The Gods' Opinion

Disclaimer: Almost all characters belong to Takahashi Rumiko.

Warning: This is a mature story and I mean that in more than this story only containing sexual situations and bad language. It contains adult themes.

Summary: Kagome is trying hard to have a baby. But when things don't work out, she visits the best fertility doctor in the world. She finds her feelings and beliefs challenged as she struggles to hold onto her dreams.


Chapter Twenty and NineUnwritten

"Calm down Inuyasha."

"You can tell me to fuckin' calm when you- wait…what am I talking about? You can't settle down."

Miroku pouted. "That's not fair."

"Stop taking it out on Miroku, mutt-face."

Inuyasha grumbled as he fixed his haori and hakama one more time. And then he adjusted it again, just in case. Glancing down at his feet, he wiggled his toes, which were slipped into the traditional tabi socks and zori sandals.

"It seems the hanyou can clean up."

"Shut up bastard," he shot out as his brother. Stupid…why…oh wait. He knew why he was torturing himself like this. Just a little longer and this part would be over. He just hated to wait. Like he had patience. Closing his eyes, he sighed. Just a little longer…

It was a long wait for this day, the tomobiki of June. Stupid Sesshoumaru. That bastard was all about upholding every single tradition and ancient custom he could find. Lucky for them, the elder daiyoukai had connections to people who were able to calculate the tomobiki well in advance without having to wait.

The door to the room they were in burst open. None of them were surprised by it as the running of Shippo's feet alerted them to his arrival. "It's time."

It was silent as everyone nodded to each other. They had to be ready now. It was time. Inuyasha lead the way out of the room, his entourage following him. They left the inside of the dwelling and waited outside for the second group to meet up with them.

All froze the moment the second group finally did emerge. There was Kagome, leading her pack, looking so beautiful dressed in a long white dress with a thin white veil covering her face and hair. The upper part of her hair was pulled back, the jade comb holding it in place, displaying her neck and the pearl necklace wrapped around it.

Once her eyes met his, she smiled, blushed, and turned away. She chastised herself. She wasn't supposed to display any emotions on this day. But she couldn't help it. She was the happiest she had been in a really long time.

The two groups came together, Inuyasha on the left and Kagome on the right, both flanked by their blended family. Together, they walked toward the Goshinboku. A priest clad in traditional robes stood at the base. Silk pads were arranged at both sides for the guests to sit upon.

Far off from the main sitting area sat a small group of gagaku softly playing their fluted music in accompany with the sounds of nature that danced around the Shrine grounds.

Once Kagome and Inuyasha reached the priest, everyone in attendance took their seats, facing each other as they all prepared to be invited into each other's family with the union of Kagome and Inuyasha on this day. The attendance was large due to the fact that neither Inuyasha nor Kagome could pick one person over another.

The priest began the ceremony by honoring the gods and asking them to attend the ceremony so that they may bless the couple and those in attendance on this day. Next, the priest pulled out a branch cut from the Goshinboku, called the harai-gushi, and purified the couple as he once again asked the gods to bless the couple. Once the priest was satisfied with both the purification and the blessing, he ushered everyone to the next part.

"I will marry this woman…"

"I will marry this hanyou…"

"I will love him…"

"I will love her…"

"No matter the health condition…"

"…respect, console, and help him…"

"Protecting fidelity."

"Until death."

"Until death."

"I swear."

"I swear."

The priest nodded as the vows had been shared. Three young miko-in-training, clothed in the traditional red and white dress, walked up to the priest, each one carrying a shallow, yet wide, cup of sake. The first miko, who carried the smallest-sized cup, handed the cup to the priest who blessed the rice liquid before handing it to Inuyasha. Inuyasha received the cup and took three tiny sips before handing it over to Kagome.

Kagome followed, taking three sips herself. Once finished, she handed the cup back to the priest who handed it back to the miko. The next miko, with the medium-sized cup, stepped up and the process of blessing and drinking was repeated. The last miko, with the largest cup, passed the cup of sake to the priest and the ritual was performed for the last time.

As the san-san-kudo finished, another miko handed out small cups of sake to all of the guests in attendance. Once the priest had the last cup of sake from Kagome, he asked the guests to drink, completing the union of the bride and groom and their families, and that the vows Inuyasha and Kagome shared were now sealed.

Next, another young miko emerged, a red origami crane cradled in her small hands. She handed the crane to the priest who once again blessed the object. Inuyasha reached over and pulled off the ring that was looped around the crane's neck. Taking Kagome's hand, he slid his mother's ring onto her slender finger.

It was the first time Kagome has seen the ring and she was stunned by its simple beauty – a plain gold band with Inuyasha's family crest etched onto its side. Kagome took the ring that was looped around the tail of the crane. Taking the ring, she reached for Inuyasha's hand and slid the ring, the one that was once her father's, onto his finger.

Turning back, the priest handed the couple three branches from a sakai tree, whose years matched that of the Goshinboku. Inuyasha and Kagome turned and walked to the tiny shrine off to the left of the Goshinboku. They set the twigs down in front of the shrine, closed their eyes and prayed, asking for blessings from the great goddess and all of the other deities present.

Once the prayer was over, Inuyasha and Kagome returned to their places in front of the priest. He smiled as he clapped his hands.

"The ceremony is complete. You may kiss your wife."

Kagome gasped and she turned to give the priest a questioning look. He was a close friend of her grandfather. Once he learned of their wedding, he had sat down with Kagome and Mama Higurashi, explaining to them a letter that was left to him asking him to marry Kagome, in case her grandfather wasn't around to perform the ceremony.

"That's not tradition," she whispered to the old priest.

The priest smiled and winked at her. "Your grandfather says it'll be okay…just this once."

