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"Hello, little brother," Atsuko said, her young voice like bells in the wind. She stood before the grave, her hand wrapped in her twin's. "I brought Ayumu today. I'm sure Mama will be home later, as you know, and I know that Papa visits every night when he thinks we're asleep." Her little five-year-old voice dropped to a whisper. "They miss you so much, Daisuki. I miss you, too, and I never even met you, really."

She watched grave silently, a remarkable sight to those who knew her. A new, marble headstone had replaced he wooden cross that once marked it, and it glimmered in the morning sun, the cherry blossoms falling around the grave in a picturesque way. Atsuko came here as often as she could, when her family and the other adults were not watching her too closely. She knew who Daisuki was, and she knew what had happened, even if her parents had never told her. She often had dreams of things that had happened before her time, and things that were yet to come but always did. She had talked to Ryoma-oji-san and he had explained to her about being what he called a 'prophet' someone who saw the future in their dreams.

Ayumu, on the other hand, was a mind-reader and general psychic, like their Uncle Ryoma. He hardly ever spoke, even to close family, but Atsuko was aware that his intelligence exceeded even her own, which was very high to begin with. They hadn't understood that other people were not like them, not before this year, when they had begun kindergarten. That was a whole new experience: people without tails or ears or wings or powers.

Previously, they had only known three people like that, the three adults their parents and the others still referred to as 'the teachers' and Dr. Hatchett. The had always figured the older adults were the strange ones. School had changed that point of view, as well as the talk their parents had given them about being careful with their wings and Ayumu with his power. The idea of not being able to converse with people using his mind was entirely foreign to him, as it was his main form of speech. Fuji had specifically told them as well that they had to act 'normal', meaning that they had to be careful about showing their intelligence. Atsuko didn't understand Mama's adamancy about this, but listened.

School had taught them that they were not 'average' in any way, but it brought on a few nice things as well. Atsuko made many friends quickly, and often dragged Ayumu around with her on her limitless escapades. Ayumu, though, was having trouble with it. He wasn't one to talk much in the first place, but having his right to communicate with his mind also taken away, he hardly said anything at all unless he had no other choice.

Because of this, the other children and even their teacher seemed to think he was stupid. He didn't dare do any more than was asked of him on assignments, for fear of giving away his vast intelligence, and he didn't dare say anything, for fear that it would instinctually come out of his mind instead of his mouth. Atsuko worried about him, but this was the way Ayumu was and she could do nothing about it.

"Of course," Atsuko continued to the grave, "If you were around I would really be stuck in the deep end, wouldn't I? I'm the only 'girl' around here, you know. But then... No doubt, things would be even better with you here. It's been five years, but I know Mama still hurts. Papa too, but Mama... If Mama hadn't had Papa, I don't know if he would have made it through losing you. No... Mama definitely wouldn't be the same."

"Atsuko," Ayumu reached out telepathically to his twin, squeezing her hand, "We have to go. Mama is coming."

'Mama' didn't know that they knew about Daisuki. They had never asked Fuji questions, and they had never let him see them visit the grave. It was rare that Ayumu came with Atsuko to the grave. His excuse was that he would make sure Mama and Papa wouldn't catch her, but in truth, standing by the grave gave him a feeling of deep regret. A brother he never had. A life that had hardly even existed. He knew that it couldn't be true, but sometimes he blamed himself for his brother's death. Perhaps he and Atsuko had taken all of the nourishment their mother had supplied, and because of that, Daisuki hadn't made it.

When he was thinking clearly, though, he knew that this was impossible. It couldn't possibly be his fault, not when there were so many other factors. He knew this, but in times of weakness it tormented him. He began to make it true in his own mind. Nevertheless, no one would see him crack, he had vowed it. He would never crack, and thus, no one would see it.

His silence was not entirely because of his personality. He had learned early in his life that if his emotions got out of control, his power would likely follow. And having things break when he was angry was never a good thing. So, he put a tight lid over things like feelings and emotions and lived as well as he could, in the way the suited him best.

Today was a special day though, and it permitted that he show some sort of emotion, and thus, he was allowed to visit Daisuki's grave. Perhaps later, he would even smile. After all, Papa and Mama were finally getting married today. By Dr. Hatchett, who had recently received his lawful certificate to marry people anywhere, any time. (And because I'm the author (Meaning I control all) it is perfectly legal for two men to get married in Japan.)

"Come on Atsuko, go back up to the house," Ayumu said, his eyes never leaving Daisuki's grave as he spoke to his twin telepathically.

"You're not coming?" she asked, tilting her head in a way that made her curls bounce slightly. If Ayumu hadn't spent nearly every moment of his life with her, he might have found it cute.

"I'll be there soon," Ayumu said, "I just want to say my goodbyes. The adults probably realize that I must know anyway." Atsuko looked at her brother, a slightly troubled look, very unbefitting of a five-year-old, in her eyes. Still, she nodded and headed back up to the house.

"Daisuki," he said, his voice calm and smooth, despite it's state of non-use. "You hurt them all daily. Don't you know that? I'll never forgive you for that." He sighed, a small hand reaching out to brush the polished stone, "But, I will never be able to hate you either. Rest in peace." he bowed and turned around. As he did, he was facing a man.

The man looked somewhat familiar, as if Ayumu had once seen him in an old photograph. Still, he didn't know this man and had trouble understanding his thoughts. A mention of knowing about the wedding. Something about Papa. Something about Mama. Something about revenge. What Ayumu did know, however, was that this person wasn't supposed to be here.

