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It was a simple pulse, like when your legs twitch after a long run, but Kunimitsu was feeling it in his back, for no reason that he could think of. It wasn't overly unpleasant, but it was certainly annoying, bad enough that he was stimulated to find a way to make it stop. Still, he thought he had found the answer; the higher he got, the less it bothered him. He continued to climb the steps to the school roof, thankful that most people had gone home and no one would be around to question his odd behavior. His forehead was starting to feel sweaty, and his vision was beginning to blur. Surely, what he needed was some good, fresh air. He opened the door to the roof, stepping out and letting the winds engulf him. Still, it wasn't helping as much as he had hoped, and he fell to his knees, suddenly even more woozy.

He found himself gasping for breath, and his shoulders now felt like they were being ripped apart. He felt himself screaming, but no sound escaped his mouth, and the wind echoed again and again, the only sound in his ears. That was when he felt it, like a sword slipping from it's sheathe, for the first time. Two large, black feathered wings erupted from his back, spreading out into the wind before he finally collapsed.


"I was wondering how long it would be," were the first words Kunimitsu heard when he woke up. It took him a moment to place the voice as Taka's, "It just didn't seem right that Buchou wouldn't be one of us." Kunimitsu wanted to ask what he was talking about, or at least open his eyes, but somehow he felt himself unable.

"I know what you mean, Kunimitsu-buchou is yet another victim of 'Trivial Pulse'," This time it was Inui who spoke, "It seems his blood is avian, as if it wasn't already obvious." 'Avian?' Kunimitsu wondered vaguely, 'Is he saying I'm a bird?' If he had been able to move, he might have had to fight down a chuckle, 'That would explain the wings.'

"So he's like Shusuke-kun?" Oishi asked, and Kunimitsu's eyes fluttered open at the sound of that name. Oishi smiled at him, "You're awake!"

"Or am… I still dreaming?" Kunimitsu muttered, find it hard to speak, "None… Of what you're saying… makes sense." His words came out on shallow breaths.

"Don't worry just yet, Buchou," Momo said, grinning from the doorway, "Changing for the first time is difficult. You're body isn't used to it, so you'll need to rest."

"What…?" Kunimitsu tried to ask, but was quickly becoming exhausted again.

"Just sleep Buchou," Another voice, Eiji's, coaxed and Kunimitsu found himself obliging, no matter how he tried to fight it. A light sleep overcame him.


"He's asleep, again," Kaoru sighed, looking around the room at his teammates. Fuji was the only regular not present. Kunimitsu, though tired beyond belief, could still hear the group talking.

"He'll sleep for awhile," Inui said, checking a few statistics in the computer they had had supplied, "It seems that avian blood is the hardest to mix with humans. Shusuke-kun's records state that he slept for three days after the first change." Kunimitsu listened intently. Shusuke was like him? No, there was no way Shusuke, his beloved Shusuke, could be like he was. Not that Kunimitsu doubted the fact that Shusuke had wings; if the others said he had avian blood, the same as Kunimitsu, apparently, he believed them. But they weren't the same. 'Shusuke is…' Kunimitsu had trouble explaining it, even to himself, 'Too pure to be like me. Yes, he's sadistic, but he isn't vulgar enough to fall for his best friend, or a guy, for that matter.' Yes, Kunimitsu loved Shusuke dearly, this was the only thing he was still sure of, after all he had already heard since awakening.

"Where is Fuji-senpai?" Even Ryoma? What did they all know that they hadn't bothered filling him in on?

"Setting up his bedroom," Oishi informed them, "Him and Taka were the only ones that didn't currently have roommates, and since Kunimitsu-kun seemed avian, Ryuzaki decided to put the two together." He was going to be sharing a room with Shusuke? Dear Kami-sama, what was going on?

Kunimitsu sat up, after a bit of a struggled, and eyes widened across the room. Kunimitsu finally got a good view of the room he was in, it had painted white walls and reminded him of a doctor's office. Still, seeing no one in the room was older than fifteen, it couldn't have been, though Kunimitsu was on an examination table. Everyone looked a bit uneasy that he was sitting up.

"Explain… It to me…" Kunimitsu breathed, his voice quiet, but his command obvious.