Kagome turned to Inuyasha who carefully lifted the veil from her face. He then immediately pulled her close and bent down, giving her a tasteful, yet loving, kiss. The guests erupted with cheers. Kagome pulled back and smiled, her cheeks pink. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. She rested her head against the rough material of Inuyasha's bright red haori.

"We're halfway there," she whispered to him.


The reception party was held upstairs in the bar area of KenSen. The restaurant portion was left open for usual business because Kagome didn't want anyone to be disappointed on her happy day.

Kagome changed into a simple kimono, a gesture to honor her mother as it was the kimono her mother wore at her reception. It was a dark green color with scattered white plum petals with a pale yellow obi wrapped around her waist. Inuyasha took off his haori, but left everything else on. It was warm out and he didn't want to sweat and stink in front of everyone, especially those with sensitive noses.

As everyone had sat down to eat and drink, one by one, guests had a chance to make a speech to the couple at the makeshift stage set up. Many offered their best wishes and good luck to the couple. Some ended up crying, Eri being one of them, who couldn't make it through the speech they had planned.

Ayame's and Ayumi's children got together and sang a song in honor of the couple. As the party went on and more alcohol was consumed, loving speeches were replaced with drunken karaoke acts, mostly by Kouga and Miroku. Sango tried to hide behind the bar with Jakotsu and Rin did everything she could to keep Sesshoumaru from whipping anyone who couldn't carry a tune.

At the end of the reception, it was Kagome's and Inuyasha's turn to give a speech to their friends and family. After a little private discussion, Inuyasha nodded and took the microphone first.

"Hey," he began. Speaking to an audience without notes or without a slide show was difficult for him. "Yeah, thanks for coming. Guess we wouldn't be here without anyone of you."

He then handed the microphone over to Kagome. She gave him a soft smile. "Yes, what Inuyasha said. I know that I can't really say how grateful I am to all of you. I've been through the worst times and the best times of life with all of you. But we've made it this far because of you. Let's look forward to the future together as well."

The guests clapped and said their goodbyes to the couple as they headed off to catch their honeymoon flight. Inuyasha didn't say one word about where they were going, but he had it all planned out. Anytime Kagome asked, he just smiled at her. Sesshoumaru and Rin drove the newlywed couple to the airport with Mama Higurashi along for the ride.

Mama Higurashi said her own private goodbye to her daughter and new son-in-law, tears flowing amongst the women. They all sat around talking and trying to laugh until it was time to board their flight. The last of the hugs were given and Sesshoumaru, Rin, and Mama Higurashi watched as the couple disappeared hand in hand.

Rin leaned against Mama Higurashi, who wrapped a comforting arm around the younger girl. "Two weeks and things will be back to normal," Rin softly said as she wiped away the last of her tears.

"Let's hope not," Mama Higurashi replied as she wiped away her own happy tears.


Kagome lost track of the amount of time she had spent in the airplane. But she knew it had been much too long. In the truck she was now sitting in, she turned to look at Inuyasha, who was driving much too fast to be legal. Then again, she wasn't sure if there was anyone around this area to enforce the laws, or if there were even laws.

"Where are we?"

"It's a surprise," he said back to her, his voice low and hoarse from the lack of speech. He had done a good job at keeping it from her, placing headphones on her ears in the plane, carrying her as she slept through the terminal at their arrival point. Sometimes, he loved her obliviousness to her surroundings.

"Oh…okay. How much longer then?"

"About five minutes."

Kagome sat up. That was good news. The sudden movement, though, caused pain to tremble from her stiff limbs. "Really?" Between the airplane trip and the car ride, she wasn't sure if they were ever going to make it. Some surprise.

Five minutes later the vehicle slowed down as Inuyasha turned onto a narrow dirt road. Kagome repositioned herself in her seat, gazing out the window, but couldn't see much of anything at this time of night other than a few stars and the outline of some of the taller trees. At the end of the driveway, which she guessed they were approaching by the quick deceleration of the vehicle, she could faintly make out a small house.

He pulled up to it and stopped, putting the vehicle in park and cutting the engine. Kagome exited the car, reaching up to the sky, stretching her limbs out like a cat, pulling her muscles until they strained. Inuyasha grabbed their bags and headed inside the tiny dwelling.

"Hurry up inside," he called after Kagome before she wandered too far off into the dark.

Kagome rushed in after her husband and followed him inside. He turned on a lantern and revealed their honeymoon locale to her. She gasped, in awe of the cute little adobe hut he had found for them to share these nights together.

It was a single square dwelling that reminded her more of a feudal-era Japanese hut than anything else. Everything was stuffed into the four corners of the place. A tiny kitchen was squeezed into one corner, consisting of a sink, fridge that was powered off a generator, and some cabinets. The cooking had to be done over a fire pit that was carved out of the center of the room.

In another corner, there was a hammock that clued her into chance that they were in a tropical location. She didn't have a window seat on the plane and Inuyasha did everything he could to make sure she was too busy to take notice of their surroundings. One corner was blocked off with a partitioned wall that Kagome assumed was the bathroom. And the last corner had chopped wood stacked up nicely.

"This is nice," she commented as she noticed finally that there wasn't a bathtub in the little shack. What kind of honeymoon didn't have a bathtub? She was half-expecting a hotel room with one of those in-floor Jacuzzi tubs. They would sit in it, getting massages, and surrounded with bubbles while sipping on champagne. "Where are we?"

"Mexico." Inuyasha was busy putting their bags away. He wandered into the kitchen area and opened the cupboards, checking on the food he had stored. There was enough for them for a while, though he figured he would have to go into the nearest town for something later on in the week.

"Mexico?" She was stunned. Of all the places they could go. This didn't seem like any part of Mexico she knew about. No fancy motels or pyramids. "Why…uh, why here?"

