This fic has apparently stolen all my plot bunnies, because it's all I can seem to focus on right now. Characters still not mine. This one's kinda short... Enjoy!

Chapter 4:

The next thing he knew, they were parked outside of Greg's apartment.

"You just want me to go in?" The Texan offered, taking note of how nervous Greg seemed to be. But, the younger man shook his head. "Okay. Let's go."

Biting his lip, Greg dug his house keys from his pocket, if he didn't need them for the door, at least he had a weapon to use. Such thoughts were not comforting. "Nick…" His doubt faded when Nick's strong hand landed on the small of his back, guiding him forward.

Nick was the one who knocked.

"What do you want?" Corey snapped, glaring at the man on his doorstep. Then he saw Greg, who was hiding behind Nick. "It's about time you got here, honey. I was starting to worry."

Not fazed by that, Nick simply stayed where he was between them. "Can we come in, please?" He asked.

Corey reluctantly stepped aside and the other men entered. "Who are you?" He demanded of Nick again.

"I work with Greg." He nodded for his friend to go get whatever he'd need for the net few days and then turned to Corey the second Greg was out of earshot. "I know what you're doing to him, and I'm not letting it go on. We are going to get Greg's things and I am taking him someplace safe." Nick paused, letting Corey absorb that much. When it seemed that the vein throbbing in the other man's neck was about to burst, he continued. "I, too, work for the LVPD, and if you so much as look at him wrong while I'm here, I will have you arrested before you can blink. I'd have you arrested right now, but I promised Greg that I wouldn't."

"I… you…. You'll pay." Corey snarled, but he did nothing when Greg stepped back into the room.

"You ready, G?" The Texan asked, keeping one eye on the bastard still standing a few feet away.

"Yeah." Greg nodded, a duffel bag in his hand and a pillow tucked under his arm. "Can we go?"

Nick nodded, making sure Corey stayed behind as they walked outside. "You okay?"

Greg didn't answer until they were safely inside of Nick's Tahoe. "Yeah, Nick. It's just… thanks."

He started driving, his condo was only about ten minutes away. "It's no problem." Greg put the radio on some station that played just about everything, and te rest of the ride was silent, both of them lost in thought.

Nick was recalling the conversation they'd had at the bar. Greg had told him everything about Corey and what had been happening. He'd shown him a few cuts and bruises which had nearly made Nick's stomach turn on him. Despite all the murder scenes he'd processed over the years, seeing Greg so hurt was a million times worse. Nick had offered Greg a place to stay, and Greg had accepted.

Greg, however, was thinking of what Corey would do to him for this. He was pretty sure that if Nick hadn't been there when he walked away, he would've been dead tonight. He was also pretty sure that if he hadn't told Nick anything, he would've been dead soon, too. He owed Nick so much for doing this for him.

It was still far from over, though.