"Can't you just go to sleep, Buchou?" Momo asked, taking a step forward, "We promise to explain, but please just rest, your body--"

"'Is under a lot of stress,'" Kunimitsu interrupted, "I figured that much out on my own. Tell me what's going on." Now that he was annoyed, speech was coming to him easier.

"Kunimitsu-kun, the others are right," It was a voice Kunimitsu could never mistake as Shusuke Fuji stepped into the room. He was as breathtaking as always, but Kunimitsu could see no wings. "You should rest. If you'll lie back, I will explain it as best I can." That blue eyed wonder, smiling at him… Could it be possible that they might share room together? Kunimitsu nodded and made himself lay back down, his movements slightly jerky and his seeming awkward until he folded them around himself. Fuji stepped forward and pulled a blanket over the slightly larger boy.

"Alright," Fuji said, taking a seat in a nearby chair. The others made themselves comfortable as well, ready to help tell the tale if Fuji should falter. "About a week and a half ago, there was a small earthquake, remember? It was the same day that we ran into each other at the convenience store; perhaps that's the reason we both changed in the same way, no one else was in the same place as any of the others. I don't know what it was, but something must have happened, because after that, many of us started changing. Somehow, our blood has been mixed with that of animals. I began to change the night of the earthquake, and I suppose it was a lot like you; I felt the need to get to a high place, and my shoulders wouldn't stop twitching. Then I felt my wings. Don't worry, mind you, it only hurts to change the first time, after that you'll be able to slip between forms easily, and it won't bother you. It's actually kind of pleasant, once you're used to it.

"Any way, apparently I chose a bad place to change, I wasn't aware of where I was at the moment, but Ryuzaki-sensei found me on top of her metal cabinets in her office. I was asleep, with my wings covering most of me. Ryuzaki, thankfully, kept her head and took me to this house, telling my parents I was we were all going on a tennis retreat. I slept off and on for three days, and then woke up and told her what happened. By then, however, others, Eiji, Oishi and Momo, had started changing and what was happening to me didn't feel so isolated.

"It took us a while to connect it with the earthquake, Inui found out after he changed, but then we decided it would be best if we all lived together. That's were we are; a secluded house in the mountains, where we can run around with ears, tails, wings and scales showing and not be bothered about it. None of us thought it would be good to give you a heart attack, so no one was allowed to change until we'd explained." Kunimitsu was speechless, though he wouldn't show his shock. He had noticed, so much that it pained him, Shusuke's three day absence, but Ryuzaki had just told him that he was visiting relatives.

"So… Now your parents know?" Kunimitsu asked cautiously.

"Yes," Oishi answered, "And Ryuzaki-sensei is talking to your parents now."

"Was," Ryuzaki corrected, her voice commanding immediate attention, "But they didn't sound too upset or surprised. Especially your mother, Kunimitsu-kun, she actually seemed happy. She said you'd been acting strangely."

'That was because Shusuke was gone for three days and then he distanced himself from me, and I didn't know why,' Kunimitsu thought to himself. His eyes were starting to droop.

"Get some sleep, Buchou," Kaoru suggested calmly, and Kunimitsu felt himself nodding wearily.

"Alright boys," Ryuzaki said, "We need to get to school. Kunimitsu will be fine." The boys glanced at their stoic captain, already fast asleep, then nodded and walked out. All except for one, anyway.

"We can't leave him completely alone, Sensei, and you can't call in sick this late," Shusuke insisted, his normal smile gone from his face. "I would like to stay here and watch over him." Ryuzaki looked from the tensai to his sleeping buchou, then sighed.

"You're probably right," She answered, "And since you also have avian blood, you would be best for the job, but…"

Fuji smiled, knowing that his perceptive coach had already picked up on his feelings for the honey eyed captain. "I'll behave myself. I wouldn't take advantage of Kunimitsu-kun while he was sleeping." Ryuzaki smiled back at the blue eyed genius.

"I entrust him to your care then, Shusuke-kun," Shusuke waved to her as she headed out the door. When she was gone, and he could hear the entire group pulling away, he looked down at the sleeping, black winged angel, realizing it might be even harder than he'd anticipated to keep his promise to Ryuzaki.