"I own this place," he confessed from his spot by the firewood.

"This is yours?" Kagome spun around to get another look at the innards of the place. "You never told me."

"Yeah. I know. No one knows."

"No one, not even Miroku?" Kagome sat down on the hammock, falling backwards into its gentle sway. It was more comfortable than it looked.


"How-how did you end up purchasing this? Find it?"


"Me? How did I…what did I do?"

Inuyasha bent down by the fire pit, dropping the firewood down next to it. He added some small pieces and struck a match. Despite the tropical location, the nights got chilly and they would need a little warmth for them. "You left."

Kagome glanced away, sighing. She had nothing to say to that. It was still a sore spot between them, despite the fact that they moved on, got married. It still pained her to think about that time, but, she still believed she did the right thing.

Inuyasha felt her despair. He ran a clawed hand through his bangs. Not the best way to start their honeymoon. "No, uh, not that. The first time. When you left that Homo guy. I had to get away. I found myself here, alone, surrounded by nature."

"You…how come?"

Inuyasha looked down at the fire he had created. "I wanted you then. I wanted you and-and I couldn't have you. When you left…you disappeared from me. And I was lost. I didn't know what to do. I came here to refocus, to forget about you."

Kagome climbed out of the hammock and joined her husband on the floor next to the crackling fire. She wrapped her arms around him, laying her head against his arm. "I didn't know," she whispered the words as she felt her eyes stinging.

"Keh, how could you've?" His eyes didn't meet hers.

"So, the memories you have of here…they aren't so good, are they?"

Inuyasha's tight stare was fixated on the fire. "I guess," he replied, shrugging lightly.

Kagome snaked her hand up through his thick, soft, silver tresses, seeking the apex of it all where his ears stood. Once found, she locked onto it and started to rub her fingers in a circular motion. Kagome leaned over to the ear that she wasn't massaging and whispered, "Let's make new ones," as the rumblings in his chest began.

He glanced over in her direction and flashed the toothiest grin before his lips found hers, tenderly at first. Reaching up, he ran a claw tip along her bottom lip, causing the most genuine smile to grace her lips. Kagome was partially right. It was time make some new memories. But, it was also time to officially start their honeymoon.

Inuyasha kissed her again, pulling her onto his lap, cradling her hips as he pulled her close to him. There was no rush as they had two weeks to get to know each other as husband and wife. And still, there was this feeling between the two of them – that they needed to settle things between them once and for all.

He pulled away from her lips. Picking Kagome up off of his lap, he sat her down next to him. To quickly silence any protests she would most likely have, he placed a clawed finger across her lips. He gave her a reassuring smile. She would just have to wait.

Hurrying over to the cupboards, he opened up one of the larger ones and pulled out several blankets and pillows. He tossed them onto the ground and Kagome went to work at laying them out next to the fire. Inuyasha dragged out a small futon as well. Some things he just couldn't do without.

Once their little makeshift bed was made, they glanced at each other and blushed. They'd done this before, just not as husband and wife – as mates. Inuyasha turned to look upon her, the fire casting an ethereal glow upon her skin, her silky hair. He reached out to touch her skin and her hair, the tips of his claws running down the length of her bare arm.

Kagome shivered. His touch was sweet, sweet torture. She closed her eyes, relishing in the feel of his touch. She looked up at him, his golden eyes revealing the depths of his feelings for her. It shot right through her, his gaze, the transmission of those feelings. It pinned her in place.


With a slight push on her shoulder, she fell down onto their bed with her hanyou husband draping over her body as her blanket. His elbows held up most of his bodyweight until he shifted around so that his waist rested on the top of her hips. Using his claws, he brushed back her hair and as he trailed his hand down along the front of her, the fabric of her tank top ripped in its wake, exposing her braless chest to the cool night air.

"K'gome," he groaned out. He lightly touched her skin, hoping that the goddess beneath him was real. That all of this was real.

"…yasha…" Kagome whispered, arching her body toward him to stay connected with his touch. Without it, she felt alone, cold, even with the fire blazing next to her.

Okay, he really did have all night and the next two weeks following that, but he just…the youkai inside of him was clawing its way out. Inuyasha sat up, resting on his knees as he worked on quickly shedding off his clothes. Kagome's eyes ate him up. He had been working out a lot lately and it showed. His muscles rippled underneath smooth skin, the fire and shadows dancing along the curves and cuts of his body.

Once he was fully naked, he worked on getting his wife just as naked as he was. The tank was already ruined. Crawling over her, he reached for the waistband of her shorts and quickly yanked them down her slender legs. She let out a gasp as the cool air hit warm spots.


He breathed in her heavy aroma, his yes closed as he found himself in her flourishing meadow, ready for him. That scent…her scent…without it, he was lost. Now, he had it around him all of the time. It blanketed everything, including his own skin. He absorbed it, he breathed it. It flowed through his veins, right into his heart.

Leaning back down, he kissed her, softly at first, trying not to rush too quickly into the night. Kagome parted her lips and used her tongue to beckon him to her. There was no battle to be fought, just the need to taste one another.

He broke away to cover her tasty skin with butterfly kisses, licks, and nips. Her skin would be marked with pleasure when he was done with her. Kagome could only lay there and enjoy the undivided attention her husband was worshiping her body with. Kagome reached out and locked her hands around his biceps, needing a handle to hang on to.

His hands roamed over her body and hers did the same to him. Contact between them had to be maintained at all times. Neither could be happy – complete – without it.

It didn't take much on his part to get her worked into a lustful frenzy, her head tossing side to side, her back arching, her hands clawing at her skin as he kissed her to her first white-hot orgasm of the night. And she wasn't coming down any time soon.

