After secretly observing her husband hang a few bunches of mistletoe around their apartments, Eowyn had taken it upon herself to place one of her own. Strategic places, indeed, she thought as she made sure this particular bunch was not quite so visible to Faramir's keen eyes. So far, he'd managed to capture her in pretty much every doorway, his study, and next to the tree for a kiss. Each time, after each kiss, he would smile and point up at the mistletoe she had missed.

He hadn't yet thought of this spot to hang mistletoe. Very strategic, of course. She gave a satisfied nod to the berries and to her own careful planning. Easing herself off the bed, she turned around and squeaked in surprise as her husband's arms wound around her. His eyes darted from her, to the mistletoe, and back again.

"Faramir! You weren't supposed to find out yet!" she cried. "I was hoping to finally catch you for all the times you caught me."

"Consider me caught, my love," he answered with a slow, sensual smile. Eowyn tugged him down onto their bed and under the mistletoe hanging above their pillows, smiled and kissed him soundly.