The Prime Minister of Tennis

We all know Echizen is the so-called 'Prince of Tennis' but screw him.

No one cares.

What about ME?!

I had to play against Echizen; no one in their right mind likes him. Those freshmen are just…obnoxious. So he's ambidextrous, so he's 12 years old and can defeat pro tennis players, so what? His arrogance makes me angry. Strutting around like he's all that. Yes, that's right. He struts. Don't deny it, you!

You know what? I'm glad he's only the PRINCE, because I'm sure there are people with higher power than princes. Pharaohs, emperors, presidents, kings, even Atobe for heavens sakes! It's not like he's a REAL prince.

He's not…right?

You know what? I'm sick and tired of his obnoxious behavior. If he can be a prince, then I can be a….



Yes, Prime Minister Ibu Shinji!

I'll teach that smart ass Echizen Ryoma not to steal my grip tape!

Well…it technically wasn't mine but…

Oh wow… I love the colour of that car… I don't think it would look good on me though. I think it would be better for hm… probably that guy from Hyotei with the hat.


Orange is definitely not his colour.