And that had triggered it – his youkai. She was ready. He could smell it in the air, on her. Kagome opened her eyes and caught the beginnings of – well, she wasn't sure. There were purple markings zig-zagged down his cheek, faint in color, but growing intense by the seconds. And his eyes…she marveled at the violent red that pooled around the bright blue pupils.

He's transforming.

Kagome had been warned by the old man, as well as by Myouga, a member of the Izayoi Family Clinic board of directors that sometimes, in a life or death situation, or during sex – such a basic and primal drive of demons – would literally draw the demon half of Inuyasha out.

She tilted her head back and looked to her side, at the fire. This was the only advice they could offer her. It was one form of submission. She'd asked Ayame about it and Ayame explained that if Inuyasha did transform, Kagome had to submit and obey.

Kagome believed that he'd never hurt her – ever, so she submitted and waited for instructions to obey. She darted her eyes at him, trying to memorize this, his demon side. This demon she'd never seen before was still her husband. Not that she expected any 'hi, nice to meet you' greetings, but, she had to know what he looked like in this form in case she saw it again.


My bitch.

Minding his longer than normal claws, he quickly lifted Kagome up, twisted her around and set her down on her hands and knees. Those were her instructions.

Of course…doggie-style. I wonder why we never did it this way before…

He entered her from behind, slowly, noting wanting to hurt her, even in his more animalistic state. Grabbing her hips, he working himself into the best position for this before he started to pump into her.

Kagome couldn't keep quiet. She couldn't keep still. She couldn't stop the fire burning in her veins. This position hit a place inside of her that made her feel unlike anything he ever made her feel before. It felt incredible, dangerous, and out of control. She shivered with warmth that left her aching for so much more.

Turning her neck around, she wanted a glimpse of her hanyou lover, to see his face locked in erotic agony…just once…

Inuyasha groaned deeply at the feel of her wet velvet core wrapped tightly around him. His head fell back as he worked on his rhythm. An eye peeked open and he caught Kagome looking back at him.

Flashing his fangs, he swarmed down on her, his teeth latching onto her neck, not a bite, but enough to break the skin. Her head turned back, her eyes wide as she stared forward with his teeth…his warm breath…Her eyes fluttered shut as her back arched. She had to remain in position. Another command to obey.

Kagome liked it. His rough manner. It had tenderness to it, but it surprised her as well. She could feel him panting against her neck, the grunts he made echoing in her ear. He sounded so delicious, losing herself to the other things she was feeling.

They were both close, riding that wave up together. Inuyasha released his jaw from her neck as he focused on finishing her off first before he did. Her scent swirled around him. His scent wrapped around her. Their skin was coated with a fine sheen of sweat that absorbed the other's scent. With their hips sensually, yet, ferociously gyrating together, fast, furious, lovingly, Kagome fell first, screaming out something that sounded like her husband's name. Inuyasha descended right after her, howling into the night as his hips jerked violently a couple of times as he emptied everything he had into her.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her against his chest and lifted her just enough to lay down behind her, both facing the fire. He trailed his claws up along her side, smiling at the sight of goose bumps that rose in the path.

"K'gome…" he whispered, nuzzling his nose into her damp hair.

"Mmm," she replied back, smiling, eyes closed, body flushed, and heart and soul filled. Her fingers interlaced with his and she noticed their wedding bands. The ones that they each received had been perfect. They had decided not to show each other the bands until the day of the wedding. Kagome had been nervous that she wouldn't like the one she received and that Inuyasha wouldn't want to wear something that was used. But it had worked out perfectly.

The traveling, the sex, it all had worn the couple out. Soon, they were both asleep, joined at the hips, by hand, heart, and soul.


"This one is nice."

"Really? I thought you'd like this one."

Kagome looked at the picture. "I don't know. It's cute, but…"

"But what?"

"I don't know. It's just…you know, it doesn't reach out and grab my attention."


"This part here is."

"I thought so. So, this one then."

Kagome vigorously nodded. "I love this it. It's so…so…perfect."

"Okay. I'll get the papers together and put in an offer."

"Wait on that." Kagome pressed her lips together as she thought about what she was planning on doing. "I still need to talk to Inuyasha about this. I-I don't think he's going to like this."

"Whatever. He'll survive."

"I know, but still…"

"Well. I'll look into it more carefully, see if there's anything we're missing. Give me a call when you make your decision. Hell, call me for anything."

"I will. Thanks." Kagome started to stand up to let her guest out. He stopped her and told her he could find his own way out. Once alone, she worked on cleaning up the empty plates of dessert bars and tea cups she shared with her guest for their afternoon snack. It was nearing dinner time and even though she wasn't hungry, he would be.


Inuyasha opened the door and his nose was immediately assaulted with the foulest stench. He slapped a hand over his nose as he fought the reflex to gag. Flipping off his shoes, he hurried down the hallway and into the kitchen.

"Kagome!?" he called out, worried for a moment that she was cooking something a little too exotic for his tastes. But this stench…no, it wasn't food.

He found her in the kitchen, whipping up food for dinner. Sniffing the air, that stench wasn't as bad, but it still hung in the air. He was going to have to resort to using incense or something.

"What smells like shit?"

Kagome chuckled. "Well, hello to you, too. How was your day?"

He shrugged as he headed to the fridge to grab something to drink. "Okay. Normal. But seriously Kagome, it smells like shit in here."

"I don't smell anything."

Inuyasha scented the air again, tracking its path in hopes of pinning down the source. It was starting to give him a really bad headache. With the bottle of juice in his hand, he followed the stench out into the dining room.

"Fuck," he cursed out loud, dropping the bottle from his hand. "Kagome!"

Kagome hurried from the kitchen, in her hand the bamboo spoon she was using to prepare stir fry. She stopped and started to laugh at the sight of her husband on all fours, sniffing the seat of a chair.

