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Lips of an Angel

Scarlett led them into an open part, away from the others, unaware her angelic singing voice was being carried on the blowing wind.

The past is a mystery,

It's time you learn your history.

I've given you a power,

One that is untapped with...

Slowly you shall find,

What memories were left behind.

But I must give you one precaution,

Do you still wish to hear it?

I remember taking a big breath, now aware of the wind that was blowing in the field, but I sang, regardless.

I wish to hear of my past, one I did not know of,

I want to hear and see you cast,

Your magic...

Yuan told Kratos, "Where did she learn to sing? It's beautiful."

Kratos nodded, "She probably got it naturally from Anna. She had a wonderful singing voice."

"But, what about-"

"No. That time was a joke."

"Oh, okay."

The two friends quieted down, listening to the rest of the song of someone they didn't remember.

The power I have gave to you,

Is a gift, but there is something you must choose...

There is one curse,

One that may burst,

The insides of one that you hold close to you,

Do you still wish to hold it?

As the voice faded, as well as Scarlett's, Yuan frowned, "That voice sounded familiar. Do you know who it was?"

Kratos glared into the darkness at Scarlett, who was telling Lloyd and Celeste about her power, and how she got it.


By then, all of them were listening around the fire.

"...It was...Anna's voice."

"What? Anna's?" Yuan's mouth gaped.

"There is no mistaking her voice. Even if she's gone, I remember her voice as if she just spoke to me not two seconds ago. Scarlett and Celeste sound a lot like her. Lloyd resembles me, as well as Celeste, but Scarlett got almost everything from Anna." Kratos stated.

"She...wha?...But?..." Yuan stumbled with his words.

"How could that be so?" Raine questioned.

"I sense her."


However, Kratos was the only one who saw her...Anna. She had silver angel wings, smiling like no tomorrow. Kratos smiled. He could never forget Anna's voice, smile, looks, even her fighting style.

"Kratos..." Anna kissed him.

"I love you, my angel." Kratos whispered in his wife's ear as she vanished.

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