"You look just like him," a rather hoarse sounding voice said. Ayumu didn't like this at all. "Except for your eyes. The demon's eyes."

Ayumu tensed slightly as the strange figure approached him. "I wonder..." The man continued, "Just how like your father you truly are." And then there were arms around him and despite his attempts to struggle, his small body was simply no match.

"Let go of me!" He shouted out with his mind, hoping to alarm the man enough that he would possibly be released. It had no effect. The man merely growled.

"So you're a demon too then," He snarled, "Pity. If you were like your father, I might have simply kept you."

Ayumu bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain as the arms around him tightened to a hurtful point around his chest. He was even finding it hard to breathe. He had to get out, he had to get out. If only he had Ryoma-oji-san's power to convince people's action's through thought! He did have telekinesis, but... That could get dangerous... He could hurt someone. Probably the man, but perhaps himself as well. Then a hand brushed against him in a way he knew was wrong, and the normally composed Ayumu snapped.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" He shouted, and an invisible shield propelled the man away from him. The others were coming now. The adults were coming. They must have heard him scream. Ayumu breathed a sigh of relief; if they came, he would he fine. He would be safe.

His father was the first to arrive, and when Kunimitsu's eys met those of the intruder, his eyes widened. "You," he breathed. Fuji arrived next, alerted by his usually quiet son's cry, and his eyes as well, seemed to widen with... Fear? Surprise? It was hard to tell...

"Hello, Kuni-chan," The raspy voice growled, "Demon."

"Don't call him that," Kunimitsu hissed.

"Are you ashamed to admit it?" The man looked slightly surprised, and yet condescending. "Of course you would be. Both a demon lover and a demon son."

"Shut up." Ayumu was in awe at seeing his usually composed father losing it. This person... Clearly this person was someone bad, someone who had had an extreme effect on them before. Eiji-oji-san was even growling softly in his throat, as if he too recognized this intruder. There were too many thoughts, too many emotions, and Ayumu felt like he was on overload. His head hurt, and throbbed as he tried to find one thing to focus on, to remove the pressure. Finally he felt it as his sister frantically sent out a thought for him.

"What's going on?" Ayumu latched onto her wavelength as quickly as he could, and felt the pressure on his mind ease.

"I don't know," he admitted. Atsuko edged around the adults and ran to his side, wrapping their fingers together upon her arrival into his protective mental-shield. She squeezed his hand, as if to reassure him, but he could see the fear in her eyes, and could feel it in her mind. He squeezed back.

"Ayumu." The young boy was surprised to hear his father's voice in his head. It was impossible to get into the former-buchou's mind unless he reached out to you first, so even Ayumu often had no idea what his dad was thinking. Kunimitsu hardly ever reached out to his mind, not since he was a mere hatchling.

"Yes, Papa?"

"Did he hurt you?" Ayumu hesitated.

"I'm fine. Maybe a bit bruised around the middle."

Kunimitsu nodded at him. "Stay there with Atsuko. Don't move, no matter what happens." Ayumu nodded back, feeling troubled. And then his father's mind was closed to him again.

Kunimitsu was not happy to be seeing the person before him now. The one who had caused him such trauma as a child, the one who had made Fuji's life terrible, and now the one who had hurt his son. No, to say he was unpleased would certainly an understatement. He was enraged. Five years had passed, and he had not told Fuji that he had remembered his kidnapper: Fuji's father. The man before them now. He had kept it from him because there had been nothing he could have done about remembering. Simply remembering would do no good because he case had gone cold. His simply 'remembering' without any evidence would do nothing. Now, however, he had attacked his son, and that would bring attention to Mr. Fuji, after which Kunimitsu could casually bring up the abuse of Shusuke and his own kidnapping, and perhaps the police would look into it. They could finally have some closure on this. Kunimitsu longed for such an ending.

Fuji senior was glancing over at Ayumu and Atsuko again, and added to his previous insult, "And even a demonette. Your... Charity to those below yourself amazes me."

Kunimitsu felt his eyes twitch, and used his power to take the older man's voice away. Stepping forward as calmly as he possibly could (which was remarkably calm), he leaned in to whisper in the man's ear, "After I remembered who you were, I wasn't able to tell the police because the case had gone cold and I had no concrete proof. Now, however, you have hurt my son, and touched him in a way you shouldn't have. I don't even want to think about what you said to him. Ayumu does not scream, so it must have really been something. If I bring you to the police on those charges, and Shusuke testifies against you about his childhood beatings, then I will have enough to have them reopen the case from when I was younger. I'm sure they'll find some way to convict you." Kunimitsu stood up, the nearly-evil side of him that came out in defense of his family sunk back down below the surface and with a stoic face, he added, "In the meantime, I hope you're not afraid of the dark." And he used his powers to turn off all of the man's senses until the police got there. He turned around to take his soon-to-be husband into his arms swiftly.



"What's going on?" Fuji's eyes told him plainly that he needed answers. Kunimitsu simply smiled. It was going to be a long day, full of explanations, vows (some on the wedding variety), and a longer night of making it up to Fuji for not telling him before. Right now, however, Kunimitsu just wanted to kiss his lover, and did so, not even stopping when he glimpsed the twins cover each other's eyes, and heard Atsuko's bell-like giggle. And, finally, all was well. This time, for forever.


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