Her smile dropped when he looked up at her with dangerously sharp golden eyes. She looked away.

"He was here!" It wasn't a question, or even a statement. It was an accusation.

"Inu-" she started.

"Why was he here?" he was now standing up, looking much taller than he did when he first arrived home.

"Inuyasha…you…" Kagome sighed as she set the spoon down on the table. Turning back to him, she focused her glance at his chest, unable to look at his eyes. "You might want to sit down for this."

Inuyasha shook his head. "I'll stand."

"Okay. Well…how should I put this?" she mumbled to herself. Kagome knew how Inuyasha liked to be told things – straight, honest, and direct. "I can't be here anymore."

Inuyasha growled. So it was his scent. He growled again at the idea of his personal home being soiled by his presence. Wait…what did…what did she say again?


Kagome grasped her hands behind her back, her eyes drifting over to the windows, outside, gazing at the small-sized trees on the balcony. "I-"

"That's why he was here? So you could find a new place to live?"

Kagome nodded. "Yes. That's what I want to talk to you about."

"You had Kouga here – in my place?"

"I know. And I'm sorry about that, but…I had to."

"You had to? Are you ever going to tell me why?"

"I'm getting there." Kagome wanted to look at him, but was a bit afraid. "This place is…well, it's small."

"How much more space do you fuckin' need? I lost my closet to your clothes. My kitchen is filled with your crap."

"I use that crap to make you ramen and food."

"Keh. Which is why I tolerate said crap."

"Yes. Of course."

"So, my place…our place, is too small for you?"

"Well, that's…that's not exactly the way I'd put it."

Inuyasha sighed. One pet peeve about his wife was her ability to not get to the point, always using the most roundabout way of getting to whatever it was she had to say. There wasn't time to skirt the issue. Anytime Kouga was involved…not good.

"If you're not going to tell me, then go back and cook something."

Sure, she loved to cook, but being ordered to, she didn't tolerate that, even from her own husband. "I need more space," she yelled out at him not realizing how she had exactly worded her phrase.

"Why goddammit?"

Kagome froze, only the blinking of her eyes alluded to any life in her. "You mean…you-you don't know?"

"Fuck Kagome. I just asked you, didn't I?"

"Really? Because Kouga figured it out. One reason why he came over," she said causally followed by a sly smile. She stood by and waited for her husband to catch up with her.

"Wolf-shit?" Inuyasha marched over to Kagome. He grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him. "He ain't got anything in that head of his other than shit."

"Really? Mmmm…it was the first thing he commented on when I saw him." She felt bad for doing this and she felt even worse for having Ayame and Kouga convince her that this could be funny.

"He was hitting on you?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "No. He wasn't hitting on me."

"Then why-" and he stopped, frozen like she had moments ago.

"Why what?"

"Shut up."

Inuyasha pulled Kagome flushed up against his body and buried his nose into the crook of her neck. He took several deep breaths, the warm air in his exhale tickling her skin. She giggled at the sensation.

He suddenly pushed her away from his body, but kept a tight grip on her shoulders. What was wrong with him? He had totally missed it. But that stupid wolf Kouga hadn't.

Kagome placed a warm hand on his cheek. She saw everything in his eyes. "I didn't think you'd want to turn your office into a nursery."

He blinked a couple of times as he stared at her. "This…you…me…we…"

Kagome reached into her pocket and pulled out a folded up envelope, handing the paperwork she had held for two days over to him. "Confirmed at twelve weeks." Kagome smiled at his softened facial features. "The longest ever for me."

"That pervert Miroku is not going to be your doctor."

"He's not. Kaede still is as she was the one who administered whatever it was you two did to me."

Inuyasha hugged her and she hugged back. He had missed the slight change in her scent only because the apartment was covered with the older scents of her and him, Kagome's cooking, and the cleaning. She had been cleaning a lot lately and figured it was just boredom.

"Kouga wanted to see how long it would take you to find out since Ayame beat him to the punch. So, he had to use you to make himself feel better."

"I'll make him pay."

"He left us some flyers for available houses. But I had to ask you before we chose one. Hey…if you could pick anywhere to live…to raise pups…where would it be?"

Inuyasha sniffed her once again, loving her new scent. "I like the Shrine," he muttered in her skin. She even tasted a little different.

"And live with my mother?" Kagome asked, a bit shocked by his confession.

"She could live here," he replied, everything making perfect sense in his head as he made it up.

"You can tell her."

"I will."

"Inuyasha…" she started to cry before she could say anything else. She was much too happy and scared.

"Everything will be fine," he reassured her. He quickly scooped her up into his arms, earning a high-pitched yelp from his wife. "Bed rest for you."


"I'll cook."

Kagome pouted. "I'm not broken."

Inuyasha shook his head as he rushed her into the bedroom.

No, but too precious…


"I hate your mate."

Kouga didn't look up at the hanyou. Instead, he focused on the game of pool he was currently playing. He hit the cue ball at such an odd angle that it sent the white ball plying at the hanyou. Inuyasha ducked in time. Miroku didn't see it coming.

"What the fuck?" Inuyasha howled out.

"Yeah, what he said," Miroku added, rubbing his head, hoping to soothe the burning pain the contact with the cue ball had caused.

Kouga stood up, laughing. "Blame it on the dog."

"Keh. I still hate her."

"Why?" Miroku asked, curious as to why a cue ball ended airborne.

Inuyasha plunked down in a chair next to the pool table, running a hand through his bangs. "I …fuck…Kagome is wearing this-"

"Oh, the necklace," Kouga said, beaming mischievously.

"Yeah, the necklace your mate gave to her."

Kouga shook his head. He grabbed his bottle of beer and took a long gulp. "I hate that thing too. It's a horrible thing for women to be able to wear."

Miroku raised his hand like some first grader. "Uh…what necklace?"

