasn't… no, he wasn't… Ron was strong, he wouldn't give up, and he had everything to fight for she loved him but he hadn't known, he didn't know… what had she done?

The full impact finally hit her and Hermione saw the truth in black and white. She would die tonight, as would Harry, Ginny, all the people she loved so much, it physically hurt her to think about the relationships she had with them. And Ron… he would die too… and he wouldn't know. He'd never know that she loved him. How every night she wished that she could kiss him goodnight without causing awkwardness, how everyday she wished she could call him hers and embrace him whenever the moment took her, how she wished she could spend the rest of her life with him. It had all seemed so foolish to her back then… she'd tried to convince herself that you couldn't fall in love with someone at the age of 15 and yet, now, she realised that you could and she had and five years on, she still loved Ron but hadn't had enough courage to tell him how she felt. She would never have the chance to tell him now, to say the three words that she had longed to say to him for so many years and would never hear him say them back. She would never hear him say 'I love you'.


A/N: Short, I know, but it was something that I wrote on a spur of the moment. Anyway, what do you think? Fluff (R&R and I will say I love you )