Chapter 10: That Happy Song

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At McAllister's Deli

"I'm really glad you put all this together Jake, you're so sweet!" Miley said putting her hand on his. They were all sitting outside, with a perfect view of the beach beside them.

"Anything for you Miley."

" all seems like a fairytale you know? I mean...we're all finally together and happy." Lilly said, looking over at Oliver with a smile.

"Yea I know what you mean! The rest of this Summer's going to be a blast!" Oliver said.

"Oh hey, I have a surprise guys! Hannah's going to have a 3 week tour in two weeks...and I'm inviting you all to stay on the tour bus and come with me!"

"NO WAY ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT'S AWESOME!" Lilly exclaimed, hugging Miley.

"That sounds great! We'd all get to hang out together!" Jake said, rubbing Miley's back.

"So...what's all on that tour bus of yours?" Oliver said.

"Oliver! Is that all you care about?" Miley said laughing.

"No...but it helps!"

"Well...I know there's an XBOX 360 and a flat screen T.V. then above each bunk there's flat screen T.V.'s and..."

"That's enough! I'm already in Heaven..." Oliver said smiling and looking up.

"You're insane kid!" Lilly said, "But I still love you."

"That's good since you know, we're kinda on a date here." Oliver said grinning at her. "Hey do you guys wanna go catch a movie?"

"Nahh, Miley and Me were just talking about how we were gonna go take a walk on the beach.

"K, suit yourself. C'mon Lil." So Lilly and Oliver walked off, while Miley and Jake walked hand in hand towards the beach.

"You know...this past 2 weeks has been...amazing." Miley said, looking up at him.

"I know. I've liked you for so long, and I'm finally with's great!"

" know how I told you on the phone that If We Were A Movie was written about you?"

"Yea...I love having a song about me!"

"Ohh, I'm sure there's more coming...but really it's all coming true. I mean you're the right guy, I'm the best friend that you fell in love with," She said, and he laughed a little, and the two sat down on the sand, "See? We'd be laughing, watching the sunset," She said, pointing towards the setting sun, "Yet there's no happy song. How sad!" Suddenly, from the road they could hear a driver going by with the volume on their radio up all the way playing Breaking Free from High School Musical.

"That happy song..." She began, but Jake cut her off with a long, deep kiss.


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