Inuyasha turned to Kouga, making the wolf demon supply the explanation for the necklace that was frustrating the hell out of Inuyasha.

Kouga sat down for this. "I'm not sure who invented it. But at some point, some youkai couples decided it could be soooo neat to create this necklace that when placed on a pregnant female's body would mask certain scents."

Miroku glanced over at Inuyasha. "So, you don't know if you're having a boy or a girl."

"Yeah," Inuyasha dimly responded. He wasn't at all surprised that Miroku figured it out so quickly. He was an OB-GYN.

"I've seen many couples…eh…energetically discuss about whether or not they wish to know the sex of their offspring. The necklace does seem cruel for your kind, but, is it at all dangerous?"

"No," Kouga began, "because we can still feel the aura of our cub, but we only use our sense of smell to sniff out its gender. Ayame was given one for her first pregnancy. The surprise can be nice."

"I hate surprises," Inuyasha mumbled.

"So, other than the necklace, how is Kagome doing?"

"Fine. She's at five, almost six months now. She's taken maternal leave from work on doctor's orders because of everything, but she still insists on cooking at home, but, shit, her damn cravings cause her to make some fucked up food combinations."

"Like what?"

"Last night, steamed eel smothered in peanut butter."

"Sounds like she's eating healthy."

"Of course she is," Inuyasha answered his co-worker. "She knows better. She's more nervous about this than I am. I had to go to her friends and ask them to take her out once a week to keep her mind off the thing for at least an hour and get her to relax."

"Understandable given her history."

"Kagome deserves this child," Kouga firmly stated.

All the males nodded their heads.

Kouga raised his bottle. "To Kagome, the mutt, and their kid."


After sipping for their toast, Kouga asked, "Tonight's the baby shower, isn't it?"

Inuyasha snorted. "That's why Ayame asked me to take you out, dumbass."


"Oh, that necklace is so beautiful."

"Thanks, but it's only to hide the scent of the pup's gender."

The girls all giggled. It was not only their usual get-together, but they had planned a baby shower for Kagome. They were at the Old Man's shop, knowing that it would be mostly private without have to pay a fortune out in reservations. And they knew that the food would be top notch.

The Old Man had been warned ahead of time and outdid himself for the mother of the one who would bear Inuyasha a pup, and in some odd way, for him a grandchild. He was already imagining the different culinary techniques he could pass down to this child.

"Inuyasha hates that thing, doesn't he?" Eri asked as she popped some sushi into her mouth.

Kagome giggled. "That doesn't even begin to describe his feelings on the manner. He tries to cheat by reaching for the necklace while I'm sleeping or when he's trying to seduce me." Another round of giggles erupted.

"Any names picked out?" Ayumi asked as she rubbed her swollen belly.

Kagome shook her head. "No. He's been more worried about making sure that I can make it to term, considering…" Kagome sighed. "He's also a bit overprotective, but it's cute and annoying all at the same time."

"Is it hard?" Yuka asked as she poured herself some sake.

"Yeah. You all know how scared I am. I wake up and rush into the bathroom to make sure it's still inside of me. And even then, I'm not convinced. I have Inuyasha check for me. You know, I was so distraught before…not being able to get pregnant at all, but…if anything were to happen now that I am…" Kagome shook her head. "I have to tell myself that everything is going to be fine. Everything is fine now. I have to enjoy this. Right?"

The girls all nodded.

"How about something we can be cheerful about: gifts."

Sango changed the subject hoping to not turn this into a depressing cryfest. They were here to celebrate Kagome's pregnancy, not to stoke her fears.

The presents were reflective of the person giving it. Ayame promised to decorate the nursery once the child was born and the gender was known. She had two plans already put together depending if she had a girl or a boy. Ayumi bought the child stock and would manage it until the child was of age. She was doing the same thing with her own and Ayame's children. Ayumi believed that children needed to have some financial investments, as well as an education and family.

Sango offered babysitting services, allowing Kagome and Inuyasha time to have some privacy and to relax. Yuka had thought about sending her husband over to clean and do laundry, but thought it was too cruel. Instead, she offered money. Her and Ayumi discussed ways to invest that money, as well. Yuka also promised that if Kagome and Inuyasha's children ever needed legal help, her services were free.

Everyone was skittish about what Eri would give. All were surprised by her set of books. They were about raising children as she knew youkai all had their way of raising their young. What she gave Kagome were favorite childhood bedtime stories from a variety of cultures in order to give her pup all the fuel it needed for its imagination. Other than sex, Eri also believed that people should be open-minded and accepting. Kagome's child was proof of that.

Laughter, food, and parenting tips were shared until Kagome couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. At that moment, Inuyasha arrived to take his wife and unborn pup safely home.




Kagome looked over at her husband as he slept. She wouldn't understand how a position like that – one leg hanging off the side and the blanket wrapped around the other, was remotely comfortable.

She pushed on him again. "Inuyasha," she said louder this time. When it was time to sleep, he slept like a log.

"Sleepin'…" he mumbled as he turned his face into the pillow.

"Inuyasha…I don't feel so good," his wife groaned out.

"That's because you ate sushi with Kami knows what vegetables in it and smothered it when wasabi and gravy."

Kagome shook him again. "No…my…Inu…cramps…"

"That's it. No more weird food combos."

Kagome took a tight hold on his arm, cutting blood supply as she rolled him around to look at her. "Contractions you baka!" she screamed at him.

"That's called Braxton Hicks. Drink some water."

She screamed out in frustration. Kagome placed her hand on her belly. As her stomach began to harden, she looked over at the clock and did her best to concentrate on the time. It hurt as she waited this out. Her stomach softened a bit and then she felt as it grew hard again.

