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Maybe I should take a shower today. It's been a couple of days at least. His thoughts felt heavy, slow like honey. He didn't want to move though. His muscles felt stiff. The frostbite that had been in his fingers had sunk into his muscles, into his bones, filling his marrow with ice. He felt cold all the time now. The heat was turned up to the max, and still he never thawed out. All evidence of frostbite had faded though he could still feel it as clear as anything. And he had a job tonight.

He forced himself up with a groan as he suddenly felt lightheaded. Maybe not eating for a little while, ok, three days, was finally taking its toll on him. He stumbled to the bathroom once he regained his footing.

He stood there, naked in the shower, unwilling to turn the water on. After a shower the air always felt frigid, colder then before. He wasn't sure if he could do it again. His stiff fingers betrayed him and turned the shower on. The water was scalding hot, burning his skin, but his bones still felt ice-filled, creaky with cold.

He stayed in there until the alarm clock by the bed blared, announcing his time to wake up, giving him 10 minutes to be ready to get on his job tonight. He should have been sleeping at that time. Oh, if only he could sleep, sink into oblivion.

No one gave him a second look as he exited his apartment in 90 degree weather in a trench coat. It was Seattle. They passed him off as an artistic type, one of the one's that did weird things in public.

The X-men had infiltrated a government base on a quest for information. They had incapacitated all the guards. They circled their way through the multiple halls, their eyes and ears wide open.

Ororo, the residing resident ex-thief found her way to the main computer. She hacked her way through multiple barriers and locks. Finally, she turned to Cyclops with a strange expression in her eyes.

"The information is not here. It's already been taken."

The X-men voiced hushed, furious whispers over how this could have happened. This place had been watched for months!

Red eyes flashed on the roof top as their owner disappeared from sight.