"…seven minutes…" she whispered. What did Kaede and Miroku tell her to do? Breathe. She needed to start her breathing exercises. Relax. A bath. She could go and take a bath. It was easier to handle the pain, as well as her huge belly, in the water.

As Kagome stood up, she was hit in the pelvis with another contraction. Using the bed as support, she shuffled her feet across the floor as she headed to the bathroom. The best thing about Japanese baths, the tub was always filled at any given moment.

"Eww…" Kagome said as she felt warm liquid running down the insides of her legs, forming a large puddle at her bare feet. She groaned as she knew she wasn't going to be getting that bath.

Kagome turned and slid her feet back towards the bedroom. When she reached Inuyasha's side of the bed, she was wracked with another painful contraction that shot up her spine and down her legs.

"Ow," Inuyasha howled as he woke up to a very sharp tug of his forelocks. Opening his eyes, he found his overly pregnant wife hunched over, holding her stomach, her eyes clenched shut, her body shaking. He smelt something he only scented at the clinic.

"My water broke," she moaned out. The contractions were lasting longer, felt harder, and were closer together.

Inuyasha quickly shot out of bed and was dressed in no time at all. He helped change Kagome out of her wet pajamas and into a dress they had preplanned for her to wear. The hospital bag was already in the car waiting for them.

"Come on wench," he whispered lovingly to her as he helped her out of the Shrine. He didn't plan on carrying her, having her focus on walking would distract her from the contractions.

Inuyasha pulled out his cell phone and called Miroku. "Call Kaede. It's time."


"Do not push Kagome," Kaede instructed the soon-to-be mother as she checked all of the monitors.

"Just get it out of me," she whined as she fisted her hands into the blankets. She'd been here for too long and nothing was happening other than pain. Waves of intense pain from the contractions only to be followed by another strong contraction bombarded her fragile frame.

Inuyasha quietly entered the room with Miroku and a nurse trailing behind him. Kagome caught Inuyasha in her line of vision and narrowed her eyes at him. He was the one responsible for this pain.

"I hate you," she said, her voice low, dangerous, and surprisingly calm.

Inuyasha's ears drooped down. He wasn't surprised by it. He knew about it, seen other couples go through the same thing, but it hurt to hear it directed at him. With everyone else, it was funny.

Kaede moved into a position between Kagome's legs to check on the dilation of her cervix. "Nine centimeters, child. We are almost there."

Inuyasha stood next to Kagome, using his claws as a brush for her hair, helping her to relax. He didn't like seeing her in this kind of pain. Miroku handed Inuyasha a cup of water full of ice chips.

"Here," Inuyasha offered her an ice chip which she greedily accepted.

"You're still in deep shit, Inuyasha."

She cussed. At him. She never cussed at him.

Kagome let out a cry. She wanted to reach down and rip the thing out of her. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this."


"Shut up. I don't want to hear it. I hate you. I hate men. I'm chopping your parts off with my knives after this."

Inuyasha gulped. Miroku chuckled. And then he stopped when he felt Kagome's death glare focused on him like a laser pointer.

"Maybe I'll just…" Miroku's voice trailed off as he moved to a safer location behind Kaede, the nurse, and a few of those machines.

Inuyasha continued to brush Kagome's damp hair as well as feed her ice chips as they waited for the one centimeter change.

Inuyasha soon found himself face to face with the most beautiful and enraged woman ever. She had grabbed a handful of his forelock, a favorite pastime of hers when she was angry.

"I'm going to New York."

He wanted to argue back so badly. The moment she arrived at the clinic, she was constantly challenging him and his authority. But a part of him knew this was just a huge influx of adrenaline and hormones coursing through her system.

The anger fell from her face. "I can't do this," she sobbed out as she started to cry. Inuyasha put his cup of ice chips down on the nearby table and used his free hand to cup her face, wiping away the tears of pain.

"You can," he whispered to her, offering as much encouragement to her as he was able to.

"Shut up," she said breathlessly.

Kaede inspected Kagome one more time. "10 centimeters." The elderly woman gave Inuyasha a nod.

"Come on wench, sit up. It's time."

"No," she half-snapped, half-cried at him as he repositioned the bed to put her up in a position that would make the birth easier on her. They had examined all of the birthing options and they liked this one the best. Gravity should help her out.

Kaede was ready, as was Miroku and the nurse.

"Okay Kagome, push."

Inuyasha held onto her hand and she gripped back as all her muscles tightened, focusing all of her strength and energy in that one push.


Kagome's body went limp as her head fell back into the crook of Inuyasha's shoulder. She took several deep breaths, but it was hard to completely relax as she felt the pressure down there building up again.

"Push again."

Kagome sat back up and once again, pushed. She tried to put even more energy into this singular act. Inuyasha planted dozen of kisses on her temple. He just didn't feel that encouraging words were all that encouraging.

"The head…relax…" Kaede said as she worked on cradling the infant's head.

"One more time, Kagome, and ye child will be born."

Inuyasha winced as Kagome squeezed his hand, his fingers tingling from the impeded circulation of blood. She screamed out as the last of her energy and strength went into this one final push. Then, she closed her eyes and fell back, limp and utterly exhausted.

Kaede caught the infant as it slipped out. She handed the child over to the nurse who had a small beige blanket ready. Miroku helped to clip the umbilical cord near the infant and at another point along its length.

"Want to do the honors?" Miroku asked as he held out the scissors to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha nodded. He gently laid Kagome back into the bed, brushing her bangs away from her flushed face. "I'll be right back."

In three steps, he was near his child, but it was covered with all kinds of smells, so he still couldn't scent his child's sex. Taking the scissors from Miroku, he clipped the cord. He then handed the scissors back to his friend so he could return to his wife's side.

"We'll get the kid cleaned up and do the APGAR and then it'll be yours."

Inuyasha knew all of this. It was standard clinic procedures for all births. He hurried back to Kagome's side, loving her and feeding her some more ice chips.

"Did you peek?" she asked, her voice hoarse from all of the screaming.

"Keh. No."

They both looked up at the sound of a high pitched wail. Their child had lungs and was using them for the first time. A smile fell across the faces of everyone in the room. The crying stopped as the child let out a sneeze.

"Overachiever," Miroku commented as they finished the test.

The child was wrapped up in the blanket. A tiny hospital bracelet was snapped around its tiny wrist. Miroku carried the infant over to its eagerly awaiting parents.

"Congratulations," he said. Then he offered the child to Kagome. "It's a boy."

Kagome took the child into her arms, laughing and crying. A boy. She'd given Inuyasha a son. The child, with its tuft of thick silver hair was obviously her husband's offspring.

"He's probably hungry."

"Out," Inuyasha barked at Miroku. Miroku chuckled as he hurried out of the room. He couldn't wait to tell the others the good news.

"We will return in a half hour to check on the afterbirth," Kaede said as she left with the nurse.

"Sit," Kagome instructed Inuyasha. There was more than enough room on the bed and she wanted them to share as many moments together as they could.

Kagome pulled down her hospital gown and her son latched on right away. "He's got your appetite," she teased as she watched her son eat.

Inuyasha smiled as he took in a deep inhale, soaking up all of the scents around him. He closed his eyes and found himself in Kagome's meadow. It was different. The flowers seemed to be more vibrant, making the scent deeper. She was there, with his son in her arms. She was a mother and carried the scent of one. And then there was his son. His unique scent would become more pronounced in the next few months as he grew.

His…son…The fantasy was now a reality. Their reality. He thought of his mother and his father, his brother, and everyone else in his life.

"Hey…" Kagome started, her voice soft, "what…what do you think his name should be?"

Inuyasha sighed. He hadn't told her that when he was alone in either one of his offices, he thought seriously about the right name for his child. He wasn't sure if he should pick something following family traditions or just pick something funky and modern.

Now that he was seeing his son in the flesh, cradled in the loving arms of his wife, the mother of that child, there was only one name that the child could be called. Only one was the most honorable choice.

"You know what to name him."

Kagome gasped. She turned to look at Inuyasha, to see what his eyes and not his words told her. "Are you sure?" She really didn't have to ask, the answer was already there.

Turning back to her son, who was still very hungry from his debut, happily ate, his eyes closed with the most peaceful look on his tiny face. Kagome brushing his silver hair and was a little surprised to find the tiniest hint of puppy ears hidden. He really was Inuyasha's son.

Inuyasha reached out to touch his pup's hand. His son grappled on tightly. Inuyasha gave it a tiny shake. Introductions were starting to be made.

"Hi Souta, I'm Kagome, your mother, and this is your father, Inuyasha.


roshully's note: Katta. I did it. And today is the last day of the year. Let's laugh and cry about it together.

I want to thank all of you, readers and reviewers, who found it in your little hearts to stick with this strange story.

I have some story notes that I need to explain. First, the wedding: In Japan, most couples opt for a Christian-like wedding that's done in Japanese but has English hymns sung. I of course did a more traditional Shinto wedding since that was a part of the story and one of the reasons why Kagome wouldn't marry Hojo. Shintoism is a religion of nature. That's why there are a lot of nature symbols embedded in the ceremony. Also, Japanese weddings are not about the couples, but, it's traditionally been about the joining of families since most of the time, the married couple went to live with the groom's family. I opted for Kagome not to wear the traditional wedding kimono.

Tomobiki is a day selected for very important events, such as weddings. It translates roughly as 'dragging friends along' and is a part of a series of six days called rokuyou. These days are used to predict fortune and there are used to make predictions about good days for weddings or funerals. Tomobiki is a good day for a wedding because those that are single at the wedding may end of getting married. Tomobiki is a bad day for a funeral because your friends may be dragged toward the deceased. Unless you know someone you don't like…Taian is a very lucky day and is the best day for weddings. It is also the name of a fictional area in Tokyo based from another of Takahashi's works.

Gagaku – A group of people who play native Japanese music. The kanji for this word translates into 'elegant music'.

San-san-kudo – literally translates into three sets of three equal nine and it symbolizes the bond between the bride and groom. Once the bride and groom have completed the sipping of sake, then the families take a sip of sake, forming a union between the families as well.

Sakai – a pine tree used in ceremonial acts.

Braxton-Hicks – false labor contractions. They can start as early as 6 weeks into the pregnancy, but most women don't feel them until late in the second or third trimester.

Kagome is not eating raw fish in her sushi.

I also one to point out something that I noticed in a lot of the reviews pertaining to Kagome's miko powers and that for some, it didn't quite make sense that her body would reject the egg and sperm. Well, it so happens that a lot of real women out there have this kind of defense mechanism in their bodies. It is known by a few common terms, a natural abortion or a miscarriage. A woman's body may reject the fetus for several reasons, some known and some that are speculated. The speculation is that either the fetus is too damaged to be able to survive and is aborted naturally by the body, or, that there is something wrong with the woman's body and that if the fetus were to grow to term, and that this would put both the mother and the fetus in danger, and thus, the woman will abort the child. Of course, mentally, a woman may not wish this, however, a woman's body is very strange like that. Women live longer than men, women would survive longer without water than a man, and women are capable of amazing feats of strength and endurance, especially when it comes to their children. Kagome's miko powers could easily be a manifestation of this natural awesomeness of a woman's biology. I hope that helps smooth that confusion out for some of you.

As for how…a woman doesn't share all of her secrets…

Thank you all again for reading and reviewing and being a part of this. Until next time…

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on"

Carl Sandburg.